4 Backyard Projects to Splurge on This Summer

Get the backyard paradise you've always wanted with the help of a local contractor.

Summertime is in full swing, which means you're probably spending more of your free time outside. Your lawn is lush and green, your pool is at the perfect pH, and your deck is restained and ready to go. Now that these essential outdoor projects are out of the way, it's time to treat your yard with these splurge-worthy additions.

Bring Warmth with an Outdoor Fire Pit

Break out the graham crackers and marshmallows—an outdoor fire pit is the ultimate entertaining addition for a laid back summer's night. From making s'mores with the family to relaxing with guests under the stars, having a fire pit installed will bring a cozy atmosphere to your backyard.

When it comes to adding a fire pit to your home, you will want to consider both the size and placement. Fire pits range anywhere from $300 to $3,000, depending on the material, size, and placement. Although your fire pit can have a sizeable width, we recommend choosing a fire pit that isn't too tall—the extra height can prevent heat from reaching over the pit, which is not ideal for chilly nights. When deciding on the perfect spot for your fire pit, avoid having it installed underneath large trees or shrubbery to minimize potential fire hazards. 

Heat Up the Backyard with a Fire Pit

Add Character with a Perfectly Placed Pergola

Enjoy a shady haven during hot summer days by having a new pergola installed in your backyard. A pergola typically has a latticed roof design, creating a fair amount of shade while also allowing the warm sun to peek through. Whether it is built on the patio next to the home or is freestanding in the backyard near a garden area, a pergola is the prime way to cool down in style this summer.

The average pergola is about 10x10 feet and can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for installation, material, and labor costs. A wood pergola—which is the most popular option—may cost around $3,000. Wood brings a timeless sense of sophistication to a yard and can easily be stained and paired with virtually any outdoor furnishings. Other popular materials for pergolas include metal and fiberglass, which can both cost up to $5,000. 

Looking to take your pergola to the next level? Consider having lighting, such as built-in LED lighting or string lights, installed inside the pergola for the ultimate ambience on a summer's night. If you dream of listening to your favorite music while lounging on the patio or taking a dip in the pool, talk to a local electrician about installing a sound system within your pergola space.

Add a Stylish Pergola to Your Patio

Add Some Shade with a Patio Awning

As wonderful as the feeling of the warm sun on our skin is, we can all appreciate a break in the cool shade when the temperatures begin to climb. Having an awning installed in your patio is the ideal piece of paradise to include in your backyard.

When determining the cost of a patio awning, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $700 for a basic style. If you plan on having additional features installed, however, the cost can rise to a few thousand dollars. One beneficial add-on for awnings is a retractable mechanism that can either be cranked by hand to tuck away the awning or can automatically retract itself with a touch of a button. A retractable awning is the ideal, long-lasting accessory that can protect you and your furniture from the sun. Some of the newer retractable awnings even include weather sensors that will tuck away the awning if they sense high winds, rain, or other inclement weather. Because weather-sensitive awnings are technologically advanced, the cost for one will be higher than a traditional retractable awning.

Two of the most popular awning materials are metal and canvas, which both average out to about the same price in terms of material and installation costs. Metal is a stronger material that may be able to withstand the outdoor elements better, while canvas awnings tend to be a bit flimsy. However, canvas awnings are more customizable than metal awnings and come in a variety of colors and designs to match your patio.

Cool Off With an Awning

Build a Layer of Privacy with Stylish Shrubs

When planning your home's backyard paradise, you won't want to forget about adding a privacy barrier. What better way to create a secluded space than by adding charming shrubs? Not only can shrubs bring privacy to homes that may be built closer to other homes or roads, but they can also block sound pollution from these sources while adding a lovely new view to the yard.

Before choosing what type of shrub to add, make sure it will be able to grow to the particular height you need. We recommend choosing an evergreen plant that can grow over 5 feet tall to provide ample privacy to your backyard. You will also want to think about what species of shrub to have planted as your natural fence. Every species of shrub will have its own price tag, making the cost of shrub planting different for every home's situation. When deciding between evergreen plants, consider selecting a monochromatic set of green shrubs such as bay laurel or arborvitae. If you want to add a splash of color, a bright set of gardenias or azaleas might be perfect for you. A tree planting service can evaluate what species of shrubs will thrive best in your unique space and help determine which ones to choose for your landscaping addition.

Have Privacy Shrubs Planted in Your Yard

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