Your Ultimate Home Repair Checklist

It's time to check those annoying home repairs off the to-do list. Find out how a handyman can fix the issues that keep coming up throughout your home.

Keeping your home in top shape means taking care of large and small repair issues from time to time. But don't stress! With a handyman you can say goodbye to long afternoons spent with leaky faucets and backed-up garbage disposals and hello to enjoying your home, and your time. If you find yourself stuck in a situation without the time or the skill for home repair projects, a handyman can help. Here's the ultimate home maintenance checklist for your handyman.

Kitchen Repairs? No Problem

With all of the appliances and fixtures in kitchens, it's no wonder why handymen are familiar with this space. Plus, there's nothing worse than when something in your kitchen needs to be fixed, putting you out of your normal routine. Given all the electric and plumbing lines that run throughout kitchens, even simple repairs can turn into massive projects if you don't know what you're doing or how to address any surprises that pop up along the way.

Faucet Repairs

Leaks, drips, and drops — oh my! These are some of the most common homeowner complaints. Watch out for common faucet repairs including: leaks, drips, broken handles, and broken parts. If your kitchen faucet is acting up and you're unsure what to do, a handyman can help get it fixed in a breeze. Need a new faucet installed? No worries! A handyman can handle that too.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Backed-up and clogged garbage disposals can be a nightmare to deal with. But, with all of the work that they do, garbage disposals do need to be fixed from time to time. Common garbage disposal problems that need fixing include dull blades, switch problems, and wiring malfunctions. Help your handyman out by not putting items such as egg shells, potato skins, or metal down your garbage disposal.

Appliance Repair

Broken appliances can really put us in a pinch. With the electrical and plumbing components involved in units like refrigerators and dishwashers, appliance repair is a downright chore. Before taking on these repairs, you'll need to diagnose the problem, locate replacement parts, and be prepared to handle any surprise issues with plumbing lines or electrical wires that arise along the way. If this seems out of your comfort zone, you'll want to get in contact with a local handyman to prevent making the problem worse.

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Broken Bathroom Fixtures? Let's Fix That

For being the smallest room in the house, the number of things that can break in a bathroom is shocking. From toilets to sinks to showers and tubs, bathrooms are a hot spot for plumbing issues. Have a toilet that won't stop running, a pipe that's leaking, or a clogged drain? A handyman can help with everything from plumbing issues to repairing and replacing broken shower tiles. Your bathroom will be looking and working like new before you know it.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: When a handyman is on-site checking out other plumbing issues, have them take a look at your water pressure as well. Oftentimes, they can work some magic with a quick fix to get to your desired water pressure level for showers and sinks alike.         

HVAC and Electrical Tune-Ups? Add It to the List

HVAC and electrical issues are two areas that homeowners do not want to mess around with. This is why we recommend adding regular tune-ups to your home maintenance list. Having a handyman inspect your home seasonally means you can get minor issues fixed before they become a real problem.

We advise having a local handyman inspect your heating and cooling systems before the extreme temperature seasons of winter and summer arrive. Routine maintenance is key to preventing your AC from going out on the hottest day of the year, or your heater needing a fix in sub-zero temperatures. But, if your HVAC systems do have an emergency, don't worry; a handyman can help with that too. From replacing the thermostat, to working through kinks in heating and air registers, and even installing window AC units, handymen have HVAC covered!

While your handyman is on-site, it's also wise to have them take a look at any electrical issues that have made an appearance. A handyman can inspect ceiling fans, light fixtures, and switches for areas that are coming loose. Bonus: If they find something that's not up to par, they can fix it right then and there!

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Routine Fix-Ups? That's a Breeze

While homes see a lot of love, they also take a lot of abuse. From children and pets to extreme weather conditions and normal wear and tear, routine fix-ups are a must.

Fixing Drywall Holes and Cracks

Have you found yourself with a hole in the wall or a crack in the ceiling? Rather than letting drywall issues become an unsightly design element, or structural hazard, a handyman can fix those holes and cracks. The process of repairing drywall involves assessing the damaged area, filling any holes or cracks that exist, and then patching the area over. Don't forget, for a flawless finish, this process should also be accompanied by a quick paint touch-up.

When it comes to drywall repairs, don't overlook assessing the area and determining the source of the problem, especially if you're not sure how a crack or a hole got there. These repairs could signal routine wear and tear, but be careful. Unexplained drywall cracks and holes could also be a sign of foundational issues. So you'll want to have a handyman inspect these areas ASAP.

Fixing Broken Doors and Windows

Since new doors and windows are investment pieces, home window repair and home door repair are among the top handyman services. A few of the visible signs that doors and windows need repair include: damaged or broken glass, warped woodwork, torn screens, and broken handles or levers. Poor insulation, damaged hinges, and cracked caulking fall under the category of repairs that are just as necessary, but not quite as visible. Have a garage door or a garage door opener that has stopped working properly? Don't stress! A handyman can deal with these electrical issues as well.

Exterior Home Maintenance? It's a Must

Outdoor upkeep is a necessity. When you find yourself with a broken deck board, damaged gutters, or loose shingles, a handyman is often your best bet for a quick and effective fix. To keep your exterior in tip-top shape, and you safe and sound on the ground, we recommend having a handyman deal with these outdoor projects. Before the handyman comes over, here are a few areas you should assess to get the most bang for your buck and knock out a few repair projects at once.

Decks and Porches

These outdoor living areas are wonderful, but broken boards, uneven stairs, and cracked concrete can pose a safety concern. When fixing these problems, it's essential to make sure that you do not compromise the structural integrity of the deck itself. This means keeping an eye out for load-bearing beams.


Don't risk injuring yourself by climbing up on that ladder and getting on the roof. If you notice your gutters are broken from a storm or clogged with fall leaves, a handyman can help. Have gutters that are constantly clogged? A handyman can install gutter guards to help keep the gunk out.

Siding and Roofing

Loose siding, missing shingles, and damaged brick can detract from your home's curb appeal. But, fixing them can be a dangerous challenge, especially if the siding is high off the ground or if you have a steep roof. Additionally, when repairing a section of your siding or roofing, it's essential that the new area blends well with the old. Let a seasoned professional handle all your siding and roof repairs.

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Installation and Assembly? A Handyman Can Do That Too

Handymen don't just fix what's broken; they can handle installation and assembly too. So, if you find yourself with an area that's beyond repair and requires a new install, or if you simply want an upgrade, a handyman can help. With their installation and assembly skills, handymen can ensure installation is done properly and prevent avoidable repairs that would have needed fixed later. When it's time for carpet installation, fence installation, or even door installation — that local handyman may quickly become your best friend!

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