Rustic Lighting to Rock Industrial Design

With the help of a professional, you can create the ultimate urban atmosphere for your home.

Industrial style is a sweeping trend in interior design, especially in contemporary homes. Think stripped back architecture, utilitarian surfaces, and visible wiring reminiscent of factories and warehouses from the industrial revolution. If you're looking to incorporate this style into your home, lighting is one of the most accessible and effective ways to bring industrial design to your interiors. Whether you want to make a bold statement or accent existing elements, industrial lighting can enhance any decor.

Factory-Inspired Pendant Lights

Suspended from ceilings by chains, rods, or cords, pendant lights are arguably the most iconic element of industrial style. Overhead lights began as a necessity in factories, but nowadays they exist to bring light to the places you need it most with textural and visual interest. With a wide variety of shapes and styles, ranging from mini glass globes to massive metal domes, hanging pendants can wash light over large areas with a warm glow or focus bright beams on a specific place for a thoughtful spotlight. Since these fixtures vary in size and weight, we recommend having an electrician help you hang these lights, making sure to adjust them to the right height and use the correct weight-bearing ceiling mount.

Multi-Light Pendant

Pendant fixtures featuring multiple lights are a popular choice among homeowners going for the industrial look. Within each fixture, the individual lights can be staggered or evenly aligned to complement your space, however big or small. Many times these pendant lights have metal cages or translucent glass globes so that they can light up a larger area than a shaded pendant, like a kitchen workspace, living room, or bedroom. An electrician can provide information about how to position these multi-light pendants to get the most effective lighting, as well as help with any tricky wiring. It's best to let a pro handle installation, especially when ladders come into play.

Industrial Chandelier

The main factor that differentiates regular pendant lights and chandeliers is size. Chandeliers can be the same style as an individual pendant, but are usually larger and heavier, requiring more support when suspended from the ceiling. Be sure to check if your ceiling is strong enough to hold up your industrial chandelier, and reinforce that area if necessary.

Metal orbs, oversize gears, and minimalist designs can contribute to a warehouse aesthetic with the addition of a single chandelier in this style. Usually hung by metal chains, wires, or cables, these giant light fixtures can make a statement in a more formal space, such as an entryway or dining room where ample light is needed.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Don't be intimidated by the utilitarian design of these lights if you don't have a contemporary home; they can mix just as well with a rustic farmhouse or cozy apartment.

Try the Warehouse Trend

Stripped-Down Lighting System

With a custom lighting system, you can illuminate an entire room with a single switch. A network of lights is especially useful with an open floor plan so that you can highlight specific areas without having to install multiple switches. The industrial design trend has given rise to exposed electrical wiring, conduits, and pipes that become part of the room's urban decor. These lighting systems are super flexible with the ability to have semi-flush ceiling lights, track lights, or wall sconces with visible wiring, depending on your style preference. An electrical contractor can help you design a unique layout and wiring route for your lighting system so you can achieve the industrial look that works with your interior style.

Light Up an Entire Room

Accessories to Complete the Industrial Look

While you're picking out which fixtures fit best for your lighting needs, consider adding industrial details to complete the look. Want to add more character to your chandelier? Interested in retro light bulbs? Here are a few industrial lighting accessories to complement your factory-chic pieces.

Reclaimed Wood

Soften the raw edge of industrial design with the natural charm of reclaimed wood. There are a variety of ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your lighting plan, such as using a wood beam or plank to hang pendant lights or attaching a wood board to vanity lighting, to create a one-of-a-kind fixture. There are also a number of wood finishes that can be paired with rustic metal, whether you want dark, weathered oak or whitewashed barn wood. Looking to add reclaimed wood to your light fixtures? A handyman can help integrate this look with any of your new industrial lighting.


Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs and industrial design go hand in hand. While these vintage lights bring a nostalgic air to any room, they're energy guzzlers. Instead of racking up your energy bill with Edison bulbs, opt for LED lights that mimic the retro look and are surprisingly energy-efficient. Choose from globes, candles, pear-shaped, and traditional bulbs with the filament style for a sustainable industrial look.

Ready to Rock Industrial Design?

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