Your Guide to Deck Repair, Restoration, and Cleaning Costs

Are your outdoor living spaces looking drab? Revive your backyard with professional deck repairs, restoration, and cleaning. See average deck repair costs.

Outdoor living spaces are a huge trend that won't be going away. Areas like decks and porches expand your home's square footage and can even increase the value of your home! But, as you bring the indoors out, there will be an increased chance for wear and tear.

From withstanding severe storms to extreme heat and cold, decks will need to be repaired, restored, and cleaned every now and then. Whether your deck project is structural or cosmetic, here's what you'll want to know to make sure your deck is ready for grilling season.

Deck Repair Cost: What to Expect

From deck size and material to the age and condition of a deck, there are a lot of elements that contribute to the overall cost of deck repairs. Wondering how much it will cost to repair your deck? While deck repairs can range from $270 to $4,500, most homeowners can expect to spend between $700 and $2,250, unless the project is notably large or small. Keep in mind that your end cost will depend on the specifics of your deck and the extent of your repairs.

Looking to save money on deck repairs? Consider having a deck contractor complete repairs in the off-season of late fall or early winter for a better rate.

Common Deck Repairs

Is your deck experiencing warping, loose boards, or visible nails? Deck repairs like these present a danger to you and your family and should be fixed right away. Deck repairs include more than just structural damage or maintenance needs. You'll also want to think about pest control to keep your deck safe and looking its best.  

Structural and Material Deck Repairs

Structural deck issues are not something that you want to ignore. If you notice a problem with the structure of your deck, you'll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Remember, unstable boards, loose stairs, and broken railings all play key roles in your deck's structural integrity, and ultimately your family's safety.

Structural and material deck repairs vary greatly in cost, depending on the specific repair. While there is minimal cost associated with fixing popped nails and screws, other repairs can add up quickly. For example, deck railing repairs can range from $500 to $4,000, and stair repairs from $100 to $300. Keep in mind that structural and material deck issues could lead to an unstable deck and a serious hazard if left untreated.

Deck Maintenance Needs

With the environmental conditions that they are exposed to, decks can develop issues like mold, rot, and mildew. A seasoned decking contractor can help determine the best way to treat these issues while also determining if they are the result of environmental wear and tear or something more serious like a drainage or plumbing issue.

To treat mold and rot, a contractor will likely have to trim away the damaged deck area and refill it with putty. Depending on the extent of the damage, and if the damage is on a load-bearing part of the deck, you could pay anywhere from $35 to $500 for these repairs. If the damaged area of your deck is load-bearing, this could become a big project. Use caution before tackling load-bearing repairs on your own, and don't be afraid to contact a local handyman.

Want to protect your deck from extensive mold and rot damage? We recommend regularly inspecting your deck for these issues. Catching mold and rot early could save you money and hassle!

Pest Control

Suspect that termites have found a home in your deck? Connect with a pest control service right away! Not only do termites put your deck's structural integrity at risk, but if termites are living in your deck, they could have also found their way into your home. A pest control evaluation can ease your mind by providing a thorough inspection, damage report, and advice on how to treat termites moving forward. Pest control is not an issue to handle on your own — the money spent for an inspection will be well worth it in the long run!

Find a Deck Repair Contractor

Pool Decks Need Repair Too

Don't forget about your pool deck as you're looking into deck repairs. With their exposure to pool water and cleaning chemicals, these decks have their own unique needs. From pool deck crack repair to finding the right pool deck repair products, these repairs can add up fast if untreated for too long. Ask a decking contractor to see what materials will wear well in the moist environment and minimize the repair and maintenance costs. If your pool deck needs repaired, your contractor can help with this too.

Selecting the Right Deck Material

When it comes to deck repair, restoration, and cleaning, material plays an important role. Not only does the material directly impact your initial purchase price, but different materials also have different maintenance and repair needs. Wood decks are typically cheaper to install up front, but they require ongoing maintenance to prolong their lifespan, such as painting or staining periodically. Synthetic deck materials may cost more to install, but they don't require the ongoing maintenance of wood decks. Low-maintenance deck materials like plastic and vinyl help keep repair and restoration costs at a minimum.

Don't forget that when repairing a deck, you may need to purchase a few new deck boards. Cedar, treated lumber, and redwood boards typically have a lower price per square foot when compared with composite and hardwood decking materials.

More Deck Materials

Deck Restoration Cost: What You Should Know

Restoring and refinishing can get your deck back in top shape without the time or cost of installing a new deck. The average cost of regular deck maintenance and refinishing is $775. However, if you are planning a major deck restoration project that includes structural changes like adding a roof or screens, this price will increase. A few of the other factors that will affect overall deck restoration cost include the deck's size, condition, and material.

Ways to Restore Your Deck

Deck restoration can range from simple projects like adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to elaborate projects like screening in and adding a roof to your deck. While paints and stains can restore your deck to its original glory, larger projects can be a great way to expand your living space.

Deck Paints and Stains

Not only does a fresh coat of paint or stain help your deck withstand the elements, but it can also revive the overall look and feel of your backyard. While regular deck painting and staining can add up, depending on your deck material, this restoration is often necessary. We recommend doing some research on your deck's material to learn how often it should be painted or stained. Once you have this information, be sure to add restaining the deck to your home maintenance list.

When searching for the right paint or stain, don't overlook color! To find the right color, consider testing out your top choices to see how they react with your deck material. For the best look, you'll also want to think about how a deck color will work with your home's exterior and landscaping.

Deck Additions and Renovations

Deck additions and renovations can completely transform your outdoor living space. To provide shade on those hot summer days, you may want to add a deck roof or wooden pergola. If bugs are preventing you from enjoying the outdoors, screening in your deck could be a good choice. Whether you want to add multiple levels to your deck, install built-in benches, add gardens, or have more grilling space, when it comes to deck additions and renovations, the sky's the limit.

Do a Deck Rennovation

How to Clean A Deck

Before it's time for that backyard barbeque, make sure your deck is cleaned and party ready! Not only does deck cleaning make your backyard welcoming, but with this regular maintenance  you can prevent issues like mold and mildew buildup from becoming a big project.

In addition to cleaning your deck before the neighbors come over, decks need to be thoroughly cleaned before any paint or stain is applied. Rather than spending hours on deck cleaning, consider pressure washing! A pressure-washing contractor can have your deck looking spick and span, or ready for a fresh coat of paint or stain, in just a few hours.

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