It’s Time for Fencing That Doesn’t Wither Away

Forget fencing that can't withstand the weather. Find out what it costs to get vinyl fencing that lasts.

From severe storms and rainy weather to blue skies and sunshine, your yard deserves a fence that can stand tall through wear and tear. Vinyl fencing is one fencing material that can withstand the elements, come rain or shine. Because of its durability, aesthetic quality, low-maintenance needs, and beauty, all without the work of frequent maintenance, vinyl fencing is quickly becoming a backyard favorite. Find out what vinyl fencing has to offer and how it can work for your yard.

What to Love About Vinyl

Of course you'll be weighing the pros and cons of different materials when you're looking to replace or install a new fence. You may find that the many benefits vinyl fencing offers make it well worth the investment.

Weather Won't Bother Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which gives it superior strength, durability, and flexibility. Because of these attributes, vinyl can stand up to harsh conditions, like wind and rain, that shorten other fence materials' life span. Because it's made of plastic, vinyl fences hold up especially well in rainy climates, which means you don't have to worry about the potential rotting, warping, or mold growth that you might encounter with a wood fence.

Miss Out on Maintenance

If you've been an owner of wood fencing, frequent sealing and staining has most likely taken a toll on your free time. With vinyl fencing, you can leave these frustrating and time-consuming tasks behind, because vinyl requires almost no maintenance. The most upkeep you'll need to perform is an occasional wash with a garden hose or pressure washer to clear off dirt and debris.

Achieve Any Aesthetic

From picket fence to privacy fence, vinyl fencing will have your yard covered. One benefit of vinyl fencing is the variety of style options that are available. Along with fence styles, you'll also get to choose from several designs, colors, and textures. Traditional hues are available, like white, beige, and brown, as well as bolder color choices, like red and blue.

If the traditional look of vinyl isn't for you, there are upscale options designed to mimic the appearance of high-end materials. One popular choice is wood-grain vinyl fencing, which looks like real wood but doesn't come with the hassle of upkeep—score!

It's Time for Fuss-Free Fencing

Find Value in a Vinyl Fence

If vinyl fencing is the right choice for you, you will likely spend between $2,000 and $5,000 to fence your yard. The two main factors that contribute to the cost of vinyl fencing are the size of your yard and the type of fence you want to build. For example, a vinyl picket fence tends to be less expensive than a vinyl privacy fence because it uses less material.

When it comes to price, the thickness of vinyl, your preferred style, and the addition of decorative features can also affect the final price. Depending on your exterior decor or style preferences, you may find that opting for upscale features is worth the additional investment. Choosing wood-grain vinyl could complete the traditional aesthetic you want to achieve, or adding a decorative lattice effect could give your fence a more appealing design.

First Steps for Fence Installation

Part of properly installing a vinyl fence is choosing the correct path. Vinyl fencing installation requires setting the fence post in cement so it is difficult to move once it's set. This means that the fence path should be planned and perfected before the first post is laid. Consider the property line as well as any neighborhood restrictions when planning your fence path. To get a vinyl fence that is steady, strong, and in the right place, we recommend letting a fencing contractor acquire the necessary permits and complete the installation.

Let a Pro Handle Fence Installation

Revive Your Vinyl

Even as one of the most durable fencing options, your vinyl fence may need a repair at some point during its life span, and it's best to be prepared. Whether it's from a severe storm or an accident, vinyl fencing repair can cost between $250 and $700. Small fencing damage, like a hole, can be repaired by patching, which is usually on the cheaper end of fence repairs. Other times, a replacement panel is needed, which is often more expensive. If your vinyl fence needs repaired, it is best to have the help of a fencing contractor who can asses the damage and decide on the best route for repair. Improper repairs can impact more than just your wallet, so we recommend connecting with an expert to maintain the aesthetics and structural integrity of your fence.

Get the Right Repair for Your Fence

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