Don't Forget These Finishing Touches After a Remodel

Remember to include these top-to-bottom details to complete the look of your home renovation.

No remodeling project is complete without those finishing touches. From the ceiling down to the flooring, there are many ways to add fine details to every room in the house—and when it comes down to it, the small details add up. See what features your home may need to finalize that home remodel.

Classic Crown Molding

Let's start from the top! When it comes to finishing touches, nothing ties a room together quite like crown molding. Crown molding is one of the most popular options of decorative wood trim because it immediately beautifies the room. Typically, crown molding curves up at the top, creating a sloped connection between the wall and the ceiling. This luxurious style of trim can be a simple accessory painted all one color, or an ornate statement filled with intricate carvings or detailed designs. The simpler style moldings can range from $2 to $3 per foot, while moldings that are customized by a carpenter can go from $8 to $10 or more per foot.

Add a Lavish Touch with Crown Molding

Can't Miss Cabinet Hardware

Now that you've had your dream set of cabinets installed, you don't want to forget about finding the perfect knobs and handles for them. Be prepared to make decisions regarding the type of finish, size, placement, and design of your cabinet hardware. The right hardware material can tie together all of your kitchen or bathroom decor. Some of our favorite cabinet hardware materials include glass or crystal for a sophisticated look, brass or copper for a contemporary style, and wood or stone for a rustic motif.

Each knob or handle material—along with its size and shape—comes with its distinct price tag. If you're looking to add a simple accent to your cabinets, expect to pay an average total of $100 for installing minimalist knobs and pulls. If you're looking to make your cabinet hardware a main focal point, the price of decorative hardware can add up faster, costing anywhere from $10 to $25 per piece.

Complete Your Cabinets

Don't Forget Door Hardware

Before your exterior doors are installed and ready to be used, consider the hardware and appropriate safety measures you want to include. For front doors or side garage doors, installing a dependable lock is crucial for keeping you and your home safe. You may even want to think about investing in a keyless, electronic lock. High-tech locks that require an electronic key or keypad code to enter are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and longevity. Keep in mind, though, that electronic locks are more expensive than traditional deadbolt locks.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: When accessorizing your exterior doors, the handle is often the focal point. Be sure that the lever or knob complements the color and style of your door to tie together the look of your entryways. For styling interior doors with new hardware in areas like the bathroom or closet, consider adding storage hooks on the back of the door. After all, you can never be too organized!

Frame Your Windows with Window Casings

No new window is complete without a window casing. Adding continuity and style, window casings do wonders to elevate your home's interior. Don't be afraid to add a bit more flair with an extravagant window casing to finish your home remodel with a flourish.

High-Profile or Low-Profile Window Casings?

High-profile casings offer an attractive addition to your windows and can come in many different styles. Whether you're looking to add height to your windows or create a grand accent for a larger window, a high-profile casing can take your window design to the next level.

On the other hand, low-profile casings are best for a subtle look that matches the rest of the home's trim. Low-profile casings are chosen more for their utility than decorative purposes, as they help to insulate the home.

Overall, casings cost around the same amount as a baseboard, ranging from $.60 to $1.20 per foot. However, expect to pay a higher price for more up-scale, elaborate casings, such as a high-profile case. Other factors that may affect the total price include the trim material, finish, and custom designs or carvings.

Spruce Up Your Windows

Finish Your Floors with Baseboards

Undervalued and often overlooked, baseboards are the ultimate finishing touch to your home's floors. No matter if you've just added new flooring or undergone a major remodel, baseboard installation is a key component to pair with your home's flooring. While baseboards are commonly known for providing a decorative accent, baseboards can also protect your walls from scuffs or scrapes.

Choose Your Baseboard Material

Baseboards come in a number of materials, such as wood, plastic, or vinyl. If you prefer a more traditional style, consider adding unpainted wood baseboards. Baseboards that are painted one opaque color, such as white or tan, can provide a crisp, polished appearance to the room. A wood baseboard costs about $1.20 per linear foot, making it pricier than plastic or vinyl.

Vinyl baseboards are ideal for high-traffic areas, offering reliable protection and a touch of modern style. For an extra bit of flair, consider applying a gloss or semigloss to the baseboard to add more sheen to your space.

Better Homes and Gardens Tip: When choosing new baseboards, be sure that they complement your new flooring. If you'd like some guidance on which baseboards will work best with your floors, connect with a local carpentry service to receive advice from professionals in the field.

Install New Baseboards

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