Get a Smart Backyard with These High-Tech Installations

Boost your backyard with state-of-the-art upgrades.

If you're looking to modernize your home, don't forget to enhance your backyard as well with high-tech accessories. Whether you're looking for automatic dimming lights or an advanced pool monitor, installing efficient or energy-saving tech can help you achieve the ultimate smart backyard.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Backyard barbecues and summer gatherings just aren't complete without the proper landscape lighting. Installing backyard lights with advanced features can increase energy efficiency as well as create a new ambience for the deck or patio. With so many high-tech lights and lighting accessories to choose from, be sure to weigh your options or speak with a professional to determine which solutions are best for your yard.

Automatic Lighting

Lighting up your backyard space with automatic LED lights is an innovative way to save energy and money on your home's electricity bill. You can either set a timer for the lights to turn on and shut off by themselves, or you can have the lights automatically dim based on the time of day and amount of light the fixture receives.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient lighting is nothing new, but your backyard may still need a high-tech upgrade to reap the benefits of eco-friendly lights. Solar-powered lighting is a good option for any home that receives decent sun exposure during the day. Light from the sun is transferred into energy that can brighten up your landscape at night. If you're considering installing solar-powered lights, you'll want to contact a local electrician who can provide advice on the right size and placement for your yard.

Light Up Your Yard

Remote Control It All

You just can't beat the convenience of controlling your whole yard with the touch of a button! From powering smart lighting solutions to turning on soothing hot tub jets, you can manage many electrical aspects of your yard from a single remote control. Take it a step further and ask your electrician if they can hook everything up to be controlled from your smartphone.

All-Inclusive Panel

Keeping track of where to control the backyard lighting, patio fans, and sound system can get overwhelming, which is why installing switches in one convenient location is a must. Connect with an electrician to discuss options for installing a central panel that will help you manage all your favorite backyard technology.

Control Your Yard

Charge Up with Outdoor Outlets

Enjoy the ease and accessibility of an outdoor charging station for those days spent on the patio. Installing USB ports is the ideal way to charge your favorite devices outside. Be sure to have a local electrician take care of integrating the USB port into your existing electrical wiring.

Recharge in Your Backyard

Dive into High-Tech Updates for a Smart Pool

A technologically advanced pool adds an impressive flair to your backyard haven. With the constant introduction of state-of-the-art technology, there are always new ways to improve and upgrade your backyard. Incorporating technology into your backyard pool not only makes it more efficient for upkeep, but it also creates exciting backyard features that wouldn't have been possible a decade ago.

Pool Monitors

Keep your pool in tip-top condition for those summertime pool parties. Many homeowners have turned to smart pool monitors to maintain clean and balanced water for their pool. You can check your pool's chemical balance in real time, making it easy to ensure that your water is always healthy and safe for swimming.

Pool Control with a Smart Device

You can control more pool features from the palm of your hand than you ever could before. Several services now offer corresponding apps that work with your phone, tablet, or computer so you can stay up-to-date on your pool's condition. Some features you can control from your smart device include scheduling the pool heater to run, regulating the pool's overall temperature, and even adjusting the jets in your hot tub. Controlling your pool with a smart device requires a complex installation process that may require help from a local electrician to ensure everything functions correctly.

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