Concrete Clean-Up: The Power of Pressure Washing

Dirty driveways and grimy sidewalks put a damper on the overall appearance of your home. Give your exterior a fresh facelift with pressure washing.

Don't underestimate the power your concrete's appearance has in your overall curb appeal. Even if your home and landscape are beautiful, concrete riddled with stains and grime can make the difference between a stunning and lackluster first impression. But don't give up on curb appeal just because of a dirty driveway. Instead, power up with pressure washing to make your concrete sparkle like the rest of your home.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Concrete

A clean driveway can add the perfect touch to your home's curb appeal. But how do you go about transforming a driveway from drab to fab? If your concrete is still in good condition, you'll want to consider having it pressure washed.

Using a pressure washer is the easiest method to clean concrete and the quickest way to have your driveway looking like new. While you could spend all afternoon trying to clean concrete on your own, we recommend leaving this job to a local pressure washing service that can help you get that fabulous clean in no time.

Pressure washing can also help preserve the life of your concrete by cleaning up the wear from heavy use and weather elements that can cause the surface to break down over time. To avoid this damage, it's best to implement pressure washing into your routine home maintenance schedule. You'll find that regularly pressure washing the driveway is much more cost-effective than having to replace your concrete.  

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Special Stain Treatments

While a quality pressure wash will clear your concrete of most dirt and grime, some stains are a little more persistent and may take special treatment to remove. Rather than trying to tackle these hard-to-treat areas on your own, you'll want to consider working with a nearby pressure washing service. Not only will hiring a contractor save you from having to use those scrubbing muscles, but it will also keep you from running all over town in search of the right pressure washing equipment and stain treatment.


There is nothing subtle about rust stains, and they can be quite the eyesore when they pop up on your concrete. But don't worry - rust stains don't have to plague your concrete forever. Small stains can usually be removed with an acidic liquid like lemon juice. For bigger stains, a commercial remover may need to be used. Due to the dangerous toxicity of these chemicals, you'll want to leave this job to a local cleaning service.


Your best bet to beat pesky oil stains is to treat them immediately after they happen. Concrete is very porous and quickly absorbs liquid, making the stain harder to get out. If you notice an oil spill, sprinkle an absorbent material, like cat litter, on it to keep the spill from sinking deep into the concrete. If the stain does seep in, it will require special treatment to remove.


Paint stains can leave a frustrating mark, but luckily they are easy to get off with the right product. Most paint stains can be removed by using paint stripper and applying a little scrubbing, but beware - it can be time consuming. If you'd like to save yourself manual labor or time spent on scrubbing, a local pressure washing service can help get the stains out and have your driveway and garage floor looking as good as new!

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The Importance of Proper Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great solution for cleaning concrete, but it can be harmful to you and your home if done incorrectly. Choosing the correct pressure and gallons per minute is the difference between cleaning and destroying a surface. If you don't feel up to the task or are concerned about safety, it's best to leave this job to a pressure washing service that can help keep you and your concrete protected from harm.

Protecting Other Surfaces

If your concrete requires the use of chemical or detergent cleaners, don't forget to protect your plants and landscaping. While not all cleaning substances are harmful, it's better to be safe than sorry. The easiest way to protect your greenery is to cover it up or to spray it down with water before and after the pressure washing. This will dilute any chemical or detergents, making them significantly less harmful.

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