Summer Survival Tips for Your Lawn Mower

Is your lawn mower on the brink of exhaustion? Put your problems to rest with these common mower repairs and replacements.

It's always frustrating when the lawn mower malfunctions—whether it refuses to start up, runs slower than usual, or leaves your grass looking less than well-kept. Thankfully, these irritating issues can typically be solved by regularly updating your lawn mower. Not only can mower maintenance solve some of your worst lawn care headaches, but it can also save you the hassle and cost of replacing your lawn mower prematurely. Try some of our top survival tips to keep your mower running all season long.

Lawn Mower Not Running Properly?

Just like you change the oil of your car, replacing the oil of your lawn mower is essential to make sure your mower operates efficiently. Many manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 50 hours of operation to keep your mower running properly. Fifty hours of operation usually means changing the oil once every spring or summer, depending on the size of your yard.

Both the size of your lawn mower and your region's climate will help determine what the best oil for your lawn mower will be. Mowers that experience hot summers and cold winters require a different type of oil than lawn mowers that experience generally warmer temperatures year round.

If you're unsure if the oil needs to be changed or what kind of oil you need for your lawn mower, be sure to get in contact with a mower repair service. A local repair service can offer advice on what oil is best for your mower based on your region, lawn, and the specific mower you're using.

Have Your Oil Changed by a Pro

Lawn Mower Not Cutting Your Grass?

Uneven mowing jobs that leave behind jagged lines and bare patches scattered across your lawn detract from the beauty of your home. Although you may think it's time to trade in your mower for a newer model once you start to notice the rough patches, your lawn care woes could be remedied simply by replacing the lawn mower blades. Over time, lawn mower blades can become dull from general use, or they can become cracked from hitting hard objects like rocks or branches.

If you suspect that a dull mower blade is causing your lawn to look less than fabulous, consider having your blades sharpened to get back to that perfectly cut grass. If you need to replace the blades, know that the price will vary depending on how dull the blades are and how many need to be replaced. Because blade sharpening and blade replacement are both tricky and dangerous tasks, this is one area you won't want to take on alone.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Sharp

Lawn Mower Not Starting?

If you find yourself putting all your strength into yanking the pull cord and getting no response from the mower, it's time for an update. Specifically, the spark plug in the lawn mower may be malfunctioning or broken due to a cold winter, debris that has built up, or even a worn out engine. When you're working with a spark plug that is passed its prime, cleaning the piece may be required. Cleaning a spark plug involves disconnecting and removing the plug, using a spark plug cleansing solution with a wire brush or cloth, and carefully placing it back into the mower.

If cleaning the spark plug doesn't work, a replacement piece may be the best option to revive your mower. To avoid the hassle of a stubborn mower that won't start up in the first place, be sure to have your spark plugs checked or replaced at least once every season.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: If your lawn mower is in need of more TLC, lawn mower repairs can get your mower back in tip-top shape.

Get Your Mower Back in Action

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