Surprising Places to Install Sliding Doors

You'd never guess where you can slip a sliding door into your home.

If you're planning a renovation or looking to update an existing space, you may want to explore adding sliding doors to your repertoire. In addition to being one of the most convenient ways to access a room, sliding doors can also be a modern focal point in your home. Whether it's a rustic barn door for decoration or an elegant set of French doors leading outside, installing a sliding door can be the stylish space-saver your home needs. Between hidden pocket doors, scenic patio entrances, and rolling bypass doors, there's a sliding door that can enhance nearly any space.

Make a Mudroom

Mudrooms are the last stop for muddy boots and dripping umbrellas, and (as you can imagine) are home to many messes. Even with cubbies and hooks to organize everyone's outerwear, a mudroom can still be an unattractive sight when it's packed with everyone's boots, jackets, and other odds and ends from the day. A sliding barn door can conceal a cluttered mudroom from the rest of your neatly placed living space while adding character to your interior design. If your entry doesn't have enough space for a separate mudroom, a sliding door can also turn an empty hallway into a useful storage space for coats, shoes, and easy-to-grab bags.

Hide Your Dirty Laundry

Is your laundry room off of a common gathering place such as a living room or kitchen? If so, hide your dirty laundry from houseguests behind a discreet sliding door that's painted to match your walls and other decor. A closet laundry room can also benefit from singly or paired hung doors to conserve space and keep the area out of plain sight but within convenient reach.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Don't make doing laundry more complicated! Choose sliding door hardware that not only matches your design aesthetic, but is also easy to handle as you're juggling heaps of clothes.

Get a Stylish Sliding Door

Dress Up Your Pantry

Hinged doors can take up valuable kitchen space, which can really slow you down  when you're rushing around looking for specific ingredients. A bypass pantry door can solve your space problem as well as add oversize artwork to your home. To make the most of your new entrance, choose a door with contrasting color, rustic texture, or interesting details. Then match your new sliding door hardware and handles to your existing cabinet fixtures for flawless assimilation throughout your kitchen.

Depending on the size of your pantry, you can have a skinny or oversize single or double door installed. For smaller spaces, a skinny double door or oversize single door can create the illusion of a larger doorway without any construction.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Your sliding door can also perform double kitchen duty with a chalkboard surface. Apply chalkboard paint to the outside of your sliding door to keep track of weekly shopping lists and meal planning.

Amplify Your Doorways

Try These Sliding Door Solutions for Your Bedroom

Narrow hallways and small rooms aren't the only places where sliding doors can shine. Make a statement in your master suite too with these space-saving tricks.

Open Up a Cramped Closet

In a small bedroom, a swinging closet door's wide radius can limit your useable space. Not only can a sliding door be a beautiful front for an unorganized wardrobe, but it can also free up space so you can reconfigure your room the way you want. If your room is too small to accommodate a bypass door and its hanging slide track, opt for a pocket door that hides between the walls. Since this upgrade requires construction, we suggest having a handyman outfit your new pocket door specifically for your space.

Give Your En Suite Bathroom a Polished Look

If you're lucky enough to have an en suite bathroom, don't let a boring door bring down your interior design. Ditch the traditional door for a more modern alternative that complements your personal style. Whether it's made from natural wood or frosted glass, a sliding bathroom door provides the privacy you need with the effortless look you want. Opt for one with an attached full-length mirror to help streamline your morning routine with fewer trips to the bathroom mirror.

Your Dream Door Awaits

Make a Pretty Patio Entrance

Sprucing up your backyard is the perfect excuse to update your patio doors. Standard sliding patio doors have two panels where one is fixed in place, but single-pane doors can give you a better view of your yard. For a traditional home, sliding French doors can create a grand entrance to the great outdoors, while a collapsing glass door or a single oversize glass door matches a more modern style by continuing the open concept outside.

Double Your Loft Space

Sliding doors are often limited to making beautiful entryways, but they don't have to be. Instead of stopping at enhancing existing door space, create a completely new space with a wall of sliding door room dividers. A row of stacking sliding doors is the perfect solution for breaking up space in an open loft. If you're seeking a private bedroom or to hide an unattractive exercise room, consider installing a wall-to-wall track to make a separate space for whatever you need.

See All That Doors Can Do

Conceal Your Media Console

Keep your cords and media collection under wraps with a custom-made entertainment center, complete with gorgeous sliding doors. When you're not watching your favorite TV show, protect your screen from dust and dings by simply sliding the doors shut. This gives your living room a refined look in or out of use.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Doors aren't the only home fixture with effortless gliding potential. While your new doors are being installed, consider switching from traditional curtains to sliding shutters to make your window treatments a true statement piece.

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