Cost Guide: Painting Your Home’s Exterior

The cost to paint your home's exterior can vary significantly. Find out how your home's material along with the type of paint used factor into your exterior paint budget.

Whether you're looking to add some more curb appeal to your home, or you just want to refresh the exterior of your house with a brand new color, painting your exterior walls is a great way to beautify your space. There are plenty of options to consider when it comes to painting the exterior, including texture, finish, and color. To get an idea of what a realistic exterior painting budget could be, you'll want to factor in the type of walls you have as well as how large of an area you need painted.

Exterior Painting Costs

The cost of an exterior painting job heavily depends on the size of a home. While homeowners pay an average of $2,600 to paint the exterior of their house, this number will look different for everyone. Contacting a painting contractor in your area can give you a more accurate estimate for how much you may end up spending to paint the outside of your home.

Painting Costs for Multiple Stories

When looking at the cost to paint a single story, the price can range anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. For two- or three-story houses, due to the increased square footage, exterior painting may cost up to $6,000. The specific cost to paint multiple stories of your house also depends on the wall material as well as the type of paint you decide to use. A local contractor can offer suggestions on the best exterior paint to use for your house. Additionally, a painting contractor can be of great assistance in painting these larger areas of your home.

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Painting Different Wall Textures

The material your home is made out of will vary the price of your exterior painting job. A local painter can help take care of unique wall materials like metal, concrete, brick, and stucco. With these types of walls, previous finishes may have to be removed, and special tools and materials could be required. Hiring a professional painter can help ensure those hard-to-paint walls are covered evenly and properly sealed, if necessary.

Painting Brick

Thoroughly cleaning before painting is a must for your brick surface. To paint exterior brick, a paint sprayer is a great option for ensuring total coverage within all of the bumps and grooves of the brick. Paint sprayers can cost anywhere from $60 to $220, but it is usually recommended to seek out a contractor before spraying this surface on your own.  For assistance in cleaning, preparing, and painting your brick exterior, we can connect you with a local paint contractor.

Painting Stucco

Stucco is a bit thicker than other wall textures and may require more preparation before painting. This material also tends to deteriorate faster than other materials, making it more likely that you may need to replace the older stucco. Because of this, painting stucco can be a bit tricky and therefore cost more to paint than some other materials.  

Painting Vinyl

Getting vinyl material painted can be done quickly and easily, but it may require a bit more upkeep. Although vinyl may need to be cleaned and repaired more often than other materials, it tends to be more budget-friendly for exterior painting costs.

Painting Concrete

When it comes to painting concrete, you'll want to think about what kind of wear and tear this wall is exposed to. For example, is the wall susceptible to a great deal of sunlight? If so, you'll want to look into purchasing special sealants and primers to guarantee that the paint will withstand these outdoor conditions.

Painting Metal

Cleaning up metal surfaces and removing any dirt or grime is a vital step before directly painting it. Additionally, you will want to inspect the surface for any damage, such as rust or chipped pieces. Minor damage can be fixed before painting, but severe damage may require a professional to install a new wall all together.

Exterior Painting Preparation

Before you dive into the realm of exterior home painting, you will want to fully prepare your home in order to ensure a proper paint job. From power washing to using a paint primer, taking a few extra steps before painting your home can really enhance the look of your exterior and help the paint last longer.

Pressure and Power Washing

A good wash of the exterior surface — no matter the material type — is key before applying paint. By removing any remaining dirt or fungus from the surface, you can help outside walls hold paint for years to come. While pressure washing uses high pressure to remove dust and dirt, power washing is extremely hot and kills bacteria, mold, and fungus. Whether you choose one or the other (or both), a local pressure washing service has the equipment and operational knowledge to make your home squeaky clean before freshening up the paint.

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Making sure that the doors and windows are sealed with caulking is an important step before painting. This way, when it comes time to paint the exterior, any gaps within the trim are filled up, making sure that the surface looks smooth after painting. Overall, having your windows and doors caulked is a simple and inexpensive way to achieve a clean look for your paint.

Painting Other Exterior Features

Don't forget about the other aspects of your exterior that may need to be painted as well. Painting additional objects on the outside of your home works to tie together the entire exterior look. Areas including gutters, downspouts, and window shutters also need a paint touch-up from time to time. We recommend taking a look at these areas when having the rest of your home painted. If your exterior is going through a major color change, you'll also need to think about how existing areas like doors will match or if they will need some new paint as well.

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