Let's Get Organized: Custom Closet Solutions for Your Bedroom

Make your morning routine a breeze with a custom-made closet that houses all your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Are you struggling with a small or unorganized closet? Your dream organization space is closer than you may think. Create the ultimate storage solution for all your wardrobe essentials with custom shelving, drawers, and trays tailored to your space, needs, and preferences. Whether your closet is a walk-in, reach-in, or dressing room, a carpenter can design a closet system to give you more space and better organization, so you can take charge of your morning routine.

Strategic Shelving Units

Even the smallest bedroom closet can accommodate simple shelving units to amp up storage space. For cramped quarters, take advantage of the vertical space with a personalized shelving system to efficiently store and sort all your clothes. Corner shelving units can also give use to wasted space without taking up much room. A larger closet has room for slide-out shelves that give easy access to neatly folded sweaters and precious handbags. Add custom cubbies or slanted shelving units to show off your shoe collection so you know just where to look when you're running out the door. If you're not sure how to structure your shelving system, a carpenter can help you design a layout that's personalized to your clothes and space.

Convenient Custom Drawers

Custom drawers act as a built-in dresser so all your clothes and accessories are in one place. Instead of having a separate dresser outside your closet, incorporate fitted drawers into your organization system so choosing an outfit is only a step or two away. In addition to holding T-shirts and running shorts, fitted drawers can also store and separate undergarments, socks, and ties with custom dividers, making outfit decisions that much easier in the a.m. No matter the size or shape of your closet space, a carpenter can retrofit pull-out drawers to work with any area. Not a morning person? Don't let loud noises ruin your day. Consider having soft-close drawers installed so you can start your day on the right foot.

Your Dream Closet Is Calling

Jewelry Display Trays

Go for complete closet coordination with elevated accessory storage. Padded pull-out trays can keep your jewelry untangled and in order. Rather than hanging necklaces on hooks, rolling trays allow you to see all your jewelry options at once when you're getting ready. For a luxurious touch, look at lining your trays with velvet, felt, or leather to make your accessories last longer. You can also have shallow inserts installed to keep all your earrings, rings, and bracelets in place. With a custom jewelry station, accessorizing has never been easier!

Protect Your Investments

Specialized Closet Rods

As a standard of every bedroom closet, hanging rods are an expected feature. But sometimes a single, straight-across closet rod isn't the most convenient option for your space. If your closet allows it, trade in the single rod for a pair of rods, one above the other, to double your hanging capacity. These rods are ideal for hanging shorter clothing, such as blouses, dress shirts, and folded dress pants. A closet rod with more hanging space is the perfect place to keep long skirts, dresses, suits, and jackets wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Don't let any inch of closet real estate go wasted! Have a professional closet service install curved rods to transform your corners into valuable hanging space. Finish off your custom closet with a retractable valet rod so that you can create the perfect outfit without trying on multiple outfits every morning.

Get Ready, Wrinkle-Free

Luxurious Closet Add-Ons

Go all the way and get the closet of your dreams with special lighting, built-ins, and finishes. Shelves lit with recessed lights allow you to see all your shoes and folded clothes in an instant. Ask an electrician about motion-sensor lights to conserve energy highlighting your closet. Luxurious add-ons like built-in laundry bags or ironing boards help keep your closet clean and your clothes neat in the same area. Sturdy hooks are a simple fix for your favorite hats and scarves to be ready to grab and go when the weather cools down. When you've finalized your custom closet plans, give your clothes a pretty place to live in with a custom finish, whether you prefer classic white or a more modern wood finish. These custom closet solutions make getting dressed more fun with a luxe place to store all your favorite pieces.

Let's Get Organized


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