Window Repairs & How-To

Maintain and repair your windows to keep your home cozy. Our step-by-step guide to replacing windows will make the task easy. Repairing or replacing your windows will support energy efficiency in your home.

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How to Install and Insulate a Bay Window

The beautiful drama and architectural interest bay windows add to an average room makes their time-intensive installation process well worth it. This how-to explains every step and will help you properly install and insulate bay windows.
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How to Trim a Bay Window

Once you've installed a bay window, dress it up with trim. We'll show you how.
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How to Fix a Broken Chain in a Double-Hung Window

This repair is easier than you think. It's time to fix that pesky window once and for all!
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How to Replace Windowsills

When your windowsills start to rot, take care of the problem at the source and install replacements. This DIY project is easy with our smart steps.
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How to Repair Sliding Windows

Whether your window's latch won't catch or it slides awkwardly, we'll help you troubleshoot (and fix!) common sliding window problems.
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How to Repair Home Windows

A broken window can seriously take a toll on your home, especially in extreme weather. Know how to fix any window problem with this comprehensive guide to repairs!
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More Window Repairs & How-To

How to Make Windows More Secure

Don't forget your home's windows when it comes to safety. We'll walk you through lock options, the installation process, and more.
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How to Weatherstrip Windows

Don't let heat escape your home in the winter or cool air escape during the warm summer months. We'll show you how to weatherstrip your windows so you can stay cozy all year long.
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