What's Your Patio Personality?

Spend more time outdoors this summer with a patio addition suited for your lifestyle.

The Host with the Most

Wright-Built, original photo on Houzz

As every good host knows, you should always have a little something for everyone. This Hawkins, Texas patio has it all. A kitchen pass-through window makes serving a breeze. Guests can cool off midday at the pool and warm up near the fire pit in the evening. It's all fun and games at this house, especially once you dust off the pool table.

The Daydreamer

Going Home to Roost, original photo on Houzz

For those of you who spend the majority of your summer days lounging about in full relaxation mode, look to this Santa Barbara patio to refresh your senses. Enjoy your morning coffee from an outdoor dining set. Feed your wanderlust with a dreamy view. Drift in and out of a summer slumber from the comfort of a hammock. And don't forget to take a deep breath of fresh air and wisteria blooms.

The Creative

Dafne Vijande, original photo on Houzz

If your favorite part of the day is your "make break," you should consider a patio fort of fun. This shabby chic patio in Madrid provides a full list of inspiration. A repurposed shade sail and stenciled canvas chairs add a nautical twist. Lanterns and a pennant banner are bright ideas for adding color. And don't forget the sweet snack station and hammock that will keep kids content for hours.

The Garden Guru

TAUTEM Architecture, original photo on Houzz

So, you have more plants than you have space for. No problem. Take a few lessons from this small Paris balcony. Gain more space by storing plants high and low. Anchor pots to the wall and display them across ledges. The flamingo garden statue, colored string lights, and mismatched chairs make this mini jungle appear eclectic rather than overgrown.

The Kid at Heart

Jeff King & Company, original photo on Houzz

Summer break means more time to spend with your kids. Fun up your outdoor space to get the whole gang outside. This family-friendly patio features vibrant color, separate adult and kid stations, and soft turf for when your toddler takes a tumble.

The Cool Parents

Jeff King & Company, original photo on Houzz

Install a fire pole and some swings to win a few well-deserved "cool parents" points with your kids and be the next neighborhood hangout house.

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