Let in the breeze and keep bugs out with our step-by-step instructions for building a screen porch. We'll show you how to install window screens using a simple track system. 
Richard Leo Johnson

A screen porch offers three-season outdoor living, not to mention relaxing breezes, a handy area for casual entertaining, and, best of all, no bugs. If you're planning on building a screened-in porch, or just need to fix a window, follow our step-by-step tutorial for installing a screen system. This easy method requires only a few power tools and features a handy track system. Depending on the size of your window or porch, this is one outdoor project you can cross off your list in just a weekend.

  • Working time 2 hrs
  • Start to finish 2 hrs
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy
  • Involves Cutting, Drilling

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

install screen system measure and mark placement with pencil
Credit: Jason Donnelly
install screen system drill screw into window ledge
Credit: Jason Donnelly
install screen system adjustment of screw clip
Credit: Jason Donnelly
Step 1

Install Screws

Using a straightedge, draw a line through the center of the opening to be screened. Measure and mark the placement for the screw clips ($29 for 100, The Home Depot), about 8-10 inches apart along the line, starting and ending 2 inches from each corner. Drill a pilot hole at each mark. Insert a screw clip into each hole; do not overtighten. Use a small channel piece (we used the Screen Tight track system) to properly adjust the height of each screw clip so the channel slides easily over the screw without being too loose. Repeat on all four sides of your window.

install screen system tap channel onto screw clips with rubber mallet
Step 2

Install Channel Pieces

Cut channel pieces ($10 for 8 feet, The Home Depot) to fit the top and bottom of the opening using a chop saw. Install the pieces by sliding the end of a channel piece over an end screw, then tap the rest of the channel onto the screw clips with a rubber mallet. After the top and bottom channels are installed, measure, cut, and install the side channels in the same manner.

install screen system trim excess screen with roller knife
Step 3

Fasten Screen to Tracks

Cut a piece of fiberglass screen a few inches larger than the opening. Starting at the top of the opening, lay the screen across the top channel track. Using a roller knife, evenly push the spline ($21 for 300 feet, The Home Depot) into the top track channel groove, fastening the screen into the groove as you go. Continue pushing the spline into one side track, then repeat on the opposite side, ensuring that the screen remains straight as you work. Insert the spline into the bottom channel track last.

install screen system complete porch with plants
Step 4

Trim Porch Screen

If needed, remove the spline and adjust the screen as needed. Trim excess screen mesh flush along each edge using a utility knife.

By Heidi Palkovic and Joseph Wanek


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