Window Repair & Replacement Costs: Your Questions Answered

With window repairs and replacements, you can instantly improve your home! Find out how much you should expect to spend on windows for your home.

From interior design to outdoor curb appeal, windows say a lot about your home, not to mention the protection they provide from the weather. Don't have cracked, chipped, or dingy old windows leaving a bad first impression for house guests. Let Better Homes & Gardens Home Services connect you with local contractors who can help manage window repairs and find replacement windows. When it comes time to repair or replace the windows in your home, here's what you should expect.

Should I Repair or Replace My Home Windows?

Can old, broken windows be repaired? Or is it best to replace damaged home windows? Deciding whether to repair or replace windows is a big decision. Since windows are an investment, you'll want to take time to weigh the options. Here are the top factors to consider when debating home window repair versus. replacement.  

The Cost of Window Materials

Due to the cost of materials, most window repairs end up being cheaper than window replacements. When repairing windows, you many need to cover the cost of the contractor's materials, such as putty, a new glass pane, or a new screen. However, these costs pale in comparison to the cost of purchasing the new windows needed for window replacement.

Labor Expenses to Repair and Replace Home Windows

While some handy homeowners may be able to tackle small window repairs on their own, large repairs and window installations are best left to a contractor. The weight of windows combined with the role they play in your home's structural integrity make repairs and replacements home improvement projects that you'll want to leave to a professional. A window contractor will have the materials, knowledge and ability to repair and replace windows — so don't forget to factor labor estimates into your decision-making process.

Window Style Requirements

To keep your home feeling cohesive, it's best if all your windows look the same. While window repairs can seamlessly match your existing windows, replacing windows can be a great choice if you are looking to quickly update the look of your home. For consistency, we recommend that if you are replacing one window, you replace them all. Better Homes & Gardens tip: With labor costs and batch discounts, it can be cheaper in the long run to replace or repair multiple windows at a time.

The State of Your Current Windows

One of the biggest factors in the repair-versus- replace decision is the condition of your existing windows. If you are not sure if it's best to repair or replace your windows, a window contractor can evaluate each window's condition and provide cost estimates for your best options.

Don't forget to think about the number of windows that need attention as well. If there is only one window with issues, repairs could make more sense, but if several of your windows are going bad, it may be time to replace them all.

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How Much Do Window Repairs and Replacements Cost?

The average cost to repair a window is around $300, but this price can vary depending on the repair needed and the type of window. A quick and easy window repair can start at $50 while multiple, complex repairs can cost up to $900.

If it's time to replace windows, you should expect to pay between $300 and $700 per window. The average homeowner spends about $5,000 to install replacement windows throughout their home. Keep in mind the price for window replacements will vary based on the type, size, and location of your windows.

What Are Some Common Window Repairs?

Whether your neighbor hit a baseball through your kitchen window or your window screen is tearing, there are plenty of repairs that come along with home windows. If your windows are still in good condition but broken, cracked, or won't open or close, you could benefit from window repairs. Here are some common window repair problems.

Window Crack Repair and Window Chip Repair

Do you have a broken, cracked, or chipped window or window pane? The cost for these repairs will depend on the size of the area to be replaced and the type of window. Keep in mind that a broken double-pane window will be more expensive to repair than a broken single-pane window.

Thinking about handling these repairs on your own? While a window chip repair kit may work for smaller window panes, larger panes often require the skill of a window contractor. Remember that sometimes a seemingly quick, DIY fix can create an even bigger project, so don't be afraid to connect with a contractor right away.

Window Seal Repair for Drafty Windows

If you have noticed drafts coming from your windows, your seal may need repaired. Window seal repair is an especially important project to take care of before the extreme temperatures of winter and summer. To prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, weather stripping seals are a great way to help keep your home at the most comfortable temperature. As a bonus, having a professional seal your windows can also improve your home's energy efficiency!

Window Screen Repair

Don't forget about your window screens! Screens are often subject to just as much wear and tear damage as the windows themselves. No matter if it is a mesh window screen or a metal window screen, you may encounter problems including: holes, rips, and tears. A window contractor can help determine if your window screens can be repaired or if the screens should be replaced entirely.

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Before Window Repairs: Should I Check the Warranty?

Depending on the type and brand of your windows, they may be covered under a manufacturer's warranty. It's always a good idea to review your warranty before completing window repairs as some, or all, of the cost could be covered. Purchasing new or replacement windows? Make sure to review the warranty options for your top choices prior to purchase. Warranties for new windows could be a cost-saving factor in the long run, so you don't want to overlook them.

What Are Some Common Reasons to Replace Windows?

Thinking it may be time to replace your home windows? New windows can bring a breath of fresh air to your home and quickly brighten up interior design and outdoor curb appeal. A few of the top reasons to replace your windows include: windows that are beyond repair, multiple windows that need serious repairs, wanting to reduce utility costs with energy-efficient windows, and updating your home during a renovation. If any of these factors applies to you, it's time to start thinking about budgeting for replacement windows.

The cost to replace windows will be based on: how many windows you are replacing, the size of the window, the window material and brand, and labor costs. While $500 is the average cost to replace a window, keep in mind that labor costs will increase for windows that are oddly shaped or hard to reach.  

Can I Replace Windows on My Own?

Installation varies by window type, size, and location — typically requiring the work of a contractor for safety and accuracy. Because of the safety hazards and precision required to install a new window, we do not recommend replacing windows on your own, especially if your windows are hard to reach, oddly shaped, or high off the ground. In fact, since contractors can often purchase materials in bulk and get the job done quickly, it's unlikely that you will save a significant amount of money trying to replace windows on your own.

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What's the Best Type of Window?

Window type and material play an important role in both replacement costs and the need for repairs over time. From single-hung and garden windows to bay and picture windows, there are plenty of window styles to choose from. When purchasing replacement windows, you'll want to think about how they will wear over time. Materials like vinyl are generally cost effective and wear well. On the other hand, wood windows can add a classic look to your home, but they require more maintenance to ward off rot and termite damage.

Repair Based on Window Type

While the price of window repairs depends largely on the extent of damage, garden and single-hung windows are generally less expensive to repair. Bay, bow, picture, sliding, and storm window repair costs can add up quickly.

Finding the Right Type of Replacement Windows

When it comes to window replacement, single-hung and casement windows tend to be the more budget-conscious choices, while double-hung and sliding windows are more expensive. For example, single-hung windows tend to cost between $175 and $350 per window, and sliding windows cost between $325 and $1,200 per window. During the replacement process, you should also keep in mind that if you need to replace the window framing with a new construction window, your costs will increase no matter the type of window selected.

Can Regular Maintenance Protect My Windows?

To extend the life of your windows, we recommend developing a regular maintenance schedule. Seasonally, you should consider having your windows and screens cleaned to get rid of dirt and grime. Not only does regular window cleaning keep your home looking fresh, but it is also a great time to check for issues including mold and rotted wood. Finding these problems early can help keep problems small and repair costs low.

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