Window Design Ideas: Window Walls

A window wall gives any room the airy openness of a sunroom. Here are some inspired designs and updated looks for creating a room awash with windows.

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    Window Walls Provide Drama and Stunning Views

    When you've got a view of sandy beach and endless water, walling off a room seems like cruel self-deprivation. A wall of windows is a dramatic solution when you're trying to preserve a beautiful vantage. Here, huge picture windows get extra architectural pop from large mullions. The effect melds traditional and modern into one grand view.

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    Modern Home with Window Walls

    This Manhattan Beach, California, home sits directly across the street from a Pacific Ocean beach. The owner wanted to merge sleek modernism and traditional moldings. The side of the home facing the ocean is wrapped in large windows, but with arches and muntins that echo classic window shapes.

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    Large Windows for a Lush View

    This Seattle home used two walls of nearly floor-to-ceiling windows to deliver dramatic views in the living room. Large windows impart an open feel to a room. One drawback: There's less space to hang art--a problem these homeowners skirt by filling the room with sculpture and architectural artifacts.

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    Bathroom Window Wall

    Metal mullions and beige limestone mix in this airy modern home. Here, a soak-tub bathes in a view of tall maple trees. The lovely view of the outdoors imparts the bath with a luxurious spa feel.

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    Shingle-Style Windows

    Shingle style architecture allows for some eccentricities in shape and form, and that latitude is well used in this vacation home's window design. Bay windows, ribbon windows, and eyebrow dormers work together to create a home with a strong connection to the outdoors. The large windows in the six-sided morning room are given a scaled-down appearance with grilles made up of small squares.

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    Spacious Windows for a Modern Feel

    Floor-to-ceiling windows flood this living room with light and afford lush views. A dropped ceiling of sycamore panels and a fireplace wall of cement-fiberboard paneling warm the metal-edged windows, common in modern design. A set of French doors with inset windows extends the view even farther.

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    Light-Filled Dining

    This chandelier glows, even in the daytime, thanks to a curving window wall made up of French doors that brings in light from every direction. Creating a window wall from doors has an added functionality, as the doors can be open to truly connect this space with the manicured patio and yard.

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    Windows with Artistic Impact

    Grilles are often used to add form to windows, but here the shape comes from a modern, interlocked pattern of windows in different sizes. These massive banks of windows, in alternating fogged and clear glass, deliver stunning ocean views to this modern California home.

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    Windows on a Curved Wall

    Massive, curving windows may not seem the stuff of traditional architecture. But here, a wall of windows gains a traditional edge with wide wood trim in a rich dark finish. It's the perfect balance of light and dark for this casual yet classic dining space.

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    Windows with Rustic Elegance

    Bare windows are stacked high in this family room to welcome the Texas sunshine. The rest of the room draws inspiration from this sight, continuing the palette of green and brown. The tops of the windows follow the shape of the vaulted ceiling.

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    Barn-Beautiful Windows

    Seven-foot doors with transoms connect the dining room to a deck in this rural Connecticut home. Built into an old English-style barn, the home retains much of the original structure's character, such as the rough-hewn beams in the ceiling. The windows were created with woodwork that continues that look.

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    Windows with Contemporary Style

    The windows soar in this modern room. Below, glass doors open wide to an outdoor patio, creating an uninterrupted expanse of space that shifts seamlessly from indoors to out. Above, large picture windows with metal grilles create an impressively tall bank of windows.

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    Energy-Efficient Prairie-Style Windows

    Rather than install old-fashioned single pane windows in this sunroom, which is ringed with French doors and tall windows, multipane windows with decorative grills were chosen. Multiple panes increase insulation, improving energy efficiency and adding sound resistance.

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    Windows with Perfect Symmetry

    Some well-matched windows and doors do right by this room's traditional architecture. A pair of French doors is flanked by equally sized windows. Large transoms match the size of the windows and doors below, creating a floor-to-ceiling wall of light. Beautiful trim painted in crisp white ties the whole wall together.

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    A Row of Arched Windows

    Here, a repeated form works together to make a surprising architectural statement. Using a traditional arched window multiple times on the same wall creates the effect of a window wall. The look, however, is something altogether different, with echoes of a colonnade.

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    Window Elements Work Together

    Small circular windows, French doors topped with an arch window, and tall picture windows function together as a sort of modernized take on the classic Palladian window. The disparate windows are tied together with dark trim, contrasting sharply against the stone exterior.

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    Windows for a Greenhouse Feel

    In a traditional Colonial house, expansive views are best created by gangs of windows or matching doors with small divisions. Only one of these doors opens; the rest are fixed. The effect maintains the home's traditional character while adding enough light to give it the feel of a small greenhouse.

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    Stacked Transom Windows

    In this unusual take on the window wall, stacked transoms transform this breakfast nook into a contemporary sunroom in a 1950s ranch. Awning-style crank-outs at the bottom admit breezes.

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