Add Shade During the Summer with a New Pergola

To get more enjoyment out of your outdoor space, consider having a carpenter create a custom pergola perfect for any of those open air places.

If you have a relaxing outdoor space, take full advantage of the warm weather while you can. Custom-built pergolas are a great way to add shade and structure to your yard for the ultimate seasonal enjoyment. With beauty and function, a pergola can enhance your home, deck, doorway, or garage. Even if you don't have an existing patio or deck space, a pergola is a wonderful opportunity to create a shaded getaway. Don't waste any more daylight—discover how a carpenter can incorporate a pergola into your landscape.

Protect an Entryway

When attached to a home, a pergola can serve as a beautiful connecting element. Whether shading a front or back entrance, a pergola provides a cool passage for you and your guests. A pergola entryway can also serve as a relaxing resting spot on hot, sunny days—and not only do pergolas create shade, but they can also improve your home's curb appeal. For the most flattering entryway design, enlist the help of a carpentry contractor to plan and build a custom pergola to fit around your door.

Installing a pergola safely and successfully requires a number of steps: planting posts, cutting rafters and crossbeams, digging holes, pouring concrete, and assembling the final structure. More complex construction may be needed for an attached pergola, depending on its design, size, and location. Although pergolas with open rafters may be exempt from the building permit process, not all pergolas get a free pass—so check with your city or neighborhood association about local building regulations.

Dress Up a Garage Door

For many homeowners, the garage is the first thing they see upon arriving home. Don't let a drab garage door bring you down. Adding a pergola above this entry point adds dimension to an otherwise utilitarian entrance. Unlike a standard entryway pergola, the main purpose of an overarching garage pergola is to increase visual interest.

Proper mounting and support are crucial to ensure the components are locked together and firmly secured to the garage wall framing. Safe installation is essential so that the pergola doesn't blow away or collapse during harsh weather, potentially damaging your car, home, and other belongings. Once it's all set up, you can train flowers and vines to climb over the rafters for the perfect natural accent.

Upgrade Your Garage

Shade a Patio Dining Space

An outdoor dining area is an extension of your home, whether you have a simple table setting or a whole grill and bar. Give your patio dining space special treatment with a custom pergola that picks up on architectural details from your house while providing necessary shade for summer drinks and dinners. Pergolas are available in contemporary and classic designs to complement your home's style. When wired with ceiling fans and lights, your outdoor structure turns into actual living space for meals morning, noon, or night.

Depending on your home's style and your personal preferences, your pergola may have a mix of materials, including natural stone walls, fiberglass columns, and cedar overhead framework, among others. If privacy is a concern, talk to a carpenter about installing solid walls or partial barriers on one or multiple sides. With the help of a carpenter, you can customize your pergola to fit all your outdoor dining needs.

Throw Some Shade

Define an Outdoor Fireplace

With a custom pergola, you can define a freestanding patio, creating an intimate space to spend time with friends and family. Whether you prefer a solid ceiling or open construction, a pergola can integrate well with your other outdoor living amenities. Attaching a pergola to a fireplace structure establishes an outdoor room for friendly gatherings throughout the summer and fall. Remember, when dealing with fire, it's best to stay on the safe side. Ask a local carpenter to integrate a pergola into your fireplace setup to avoid any safety hazards.

If you like the open look but want a little more protection from the elements, you can incorporate a clear rain cover or ceiling into your fireplace pergola without sacrificing style. These clear coverings allow you to enjoy the outdoors day and night while keeping you toasty and dry during downpours. Translucent pergola coverings can also keep your patio furniture dry so you don't have to drag it inside when it rains.

Safety First

Cover an Alfresco Seating Area

Want to elevate a casual seating area? You can create the ultimate outdoor lounge by simply raising the roof. Adding a pergola over a deck or detached patio brings shade and privacy to an otherwise exposed space. This shaded structure, along with padded patio furniture, can make outdoor lounging more comfortable on scorching summer days, and a carpenter can help you accommodate all your guests by building custom seating so no one is left standing. With some finishing touches like illuminating outdoor lights and a built-in cooler, your backyard will be the new go-to hangout spot.

Keep Cool During Summer

Make a Green Getaway

Trade in a traditional garden for a plant-covered pergola. Once your pergola is safely installed, consider planting creeping vines and flowers to bring life to your new outdoor space. A pergola with growing greenery can easily tie into your landscape and naturally block out the sun's harsh rays and nosy neighbors. Just make sure you choose a climbing plant that can thrive in your home's environment so you can achieve a lush lounging area in no time.

Create a Secret Garden

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