Dandelion Removal Requires More Than DIY

It's time to say goodbye to those difficult dandelions once and for all.

Dandelions are infamous for being a homeowner's or gardener's worst nightmare. No matter how many times you dig them out or try to make them disappear with a treatment spray, dandelions always seem to find a way to return. While a dandelion's eye-catching bright yellow flowers can be pretty, they can also distract from your well-kept landscape. If your lawn is consistently covered with these star-shaped florets, it may be time to reach out to a lawn care service to defeat your dandelion problem once and for all.

Dealing with Dandelions

Dandelions are incredibly resilient,  making an appearance every spring and fall and dwelling in tricky spots that may be hard to reach. Known for creeping up through sidewalk cracks, driveways, and in gardens, dandelions thrive in areas with plenty of sun and moist soil.

With their ability to come back again and again, you may find yourself constantly fighting dandelions to keep the lawn or garden clear of their vibrant appearance. Dandelions contain external seeds that break off and scatter about, making it easy for them to invade almost any yard or garden. Additionally, once dandelions have chosen a place to grow, their roots can grow up to ten feet underground. So if you're trying to fight the battle against dandelions by just digging them up or pulling them out, know that root will more than likely still be intact, allowing dandelions to make a victorious comeback.

Beat the Dandelions

Nipping Dandelion Growth in the Bud

Stop those dandelions from sneaking into your spotless landscape by preventing them from growing in the first place. Taking care of these pesky weeds before they sprout is a key step in managing your dandelion problem. For handling this job, professionals often turn to pre-emergent herbicides to keep dandelions at bay.

A pre-emergent herbicide prevents the root from growing and flourishing into the dandelion we know and dislike. By creating a protective layer over the seed, this herbicide works to stop dandelion sprouts before they ever see the light of day. The key to getting the most power out of a pre-emergent herbicides is to apply it at the right time of year. For the best results, the herbicide should be applied two to three weeks before dandelion season begins. Since determining this perfect window of opportunity is essential in the herbicides success, we recommend consulting with a local lawn care service to see what time is best based on your lawn and region.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Lawns that are rich in nutrients not only promote increased grass growth, but they are also better at fighting against dandelions. Aeration is a great way to enhance the soil conditions in your yard and leave less room for weeds to thrive.

Boost Your Lawn's Health

Eliminating Existing Dandelions

Unfortunately, not all dandelions can be stopped before they begin to sprout above ground. Whether you missed out on applying a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn or want to double up on weed control, applying post-emergent herbicide is the next step.

A post-emergent herbicide focuses on stopping the growth of the dandelion at the root by working its way down from the flower and through the stalk. Since dandelions can be stubborn, multiple applications of this herbicide are typically required to see the best results. Along with using this herbicide, many services remove dandelions with a sharp weed blade or drill. This tackles the weed at the source by removing the root, which can significantly decrease the chance of dandelions growing back.

Don't feel like you have to do it all on your own when it comes to getting rid of those existing dandelions. From bending over and pulling weeds in the sun every week to choosing the right herbicides for your lawn, removing dandelions is a job that may require some extra assistance. When in doubt, we recommend contacting a local weed removal pro who can help you in your battle against dandelions.

Take Care of Your Dandelions

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