Why You Need a Pro to Eliminate Black Mold

Get rid of this troublesome mold with the help of a professional cleaning service.

Known for its bothersome growth around the house, black mold can be an irritating issue that homeowners may face at some point in time. Not only does black mold create an unpleasant view for your family and guests, but it can pose serious health threats to your household. Luckily, with the help of a professional, black mold infestations can be cleared out of the home to help keep you and your family safe from potential health risks.

How Black Mold Is Formed

There are a number of factors in your home that could be working together to create black mold. Mold spores can be transported into the home through various outlets such as doors, windows, and air conditioning or heating units. Once these mold spores latch onto something that is warm and wet, they will develop into what we know as pesky black mold. Growing just about anywhere in your home, black mold can develop behind wallpaper, under floorboards, or on upholstery.

Mold Loves Moisture

One element that helps black mold thrive is humidity. If your home isn't ventilated well, or is susceptible to getting humid during rainy months, it may be a haven for black mold. Additionally, if you have an ongoing water leak somewhere in your home, you will have a much higher chance of mold growth. Condensation and steam can also create the unwanted moisture that will attract black mold. Pay special attention to your HVAC units since some systems can create humidity issues.

Mold Is Drawn to High Temperatures

Mold growth spikes during summer months, not only because of rainy weather and humid air, but because of the hotter temperatures that occur. Although mold cannot grow in freezing temperatures, it is possible for existing mold to stop growing and remain stagnant in cold weather, making it a year-round problem for some homeowners.

Have Your Home Cleaned by a Professional

Symptoms of Black Mold

If you know what signs to look for, it is usually easy to spot black mold on surfaces around the house, such as on walls or furniture. Black mold has a very distinct appearance to it, with a dark-black color that may include a green tint. The mold can look patchy or spotty, and may even appear slimey. Black mold can also have an unpleasant musty smell that may be noticeable to those near the infected area.

Discovered black mold in your home? More mold may be hidden under floorboards or behind walls. The last thing you want to do is ignore black mold. It is best to contact a local cleaning service to see if there is more mold that is concealed deep within the surfaces of your home.

Black Mold Health Risks

When it comes to health risks, black mold can affect everyone differently. Symptoms can vary depending on medical conditions and allergy issues. A common symptom that black mold may cause is an allergic reaction accompanied by sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, or skin irritation. However, black mold can present more severe health risks to those with chronic respiratory issues like asthma, including a fever or difficulty breathing normally.

Mold Testing

If you're not sure if the mold on your wall is harmful or not, it is better to be safe than sorry. We recommend contacting an inspector if you are suspicious of black mold, as they will be able to test your home and determine if there is a problem. If the inspector does discover black mold, they can guide you through the steps for removal. An inspector may recommend taking a mold sample, in which the site of the mold and the indoor air quality is tested to see what type of mold it is, as well as the amount of mold in the house.

Find a Local Home Inspector

Black Mold Treatment

Because black mold can have serious health effects, it is strongly recommended to have an expert clean up the mold, especially if it is in multiple areas of your home. Many contractors use High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums, which efficiently remove black mold directly from the infected site by using unique filters and a strong suction. This will ensure a safe and quick cleanup that will rid your home of dangerous mold before any further issues arise.

Find a Local Deep Cleaning Service

Prevent Black Mold From Returning

Although it's tough to completely avoid mold, there are several steps you can take to keep black mold from showing up uninvited. You will want to keep in mind the two things that mold loves the most: moisture and heat. Keeping an eye on any area, room, or material that may be susceptible to either of these is a good rule of thumb when it comes to spotting black mold. Taking steps to ensure that your home is generally less humid and hot will make great strides toward avoiding black mold.

Try a Dehumidifier

It is recommended to keep rooms below a 50 percent humidity level to avoid black mold from growing in the first place. Having a dehumidifier installed is a great way to manage the level of humidity within a home and can easily prevent mold from growing. Another way to keep black mold out of your home is by avoiding the installation of carpet in areas that tend to get humid, like the bathroom. Tile and linoleum are better flooring options because they don't hold in moisture like carpeting does.

Take Care of Leaks

As mentioned before, leaks also do an awfully good job in attracting black mold. It may be a good idea to reach out to a plumbing contractor to settle any ongoing leaking issue you may have. Repairing leaks could save you a significant amount of trouble in dealing with black mold returning.

Consider Having Mold-Resistant Drywall Installed

Black mold is typically attracted to traditional drywall, but there are plenty of new alternatives to traditional drywall that are designed to ward off black mold from the start. One option currently available is moisture-resistant drywall that has a layer made of fiberglass, making it difficult for mold to ever begin growing on the drywall in the first place. Renovating just a few of the walls in your home, specifically in a bathroom or basement, can do wonders in preventing black mold growth.

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