6 Kitchen Storage Solutions You Haven't Thought of Yet

Just when you think you've seen it all, along come more clever storage solutions.

Drawers on Display

Shelton Design-Build, original photo on Houzz

End-of-island storage is trending in kitchens today, but this particular drawer design stands out from the crowd. Store colorful candy, pasta, cookbooks, or even fresh produce in glass-front drawers for easy access and a lovely display. In this Pittsburgh kitchen, the lemons and limes are striking against the coastal blue paint of the island.

Somewhere for the Stepladder

GEOWEN Custom Carpentry, Inc, original photo on Houzz

Keeping a step stool in the kitchen is convenient, but finding a place for it isn't always easy. It's often too clunky to stow, but it's an eyesore if left out in the open. Shallow cabinets make a great hiding place for step stools that fold flat. Try having one installed at the end of a row of cabinets or an island.

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Whip Your Baking Station Into Shape

Architectural Homes by Anders Inc, original photo on Houzz

Baking season is almost here! Make the holidays less stressful by having a carpenter add built-ins perfect for organizing and storing your necessities all in one place. This dedicated baking station includes jars of flour, sugar, and spices; appliances such as stand mixer, toaster, and microwave; and of course counter space for rolling and kneading dough. Once you've cleaned up the remnants of pumpkin pie or Christmas cookies, simply close the cabinet doors and dust off your apron. Voila!

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Hands-Free Recipes

TrueSource Home Specialties, original photo on Houzz

Tablets have become a big help in the kitchen, allowing you to view video tutorials and food blogs galore. However, in a room that can get so messy so fast, and where we often have ingredient-covered hands, digital cookbooks can have us crying over spilled milk pretty quickly. Keep your tablet safe and dry by having a handyman install a cookbook holder mounted beneath your cabinets.

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Pull, Chop, Toss

Stringer Construction & Design, original photo on Houzz

How many times have you pulled your waste bin over to your cutting board? Or, on the flip side, how many times have you spilled stems, seeds, or peels on your way from the cutting board to the trash? Here's your solution. Install a pullout chopping block with a simple hole cut out, positioned above a pullout waste bin. This way cuttings can be swept straight into the trash.

How to get your pullout waste cabinets just right

Clutter-Free Charging Station

Studio Dearborn, original photo on Houzz

Integrate outlets and USB ports to transform your junk drawer into a hardworking charging station. Having a device drawer like this installed in your kitchen is a great way for parents to enforce a technology-free family dinner. It's a win-win storage solution: Kids' devices power up while you enjoy some quality conversation over a homemade meal.

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