A broken storm window won't properly protect your home from the elements. Fix it with our step-by-step instructions.

June 18, 2018
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A storm window can't do its job of protecting your home from the harsh weather if it's damaged. For windows with cracks, shattered panes, or torn screens, it's best to take care of problems right away.

Metal storm and screen windows are frequent troublemakers, partly because they are often of poor quality and may have been hastily installed. You can sometimes, but not always, purchase replacement parts; manufacturers are often regional and may be out of business. Storm windows have a number of small plastic and metal parts that are easily broken. In addition to corner keys, you may need to replace sliding locks, sash hangers, and pull tabs. The weatherstripping often compresses or comes out; use a spline roller to replace it with new weatherstripping. For a tighter seal consider installing better-quality storms.  

Follow along with our instructions below to replace glass in a metal storm door.

  • Working time 1 hr
  • Start to finish 1 hr
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Remove Glass

If the broken pane has large pieces that will not pull out easily, disassemble the frame in order to remove the glass. Unscrew the retaining screws and remove at least one piece of framing. Do not try to shatter the glass further in attempt to free the glass. 

Warning: Always wear protective gloves when working with glass. Broken shards are very sharp and can puncture you. 

Step 2

Replace Gasket

Order a new pane the same size and thickness as the old. Unless the rubber gasket is in great shape, buy new gasket material as well. Slip the gasket onto the edges of the pane. At the corners, make a cut in the gasket so it wraps the glass without stretching or bulging.

Step 3

Install Glass

Slip the pane and gasket into the frame's groove; make sure it seats firmly at all points. Push on the frame piece that you removed, check that all the corners are tight, and drive the retaining screws. Return the framed pane to the storm window and assemble according to manufacturer's instructions. 


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