The Top Places to Use Recessed Lighting in a Remodel

Let an electrician make your home shine! Find out how your next remodeling project could benefit from recessed lighting.

Turn up the lights in here! Whether you're remodeling the kitchen or the bathroom, recessed lighting is the perfect way to brighten up your favorite living spaces. Great for illuminating and accenting the most important areas of your home, recessed lighting is a remodeling must-have.

Brighten Up Your Basement Remodel with Recessed Lighting

From dark and dreary to light and bright! When it comes to adding light sources in the basement, recessed lighting is a go-to for many homeowners. Here are some of our favorite ways to add recessed lights in a basement renovation.

Size Up the Space

In basements with short ceilings, recessed lighting can do wonders with making the room appear taller than it actually is. This lighting illusion can create a new level of depth and volume within the basement, making it feel more spacious and welcoming. For a larger basement space, be sure to have the recessed lights installed evenly across the ceiling to ensure a uniform distribution of light.

Set the Tone of the Basement

Having recessed lights installed in the basement is perfect for creating the ultimate ambiance. Many basements require additional lighting to give the space the brightness it needs. Recessed lighting is perfect for distributing this light evenly throughout the space and can give the room a well-needed boost.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Pair your new recessed lights with sconces or pendant lights for added brightness on specific areas, like a coffee table or home bar.

Light Up Your Basement

Installing Recessed Lights for Your Kitchen Remodel

No chef's kitchen is complete without ample prep-area lighting. From illuminating countertops to brightening sinks, recessed lights can do wonders in completing your dream kitchen setup. Recessed lighting can also be useful for highlighting accent pieces within the kitchen, allowing you to show off those shiny new copper pans or your decorative art on the wall. Whether you plan on accenting a particular element of the kitchen or adding additional light for prepping and cooking, an electrician can work to install the perfect lights for your space. Here are a few recessed lighting projects to consider during your next kitchen remodel.

Brighten the Backsplash

Make your backsplash shine by having recessed lights installed underneath your kitchen cabinets. The gentle glow from the lights will illuminate the decorative backdrop -- creating a display your guests won't be able to keep their eyes off. The soft light from the recessed lights can also provide a relaxed ambience for your entire kitchen space. Small recessed lights that can easily be concealed underneath kitchen cabinets work best for this lighting project.

Illuminate the Island

The kitchen island often acts as the focal point of the room, providing a space where guests and family members can chit-chat or enjoy dinner. Placing recessed lighting above islands is an ideal way to bring attention to this gathering space and provide a pleasant amount of light for the kitchen. As an added bonus, since recessed lighting is installed in your ceiling it takes up virtually no space, giving your kitchen a much more spacious feel.

Remodel Your Kitchen with the Help of an Electrician

Recessed Lighting for Your Bedroom Remodel

Don't leave your bedroom in the dark during your remodeling project! Recessed lighting is perfect for bringing in extra brightness to a bedroom, especially if you're working in a space with limited natural lighting.

Consider the Natural Bedroom Light

If your bedroom doesn't receive a lot of natural sunlight, having more recessed lights installed can help add natural-looking light to the area. However, be careful not to add too many recessed lights, as it may leave your bedroom feeling too bright. Not sure how to find that perfect lighting balance? A local contractor can help you hit that lighting sweet spot!

Have Recessed Lighting Installed in Your Bedroom

Recessed Lighting Accessories to Consider

After deciding on the perfect placement for your recessed lighting, you'll want to give some thought to other details as well. Looking for lighting trim to match your interior? Interested in lights with a unique shape? Here are a few recessed lighting accessories to complement your newly installed pieces.

Light Covers

Add your own unique flair to recessed lighting by adding lighting covers! There are a variety of decorative covers, such as glass or plastic, that can serve as a charming accent in the room. There are also a number of metal finishes that can be paired with other finishes in a bathroom or kitchen, such as copper, stainless steel, and gold.

Light covers can also serve different functions in distributing the light in a room. Pinhole trim covers, for example, are excellent for shining a concentrated beam in a specific area, such as a prized piece of art. If you're looking to bring a large and broad amount light to the room, a reflector cover may be your best bet. Reflector covers have a smooth and shiny cone that reflects light to more areas of the room, therefore adding extra brightness overall.

LED Lights

Many recessed LED lights are dimmable, which means they give you the freedom to dim lights to a customizable level of light. From a dim glow to a bright illumination, you can customize your preferred level of light based on the time of day or the occasion with a sliding switch. Looking to install a dimmable light switch? An electrician can help integrate this feature in with any of your existing wiring.

Upgrade Your Lighting

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