Hand Over the Mower. It's Time to Hire a Professional Lawn Mowing Service.

Here's the scoop on the lawn care services your yard needs.

It's time to cut down that lengthy lawn care checklist. Attaining the perfectly trimmed yard may seem easy, but there is a lot more to lawn maintenance than meets the eye. Mowing at the correct time of day, the direction you mow, and cutting the grass to the right height all affect the health and beauty of your lawn. Thankfully, a lawn care service can give your yard the special treatment it deserves and make sure that your lawn looks its best.

Must-Know Mowing Details

While mowing and maintaining your lawn may seem like a straightforward chore, getting a stunning lawn is all in the details. For instance, grass that is too tall or too short can lead to an unhealthy lawn. Typically, the ideal height of grass should range between two and four inches. At this height, grass can withstand most hot and cold temperatures and retain moisture much more efficiently.

Your Lawn Needs a Mowing Schedule

Just like other landscaping upkeep, the schedule for mowing your lawn will fluctuate depending on season, local climate, and grass type. In parts of the yard that receive more sun, the grass will require more frequent mowing as opposed to parts of the yard that are in shady areas.

Additionally, the type of grass that grows in your yard will affect your mowing schedule—warm-season grasses grow best during the summer, while cold-season grasses grow well in the spring and fall months. During the grass's peak season, it will grow much quicker than usual, calling for a mowing job at least once a week. During your grass's off-season, mowing every other week should be an adequate frequency. We recommend discussing the right schedule for your lawn with a local lawn care service to make sure your grass is always looking fresh.

Schedule Your Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Costs

If you're looking to have your lawn mowed, you will want to evaluate the costs that will come with the task. The average mowing job ranges from $30 to $80, but this number will vary depending on the size of your lawn.

Looking to get the most bang for your buck? While you have a lawn care service taking care of the mowing, consider having them help you take your yard to the next level with other lawn care treatments. A total lawn care maintenance service, including trimming, pesticide treatment, and weeding, can range from $214 to $322. With a full lawn care package, you can keep your entire yard in tip-top condition without breaking a sweat.

Leave Your Mow to a Pro

Don't Forget About Edging and Trimming

No lawn mowing is complete without edging and trimming. Having your lawn edged and trimmed can serve many purposes, from providing a clean pathway through the front or backyard to defining the borders of a garden.

Lawn services may charge an additional fee for edging and trimming, but you will want to double check with your local contractor to see what their specific rates are. If this service is an extra cost, it is well worth the investment—edging and trimming help to keep the lawn and the rest of the yard looking immaculate. Take that clean and modern appearance one step further by asking a local lawn service to install a vinyl or aluminum border to keep your grass from growing outside the lawn.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Whether you're looking to get a pristine square shape to the bushes in your front yard or just need a touch-up to perfect the shrubs, having your bushes and shrubs trimmed is essential to boost your lawn's look. Not only does trimming enhance the appearance of your landscape, but it keeps your plants healthy and thriving.

Get a Next-Level Lawn with Bush Trimming

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