Getting A Cleaner Carpet: Professional Carpet Cleaning Costs

Keeping your carpet clean is an important part of having a healthy, comfortable home. Find out what it takes to get the clean carpet your family deserves.

Carpet provides the perfect cozy surface for your pets to nap, your children to play, and your feet to rest after a long day. But even with all of of this use, carpet still tends to be one of the most neglected elements of a home. The occasional swipe of a vacuum does little to defeat the wear and tear, accumulated dirt and dander, and spills that your carpet endures. To avoid leaving your carpet in the dust, find out how professional carpet cleaning can give your flooring the deep clean it deserves.

Carpet Cleaning Costs

Professional carpet cleaning services usually cost homeowners between $120 and $230. The price for this service depends on the number of rooms or the square footage of carpet being cleaned. Additional services, like stain removal or color repair, will also contribute to a higher cost.

Which Rate Is Best?

Professional carpet cleaners usually charge one of two ways - per room or per square foot. Per-room charging includes a flat rate for each room cleaned. But beware: If a room exceeds a company's square footage requirement, some cleaners may charge it as two rooms. On the other hand, the per-square-foot rate requires an exact measurement of the carpet area being cleaned. An in-home estimate can help you decide which rate is best.

Find a Carpet Cleaner

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

The obvious benefit of carpet cleaning is a fresh, clean carpet, but don't underestimate the difference this can make! A good cleaning upgrades any room and can help your carpet feel softer and plusher, like when it was first installed. To maintain this feel, consistent carpet cleaning is a must and can help extend the life of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning is usually seen as cosmetic, but it provides additional benefits too. Most importantly, it makes your home clean and healthy for your family to enjoy. Carpet collects particles of dirt, dust, dander, and pollutants - all things you don't want in the air. When you walk across the carpet, vacuum, or otherwise agitate the fibers, the particles get kicked up into the air. Professional carpet cleaning helps pull these particles out of your carpet and out of your home.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners usually offer more than one method for cleaning carpet. They can also provide you with the best method for your specific carpet type, which can help avoid damage and result in a deeper and more effective clean than you would achieve on your own.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is currently the most popular carpet cleaning technique. For this method, hot water is shot into the carpet, stirring up debris. The water and debris are then promptly sucked up away from the carpet, getting even the deepest debris out. This method does have a longer drying time than other methods and may require the use of a detergent for extremely dirty carpets.


Carpet shampooing is the original carpet cleaning method and usually the least expensive option. A foamy chemical is applied on the carpet and then worked in with a mechanical circular brush. Thorough vacuuming is required afterwards because there is no extraction process. While this method may be best for heavily soiled carpets, many carpet cleaners recommend steam cleaning instead.

Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning uses almost no water, so there is little to no drying time after the cleaning. An absorbent compound is sprinkled over the carpet and then worked in with a mechanical brush. This dissolves dirt and other debris, which is then vacuumed up with a commercial-grade vacuum. While dry cleaning is usually the most expensive carpet cleaning method, it is best for fragile fiber carpets that may be damaged from excess water.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning should only be used as a temporary cleaning between more intensive treatments. In this method, a cleaning solution is misted over the surface of the carpet and a circular rotating buffer, or bonnet, is run over the carpet, absorbing the debris from the top. Only the top portion of the carpet is cleaned during this process, so dust and other debris may still be hiding farther down. This is a quick cosmetic fix, but not best for getting a deep-down clean.

More Carpet Tips 

Give Your Carpet the Deluxe Treatment With Add-Ons

Does your carpet need a little extra TLC? Carpet cleaners often offer add-on services to get your carpet back in the best shape possible. When getting an estimate, be sure to inquire about any add-ons that your carpet may need.

Stained Carpet? Of Course Not!

Has it been awhile since your carpet had a good, deep clean? If so, chances are there are one or more stains that need some extra attention. To tackle these stains head on, be sure to discuss areas of concern with your carpet cleaner. From wine stains to coffee stains, a professional carpet cleaner is often your best bet to treat those stubborn spots.

Has your carpet been a victim of bleach or discoloration? A carpet cleaner may be able to help with that as well! Often, a spot can be re-dyed to blend in with the rest of your carpeting.

Don't Let the Furniture Feel Left Out

If your couches or chairs are looking a little over-loved, ask your carpet cleaner about upholstery cleaning. Many carpet cleaners also do upholstery and may offer a discount when combined with a carpet cleaning. Most homeowners pay between $120 and $220 for this service. With a combined carpet and upholstery cleaning, your home will literally be a breath of fresh air!

Don't Be Afraid to Go Pro

Are you debating if you should hire a carpet cleaner or tackle this project on your own? While some handy homeowners may be tempted to clean their own carpets, be careful - improper carpet cleaning may leave you less than impressed.

DIY carpet cleaners sometimes come with a one-size-fits-all approach that may not be best for your carpet, making a thorough clean difficult to achieve. Professional carpet cleaners can help effectively handle your carpet and treat all different types of stains. Rather than renting a machine yourself and just hoping for the best, consider allowing a professional carpet cleaner to really give your carpets a deep clean. Carpet cleaning is also physically intensive, so hiring a carpet cleaner can save you the trouble of heavy lifting.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned

Prepare For Carpet Cleaning Day

Once you have a scheduled date for your carpet cleaning, prepare for cleaning day! It's best to remove the furniture from the carpeted area to get the most out of the deep cleaning. If this is beyond your physical capability, your carpet cleaner may be able to move your furniture for an additional fee. Also, do any routine cleaning that may resoil your carpet, like dusting baseboards and air vents, before the carpet cleaner arrives.

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