Whip Up More Kitchen Storage

Make the most of your cabinets and empty space with storage-packed custom drawers and shelves.

Are you running low on storage space in your kitchen—and seemingly everywhere else in your house? Custom drawers and shelves are the storage solution you need to declutter your home when you think you're running out of useable room. From decorative displays to making the most of small spaces, custom storage can transform the way you and your house function. Not only can built-in shelving and other storage solutions repurpose your kitchen space, but they can also organize all your odds and ends so you know where to look at a moment's notice. Next thing you know, all your dead space will be a smart storage place.

Easy-Access Pantry

You can easily lose track of what you're looking for in a crowded kitchen pantry, especially when you can't see everything. A pullout pantry can make all your canned and dry goods accessible within an arm's reach for foolproof meal prep. With pullout drawers at eye-level, you'll never miss an ingredient again.

While you're already updating your pantry, have your spice rack relocated to a more convenient location near your other cooking necessities. Store your cooking oils, spices, and herbs in an open pullout rack so they can be accessed from either side. This organization system will also help eliminate duplicate purchases so you'll always have the right amount of pepper, cinnamon, or oregano on hand.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

There are some things that are better left unseen. Your trash (and recycling) is one of those things. Instead of simply sticking your garbage can underneath the sink, you can conceal it with style. Retrofitting a deep cabinet with pullout drawers can create a hidden trash and recycling station for all your food waste. A pullout trash drawer is the perfect opportunity to have a carpenter install custom cabinet doors to put on a pretty front for your smelly secret.

Pullout systems with multiple drawers are also handy for hiding pots and pans and their coordinating lids. Thanks to these adjustable drawers, you'll no longer have to strain yourself to retrieve cookware from the bottom broiler drawer.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: If you already have a built-in banquette bench in your kitchen, take advantage of the empty space under the seating. This is the ideal place to stow away napkins, dish towels, or pre-meal entertainment for the kids without disrupting dinner.

Get Secret Storage Spaces

Awkward Spaces

Don't ignore those awkward places when you're searching for more storage. With the help of a carpenter, they can quickly be repurposed into beautiful, useful spaces.

Forgotten Footer

Make use of unused space under cabinets with a toe-kick drawer. These shallow drawers are the perfect hideaway for seasonal items like tablecloths, napkins, and placemats that only make an appearance during the holidays. Keep these ground-level drawers in the shadows the rest of the year with a dark coat of paint so they blend in with their surroundings.

Turn a Corner

Cabinet corners are another storage spot that is often forgotten. Custom drawers are the perfect fix for this awkward situation, turning this dead space into clever storage for spoons and spatulas or pot holders and plastic wrap. These drawers can also be built to match your specific storage needs so everything can fit neatly inside; no cramming required.

Under-the-Sink Storage

Don't let low-hanging sinks and protruding pipes discourage you from getting the storage space you need. Take back this space with custom shelving and drawers to give your cleaning supplies a proper home. Adding under-the-sink storage may require a little extra attention, especially if you're dealing with multiple obstructions. Have a carpenter install these built-ins so that they can be fitted to your oddly shaped space.

Repurpose Your Awkward Spaces

Make the Most of Your Drawers with These Add-Ons

Sometimes you don't need more space—you just need a better way to use it. These drawer inserts and add-ons will help you make the most of new or old storage space.

Organizing Inserts

Organization is the key to successful storage, no matter the size or place. Say goodbye to your messy drawers with organizers and dividers that permanently stay in place to keep your silverware and cooking utensils separated. Don't cut your knives short; give them a handy and safe resting place with built-in drawer storage.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Organize more than just your kitchen cutlery with drawer dividers. They're also useful in bathrooms, craft rooms, and garages to create order throughout your whole home.

Plugged In

You can never have enough outlets! Cabinets and drawers outfitted with outlets allow for a small appliance station, complete with a built-in charging location. This way, all your culinary devices can be in the same convenient place whenever you need them.

Get Teched Out

Out in the Open

Open storage solutions are where you can show off a little bit. Put your most prized possessions on display with open storage and floating shelves so that all your guests can take a glimpse. Open storage like bookcases and cubby holes give you extra shelving space for decorative exhibits and easy access to frequently used items that complement your home's design.

Floating shelves are another great alternative to traditional closed cabinets in kitchens and other public spaces. These contemporary shelves provide generous storage and can visually expand a small space. Showcase attractive home staples, such as cookbooks, coffee cups, and antique china, alongside artwork and other accessories to create a charming, functional space for your family. If you're looking for more private storage, whether for children's toys or toiletries, wicker baskets and wooden boxes can conceal random collections of items where you need them most.

Make the Most of Your Space

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