Find Out If Concrete Flooring Is the Right Fit for Your Home

Forget the conventional, drab slab—see how concrete flooring can completely transform your home.

The choice is clear when it comes to finding a solid flooring surface—concrete flooring has evolved into a trendy flooring solution that can suit nearly any room inside your home. From improved durability to easy maintenance, concrete offers more than just a modern look. Here's the rundown of what to expect when adding a contemporary touch with concrete flooring.

Weighing the Benefits of Concrete

Besides providing a contemporary appearance, concrete floors have several advantages. While it's no surprise that concrete is a tough material, it's also easy to maintain and clean, and can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Strong Surface

Considering how tough concrete is, it's no wonder that it is traditionally used in buildings that need to withstand harsh elements. When installed in the home, concrete can handle virtually any form of wear and tear. From pets running around to sliding tables and couches, concrete floors can tolerate tough scraping and scuffing when paired with the right finish. If you need flooring that can stand up to whatever comes its way, ask a flooring contractor what finish would be best for your concrete.

Easy Cleanup

When it comes to cleaning your floor, concrete is extremely easy to take care of. What makes it so simple to be cleaned and maintained is its sealant, a protective barrier that should be reapplied every two to three years to preserve the material. For areas like the kitchen and bathroom, a moisture barrier sealant may be required to boost the concrete's resistance to water. We recommend contacting a flooring professional for the sealing process—they can often produce the even application needed to protect your floor for years to come.

Consider Concrete

Customizing Your Concrete Surface

Not all concrete floors have to be gray—there are plenty of options for sprucing up concrete to fit the needs of your home. Whether it's adding a color, design, or finish, you won't feel limited when it comes to customizing concrete to match your flooring preferences.

Colors and Styles

Unlike other popular flooring options, concrete can be dyed or stained any color you desire. From earth tones to softer white shades, or even an enchanting blue or purple, the possibilities are endless. For that contemporary feel, try going for a sleek off-white or black for your floor. If you want to make a bold statement with your new flooring, consider adding a copper-red or gold shade for a vibrant touch. Don't forget to consider the traditional gray color as well—it's incredible for creating that sleek, modern feel.

Concrete floors can also be used to craft impressive illusions and designs that really take your interior to the next level. Intricate concrete floor stencils are ideal for accenting certain rooms or walkways, such as the front entryway or dining room area. You can even achieve marble, tile, and hardwood patterns with concrete flooring.

High-Gloss and Matte Finishes

While the color and design of your flooring play a large part in crafting that stunning concrete look, the finish is what really seals the deal. For a luxurious sheen, adding a high-gloss polish to the concrete is key. This gloss can make your concrete floor comparable to much more expensive materials, such as marble. Alternatively, a matte finish for your concrete floors can do wonders in creating that contemporary feel. If you're a fan of natural stone, a matte finish looks more organic than concrete with a sheen to it. Plus, a matte finish won't show scuff marks as obviously as a gloss finish might.

Deciding Where to Install Concrete Flooring

One of concrete's most notable benefits is that it's versatile. Concrete flooring can instantly add an on-trend touch to any room that's in need of an update.

Living Room

As a popular place to lounge and socialize, the living room calls for a strong and sturdy floor that can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Concrete flooring is a flawless choice for creating a modern living room look. Because the living room is a high traffic space, we recommend choosing a matte finish for your concrete floors to avoid noticeable scratches and scuffs.


Whether you have a messy time making tacos or baking cupcakes, concrete floors can withstand those inevitable spills and stains in the kitchen. Cleaning up concrete is easy when it is sealed, which makes it an ideal choice for flooring under the kitchen appliances and countertops.


Avoid scrubbing hard-to-clean grout in materials like tile; opt for concrete floors in the bathroom instead. Since concrete flooring is also resistant to bacteria, your bathroom's exposure to mold and mildew will be minimized significantly. Concrete is not only a durable choice for the bathroom but also, with the right finish, a stylish one.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: For installing concrete in an area that is susceptible to excessive moisture, such as a bathroom, we recommend choosing a matte finish over a glossy finish. When high-gloss finishes get wet, they can become slippery, making the gloss a better option for rooms that aren't exposed to too much water.

Appreciate the Advantages of Concrete

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