Built-In Storage Perfect for Small Spaces

Score extra storage in your apartment, condo, or townhouse with these custom space-saving projects.

Built-ins aren't just for homeowners; renters can take advantage of these custom storage solutions too. If you're lacking space to organize odds and ends or display cute home decor, custom shelving and storage systems are a smart way to make the most of your limited (and temporary) space. Make sure your new storage is the right fit for your room with these personalized carpentry projects.

Take Advantage of Open Wall Space

With many rental properties, it's frowned upon to make permanent changes to the ceilings, floors, and walls. But there are ways to work around rental agreements to create a place you love to live in. Shelving units and floating shelves can give you the space to decorate and organize however you like without making any (OK, maybe just a few) holes in your walls. If there are minor punctures in the wall, they can easily be repaired with spackle or plaster when you're ready to move out.

Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

It can be a struggle to find enough space to stow towels, toilet paper, and toiletries in a cramped bathroom. However, there is usually some unused space along the walls that can be utilized as savvy storage. Over-the-toilet systems are a good small-space solution for open or closed storage, such as hanging hand towels or hiding extra shower supplies. A local carpenter can help you design and install a shelving system that works around permanent bathroom fixtures and is able to hold all your morning and night routine necessities.

If your bathroom has standing room only, take advantage of empty corners by adding a column of floating shelves. While out of the way, these shelves are still very accessible, making them the perfect place for items you frequently reach for, such as your favorite lotion or perfume. Organize items you'd rather not have on display with cute baskets and jars to put on a pretty front.

Get Custom-Built Bedroom Shelving

Your bedroom is your retreat after a long day at work. It should reflect your personality and be a place to relax, not worry about clutter. Want to display your wall art or framed photos? Instead of putting numerous nail holes in your walls, opt for thin floating shelves. They allow for flexibility so you can change up your display however often you want without causing damage to your drywall. Thicker floating shelves can be used as a modern bookcase or a place to store all your stylish knickknacks. Whatever you need shelf space for, a local carpenter can help you safely install floating shelves that are sure to get your landlord's stamp of approval.

Pack Your Pantry with Storage

Hopefully your kitchen has ample storage for all your baking supplies, snacks, and canned foods. But if your rental doesn't come with a built-in pantry, you can still accommodate all your dry goods by installing some shelves. Transform a nearby closet into a cupboard with custom wraparound shelving to create the ultimate organization system that covers all of your food storage needs.

Low on cabinet space? Floating shelves can act as open storage for your plates, bowls, and fancy servingware, freeing up space in your cabinets for small appliances. Freestanding shelving systems are another opportunity to customize and increase your kitchen storage space. With open industrial shelving, it's important that each shelf is level and evenly spaced. A carpenter can help with leveling and installation so your shelving system is sturdy and secure.

Don't Let Wall Space Go to Waste

Make the Most of a Tiny Closet

Most renters aren't blessed with a spacious walk-in closet. Don't fret, though. A reach-in closet can serve its purpose with proper organization. Closet systems with custom shelving and storage can give you the room to entertain your shopping addiction. Whether you need to double your hanging space or boost shoe and sweater storage, a custom closet system can make getting ready a breeze with easy access to all your favorite outfits. If you have the extra space, consider adding fitted drawers to store and separate accessories, from socks and ties to rings and watches.

Small Closet Cramping Your Style?

Create a Customized Entertainment Center

Forget fussing over hard-to-assemble furniture. You know best how much space you need, so why not invest in an entertainment center that's built specifically for your TV, sound system, and decorations? A customized entertainment center gives a refined look to any living room without requiring breaking down walls or violating a rental agreement. Enlist the help of a professional to design an entertainment center that can perform double duty, displaying your keepsakes and hiding the kids' toys. A pro may also be able to stain and finish your entertainment center to get your desired look.

Try Fitted Drawers for Stellar Organization

For any other empty areas, consider installing fitted drawers for additional storage. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular places to find customized drawers in order to utilize cabinet corners and under-the-sink space to its fullest. Pull-out drawers can be retrofitted to work with any size or shaped area, while customized inserts can turn ordinary drawers into highly functioning organization space, separating silverware and hair tools alike. These customized cabinet solutions guarantee you'll never waste time digging around deep drawers.

Get Fit(ted)

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