Electrical Projects You Don't Want to DIY

Some electrical projects are best left to the pros. Find out when it's time to put down the tools.

Electrical projects are one area of home improvement that should not be done on your own. Improper electrical wiring and installation can lead to house fires, electrical shocks, and damages that just aren't worth it. Avoid electrical hazards and hassle by hiring an electrician to complete these electrical projects.

Electrical Wiring for a New Build, Remodel, or Renovation

Whether you're wiring a new house or rewiring an existing one, properly installing electrical wiring is a complex project and is vital for a safe and functional home. One wiring misstep can spiral into a homeowner's worst nightmare. Between load centers, circuits, outlets, and lights, there's a lot to consider when adding wiring to a house.

Updating Outdated Wiring

If you're remodeling or renovating an older home, you may run into outdated electrical wiring. When adding new wires to your house, watch out for existing wires that need to be repaired to ensure consistent wiring throughout your house. Repairing this faulty wiring can be just as difficult as installing new wiring. Updating or repairing wiring involves working with exposed or broken wires, which are prone to electrical shock and require many tools for appropriate repair. There are also various methods to repair faulty wires depending on the nature of the damage, and a licensed electrician will know how to properly repair them. Be aware that completing these repairs on your own can lead to costly mistakes.

Get Help Wiring Your House

Wiring for Internet, TV, and Phone

As households become more digital, they require more cables. Are you thinking of adding another TV or internet outlet in your home? While it's best to wire your house for digital communication during a renovation or new build, an electrician can help you add these necessities whenever you decide they're needed. But bringing your electrical system into the 21st century is no easy task. The communication cables needed for these upgrades must integrate with existing wiring and often require working between walls. If this project seems out of your comfort zone, don't stress: an electrician can get your home ready for all its high-tech needs.

Adding a Light Switch

If you're tired of getting out of bed to turn off the lights, a three-way switch is your solution. With an advanced wiring structure, a three-way switch gives you the convenience of turning a light on and off from two different locations. We recommend using three-way switches in bedrooms, large basements, and kitchens where you want easy access to your lighting. Sound like a project your home needs? Keep in mind that with three-way switch installation, it may be necessary to open up walls to seamlessly connect your current electrical system.

Get Connected

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Improve your home's nighttime entertaining potential with outdoor lighting. From architectural and landscape lighting to patio and deck lighting, you'll be lighting up the night in no time. These outdoor lighting projects can add instant beauty and value to your home by highlighting the best features of your property.

When installed correctly, outdoor lighting can work flawlessly from your pathway to your patio in harmony with your current lighting system. But since landscape lighting often involves underground wiring, we recommend working with an electrician for this electrical project. As an added bonus, a local electrician may even be able to help choose the best type of lighting to accent the unique characteristics of your home.  

Install Outdoor Lighting

Light Fixture Replacement

No matter if it's in the bathroom or the basement, the right light can take any area from dark and dreary to bright and cheery. Installing light fixtures may seem quick and simple, however, it's easy to run into unexpected problems along the way. For example, electric shock is always a risk when opening up the breaker box -- connecting new wires heightens that risk immensely. Plus, proper electrical installation can also increase your home's energy efficiency with strong, secure electrical connections.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Replacing your light fixtures is the perfect time to add that ceiling fan you've been dreaming of on those hot summer days. Since the wiring will already be accessible, why not get the most bang for your buck and have the electrician add a ceiling fan while they're at it.

Appliance Repair

Is your  washer or dryer on the fritz? A broken appliance can wreak havoc on a household and be an unnecessary inconvenience. Not to mention, electrical appliances that aren't properly cared for are a leading cause of electrical fires. From your refrigerator to your furnace, give your appliances the attention they deserve to extend their useful life for years to come. Common signs your appliances may need a tune up include decreased efficiency, startling sounds, and leaking liquids.

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