Built-In Fire Pits Perfect for Fall Gatherings

Bring out the s'mores and get ready to enjoy your outdoor space all season long with a permanent fire pit feature.

Cool fall nights call for a toasty fire to keep the fun going, even when the sun goes down. Make your backyard the go-to hangout for friends and family with a built-in fire pit to illuminate the night year-round. A built-in fire pit can be so much more than a permanent source of light and warmth; the right design can become a statement feature for a friendly gathering. Whether your outdoor space is large or small, traditional or modern, find the fire pit design that's right for your backyard.

Seamlessly Sunken

Seamlessly integrate a backyard bonfire by adding an in-ground or sunken fire pit to your yard. Although these structures are slightly different in design, both act as a focal point for conversation and entertaining. An in-ground fire pit is built underground with the flames flush with the ground, as its name suggests. In-ground fire pits create an optical illusion of fire bursting from the earth and can be breathtaking on a dark night. Sunken fire pits, on the other hand, are larger dug-out areas that include secluded seating below ground-level as well. For families with small children or pets who might stumble into an open fire, sunken fire pits are a safer option.

Both fire pit designs can be discreetly built into your overall landscape, patio, or deck, but they require special construction and fire-rated materials to prevent the fire from spreading to surrounding grass or other vegetation. We recommend hiring a local landscaper to help create a seamless and safe outdoor fire pit area.

Earthy Outdoor Lounge

Cozy up to an all-natural, stone fire pit to complete your outdoor escape. Stone is one of the most common fire pit materials and is available in numerous finishes, colors, shapes, and sizes to beautifully contain your flames. Stone's earthy appeal pairs perfectly with concrete patios, wood decks, and tiled areas alike, making it a good match for any backyard.

Limestone and bluestone fire pits are among the most popular built-in options, where limestone consists of tan and brown tones and bluestone contains a mix of gray and red hues. Many stone firepits have a stacked stone effect at the base, filled and secured with concrete, and are finished with a smooth stone top for a natural yet refined look. Stone can also work in a modern setting; when built with large, flat blocks, a stone fire pit can achieve the contemporary look of concrete.

Get Ready for Bonfire Season

Contemporary Concrete

Although stone is a natural fit for any backyard, concrete is a cooler alternative to its warmer relative. A concrete fire pit can make a bold architectural statement with solid, geometric shapes and crisp, clean lines. This industrial feature can contrast a natural surrounding or complement a contemporary environment with its simple silhouette, but it can keep your hands and toes warm all the same. If you want to soften up a concrete fire pit, surround it with comfortable and cozy seating for a more inviting gathering space.

Marble Marvel

Outdoor living spaces can be just as luxurious as indoor spaces, especially with a touch of marble. Marble's distinct pattern can bring a rich element to even the most rugged settings, like a campfire. Although marble is having a moment, it isn't the best choice for a fire pit exposed to the elements. Polished marble can be easily damaged and should only be used in covered outdoor areas. Instead, opt for honed or textured marble to lessen the effects of stains and natural weathering. As is true of any other marble, this precious material is extremely heavy and should be handled by a professional to preserve its raw beauty. From outdoor living rooms to uncovered patios, this natural material would be a gorgeous addition to your outdoor lounge.

Give Roasting Marshmallows a Grown-Up Upgrade

See-Through Surround

Let your guests safely sit around an open flame with the help of a glass guard. A glass guard surrounds the flammable section of a fire pit and allows you to see through the protective barrier. Not only does this glass barrier provide additional protection, but it also adds a modern feel to the fire pit.

Glass fire pit guards can be custom ordered to fit any shape or material, whether the fire pit is ground-level or table-level. Glass guards are particularly useful on in-ground fire pits to keep children or pets out of harm's way as well as tabletop fire pits that are only an arm's reach away.

Custom Shape and Seating

Do you have a small backyard or pre-existing built-ins like a pool or barbeque station? A custom-shaped fire pit may fit best in your available space. A landscape designer can help you choose the right place to build a fire pit and design it around any obstructions.

Custom-built fire pits can transform often overlooked locations, like corners and retaining walls, into cozy hangouts. An L-shaped fire pit is the perfect fit for unused corner space where everyone can gather around and be surrounded by warmth. If you don't have a lot of extra space, a half circle fire pit will still provide ample seating area. This fire pit design is also ideal for a scenic outlook, so you can sit back and relax while you take in the view.

Make the most of your new fire pit with a matching lounge area so all your friends and family can enjoy the heat. Many built-in fire pits have accompanying benches, made of wood, stone, or other materials, that complement the natural landscape or existing deck or patio structure. Tie your updated outdoor space to your interior design with colorful cushions and pillows that will have you singing campfire songs all night long.

Lounge Around Day or Night

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