Controlling Pest Problems Before They Begin (Again)

Don't wait until it's too late! From insects to animals, ongoing pest control services can help you handle and dissuade all of those unwanted intruders that just won't stay away.

It's time to knock pest prevention out of the park and those pesky critters out of your home -- for good. Whether you've had a pest problem in the past or suspect that anything from spiders to ants are becoming issues yet again, you'll want to get familiar with ongoing pest control treatments. So wave your (final) goodbye to those unwelcome visitors and let regular pest prevention help you take back control of your home. Trust us, this is one pest topic that will hit a homerun every time!

Ongoing Pest Control Versus One-Time Extermination

With all of the problems that come along with pests, how are you supposed to know if a single treatment application or a recurring service is best? Don't stress! Your local pest control service can provide the help and the answers you are searching for.

Pest treatments and their frequency requirements vary from home to home and from pest to pest. Depending on the pest, and on your home, a one-time treatment could be all that you need. For example, if you are experiencing pest problems for the first time or if you were able to locate and contain the pests' entryway, a one-time extermination may be exactly what the doctor ordered. But if you have historic infestation issues, recurring pest problems, or live in a climate that is prone to critter invasions, ongoing pest control services are a top option to consider.

Never experienced a pest invasion? Keep in mind that ongoing treatments can help keep pests from becoming a problem in the future. So if you're looking to control pest problems before they begin (or return), regular pest treatments are your best bet.

If ongoing services are what you need, you'll also want to work with your pest control specialist to determine how often treatments are needed. Common options include monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly.

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Pests That Keep Coming Back

Even if you take all the right precautions, certain pests can (and will) stick around. No matter the pest, it's best to get, and keep, these issues under control ASAP. Here are some of the most common pests that homeowners just can't seem to part with.

Insistent Insects

Difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to permanently remove, insects are some of the most challenging pests to deal with. When it comes to insects that keep returning, even after an initial extermination, the top offenders include: cockroaches, termites, ticks, and ants.

With their small size and clever hiding abilities, it can be easy to think that your insect issues are under control only to discover that an infestation has been slowly but surely growing. Not only can insects cause quite the nuisance, but certain critters like cockroaches can also cause serious damage to your home. So insect infestations are not something you want to ignore.

Returning Rodents

In the world of repeat offenders, rodents are another top pest contender -- especially mice and rats. With their desire to live in areas that are protected from the elements, mice and rats love to set up shop in homes, apartment buildings, and even businesses. But beware: These rodents can wreak havoc as they eat their way through everything from cardboard to electrical wires. To make things even worse, they can also carry infectious diseases. But don't fret! Ongoing pest prevention can help ease your mind while easing these creatures out of your home.

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Pest Control Prices: What You Need to Know

While a one-time extermination can cost between $108 and $277 for insect control and $175 and $454 for animal control, ongoing pest control programs tend to do less damage to your pocketbook. Since ongoing programs are designed more for pest prevention, you'll pay less per treatment than you would for a single application. The lower cost is because the more frequently you receive the service, the less heavy lifting there is to do.

With ongoing services, rather than having to do a deep clean and extermination, you'll likely just need routine maintenance to keep the pests at bay. With all of this factored in, the price for monthly pest treatments often runs around $40, while semimonthly treatments run around $60. But remember, even over time this cost pales in comparison to the potential damage that pests can bring to your home if a full-blown infestation occurs.

Leave It to The Pros

As with other household issues, there comes a time in pest control when you want to hand the problem over the the experts. If you have pests that keep coming back, this is one of those times. While over-the-counter insecticides and sprays can be effective at keeping pests out of sight and out of mind, they tend to be less all-encompassing than the work of a pest control service. When it comes to getting pests completely out of your home (not just out of your sight) and keeping them out, hiring a professional is usually the best way to go.

Say Goodbye to Your Pests

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