Lighting Installation and Repairs to Brighten Your Home

Find out how much it costs to add light to your home with stylish electrical renovations.

Lights can bring both utility and style to a home and have the ability to immediately transform the space into a warm and welcoming haven. But from cutting and patching drywall to trimming and fusing wires, there are many hazards involved in installing and repairing light fixtures. Rather than writing light installation off as a simple renovation project, here's why you will want to consider hiring a local lighting contractor.

Installing Light Fixtures

Generally, light installation costs range anywhere from $75 to almost $2,000, making the average home-installation cost about $430. Keep in mind that every home is different in its own way -- from the style to the structure, and even the location of the home, there are many different factors that affect the cost of a light installation.

Repairing Light Fixtures

If your light fixture is due for a repair, the average cost is about $180. Depending on how intricate the wiring and placement of the fixture is, the price will range considerably. Additionally, if your home is on the older side, the wiring may be less organized and more difficult for electricians to work with. If the wiring needs to be removed and upgraded for a successful repair, this may end up adding more to the total cost.

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Bathroom Light Fixtures

There are a variety of options to choose from when adding lights to your bathroom. Whether you're looking for light with purposeful utility or just for decorative accents, installing bathroom lighting tends to be moderately expensive in comparison to lighting for other areas of the home.

Vanity Lights

Even though bathroom lighting can be expensive, there are still budget-friendly options available. Vanity lights -- a popular lighting solution among homeowners -- do an incredible job of illuminating bathrooms and are instrumental in pulling the look of the entire room together. Vanity lighting tends to be less expensive than other lighting options since the fixtures are wall-mounted and easily hook up to existing wiring. Repair costs are generally less expensive as well, depending on the degree of repair needed. Of course, if you're looking to add an extravagant style or design for an opulent aesthetic, this may increase the overall cost.

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Kitchen Light Fixtures

If you're looking to brighten up your kitchen space, installing a few new fixtures is always a good idea! Kitchens need plenty of light for cooking and entertaining, so consider installing several different types of fixtures to brighten the room.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights create a restaurant-style ambiance and are typically installed over kitchen countertops or islands. Pendant lights are generally lightweight and have a low voltage, making them a popular choice among homeowners. Installation can cost anywhere from about $90 to $250, depending on if an electrician has to install a new switch for the light. In terms of repair, since pendant light fixtures are usually easily accessible, the cost should be on the lower end because a contractor may not have to open up walls or ceilings to access the wires.

Track Lights

With its extended length, track lighting beautifully and efficiently illuminates a large area of your kitchen. Not only does track lighting provide an incredible amount of light, but it also helps to make the room appear longer and larger. In terms of the installation process, professional contractors must tap into existing wires, secure the lights to the ceiling, and adjust the track to fit perfectly with the room. Because of this complex procedure, installing track lights is a bit pricey, ranging anywhere from $100 to $250.

Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

From illuminating hallway areas to providing a soothing light in the living room, wall-mounted light fixtures are a go-to for both understated and bold decor. Wall-mounted lights require a similar installation process to ceiling lights, which involves connecting back to the in-house wiring. Because of this process, the installation cost will range from $90 to $230. If you're ever in need of a repair for this type of light fixture, the cost shouldn't be too expensive. Since these lights are placed on the wall, it makes them easier for electricians to access and work with.

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Ceiling Light Fixtures

One of the most common types of light fixtures in the home are traditional, mounted ceiling lights. Mounted ceiling lights are known for their ability to match any decor or style of the home, varying from ceiling fan lights to chandelier lights. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $220 for the installation cost. However, this price may differ depending on the type of fixture you choose. Chandelier lights will be more expensive, while simple, dome-shaped ceiling lights will be cheaper.

Recessed Lighting

These contemporary lights are the perfect choice for a discreet lighting solution. Recessed lighting is best used for illuminating desk areas, kitchen countertops, or to draw attention to specific decor. Because recessed lighting involves a good amount of construction on the ceiling, the installation process tends to be slightly more expensive than other lighting options. Similarly, repairing recessed lighting can be a bit more pricey because it requires a complex deconstruction process.

Previous Lighting and Wiring

Existing light fixtures are another major influence in the cost of lighting installation and repair. If you're building a new home and starting from scratch, factoring in the presence of existing light fixtures will make it easier to gauge what kind of costs you will run into. For installing new lights in a home that's already built, your price may fluctuate depending on what kind of previous work has been done.

Older Wires

Old wires are typically made of aluminum, which is considered a less-safe material than modern-day copper wiring. Aluminum wires can loosen over time, raising the risk of an electrical fire. In order to replace these wires, electricians often must break open drywall to gain access to all of the wiring, then patch it back up once they're finished. They may also have to completely rewire the house to ensure that the newer wires all connect to the circuit breaker or junction box. All of these additional repairs may add up to hundreds of dollars in unexpected costs.

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