5 Projects You Didn’t Know Need a Plumber

Let a plumber handle the installation requirements for these home improvement projects.

A plumber is often the first person that comes to mind when you need help with leaky sinks, running toilets, or broken pipes, but their skill set doesn't stop there. If you need a new appliance hooked up or are finally ready to dive into upgrades, a plumber may be the person you need to avoid DIY disasters. Whether you're making improvements outside or inside your home, plumbers are handy for a surprising number of projects.

Upgrade Your Backyard with a Built-In Grill

Calling all grill masters! When it comes to backyard cooking, built-in grills are the ultimate combination of style and convenience. Instead of running out of propane before a barbecue or struggling to get the charcoal on a windy day, a natural gas grill can give you the instant, steady heat needed to make a mouth-watering meal.

Before you can cook up the perfect burger with your built-in grill, you'll need to have a gas line installed—which is where your plumber comes in. Along with water lines, plumbers can also install, service, and hook up gas lines for appliances. Not only is it better to leave any work involving natural gas to an expert for safety reasons, but installing or moving gas lines most likely will require a permit. Professional plumbing services can obtain the proper permits and get you cooking in no time.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Adding a natural gas grill to your backyard is perfect for barbecue season, but have you ever considered adding an outdoor kitchen? While you're hiring a plumber, consider extending your cooking area with a couple stovetop burners and installing an outdoor sink for even more convenience. Summer cookouts, here we come!

Gear Up For Backyard Barbecues

Warm Up with a New Fireplace

Let's heat things up! Whether it's warming up your home on those cold, winter nights or extending your patio use well into autumn, a new fireplace can give your home the cozy touch it's been missing. Gas fireplaces can start with the touch of a button, allowing more time for you and your family to gather around the fire to roast marshmallows and exchange stories.

If you're considering adding a natural gas fireplace to your home, a plumber can help make sure installation goes smoothly. A plumber can extend an existing gas line to the area where the fireplace will be installed, or they can run a new line from the main gas line if necessary. We recommend consulting a pro to determine the best placement for your new fireplace and how extensive the gas line work will be.

Hook Up New Appliances

Once you've finally selected the right appliances for a much-needed upgrade, it's time for installation. You may be able to accomplish some appliance installations on your own, but if you want to avoid a faulty installation that could damage your brand-new unit, sometimes it's best to leave appliance hookups to a plumber.

If you enjoy clean dishes from the dishwasher and filtered water from the refrigerator, your new appliances need to be connected to a water hookup. Your home may already be equipped with hookups for these appliances, but they sometimes have to be adjusted for newer models or moved after a kitchen remodel.

With the water line hooked up, you won't want to send the plumber away yet. Just as they can install or extend a gas line for your new outdoor grill or fireplace, a plumber can install the gas line for your new gas stove or gas dryer. Once the gas line is ready to go, your plumber can help with proper installation that cuts down on any risk of harmful gas leaks in your home or damage to your appliance.

Get Your New Appliances Hooked Up

Add a Garbage Disposal for Speedy Cleanup

Post-dinner cleanup is the last thing you want to do after a long day, so why not make it easier with a garbage disposal? A garbage disposal may be a small appliance, but that doesn't mean the installation is easy. Before you can have a garbage disposal installed, you need to make sure that the sink's plumbing is compatible with the new disposal system. If the system isn't compatible, the drain or piping may need to be adjusted. Remember, a garbage disposal requires power, so some electrical work may be needed, especially if a new power switch is also installed. Many plumbers can complete this part of the project too, so you'll be well on your way to quick kitchen cleanup.

Install a Water Softener

If you've washed your dishes hundreds of times and they still look cloudy or you notice your hair isn't as shiny as it used to be, you may have hard water. Tell-tale signs of hard water include white crust on your faucet or soap scum covering your shower. Hard water not only diminishes the appearance of faucets, dishes, and shower surfaces, but the mineral deposits can build up in the pipes, causing blockages and expensive damages.

Luckily, having hard water is a simple problem to solve. You can invest in a water softener to remove mineral ions from the water, leaving you with softer water that will get you back to spotless dishes. Because a water softener needs to work with the other plumbing in your home, it's best to consult a plumber for this project. A plumber can help you choose the best water softener system for your home and seamlessly integrate it into your plumbing.

Find a Water Softening Service

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