Ideas for Skylights and High Windows

Shed a little light on your home with these inspirational ideas for skylights, transoms, and other high windows.

Windows with a Great Angle

Ample lighting is a critical component of good room design. Skylights and transom windows add valuable natural light for performing household tasks or simply enjoying a good book under soft, unfiltered light.

In this kitchen, a trio of skylights supplement several pendant lights. The windows also accentuate the angles of the ceiling. Contrasting paint colors -- soft beige and crisp white -- add dimension to the ceiling and height to the room.

Bathroom Skylight

A skylight bestows extra light on a bathroom without sacrificing privacy. Here, a large opening above the freestanding tub helps move light through the space. Plenty of natural light keeps this modern room bright and airy -- and even helps with makeup application. With an abundance of natural light, the bathroom's deep wood furnishings don't look too dark and heavy.

Lighted Living Space

This modern white space practically glows, thanks to an array of window designs. Unadorned square windows line the space near the ceiling. Their geometric design plays off the clean, simple lines of the open family room. When operable, windows placed high in a room are a valuable source of ventilation, moving hot air out as lower windows let cool air in.

Sky-View Sleeping Quarters

A calm room filled with plenty of natural light is just the sort of welcome a guest needs. This room boasts a steeply pitched vaulted ceiling, which adds architectural interest to the cozy space. A pair of large oval windows near the ceiling line throw outside light across the room. The shape of the windows lends contrast to the angular lines of the ceiling.

Porch with Skylights

Love the idea of eating outdoors, but not sure about braving the elements? Combining windows and skylights can give you the best of both worlds. This sunporch boasts 360-degree views of the outdoors and frosted-glass windows along the roof line. The frosted-glass upper windows offer slight sun protection during the afternoon hours.

Stylish Entryway with Skylights

This chic entryway greets visitors with great style and fabulous views. A skylight just above the door permits additional natural light, while one farther down the hallway ensures the area remains well lit during the daytime. Reclaimed wood ceiling beams frame the second skylight for an added dose of style.

Skylight with a View

Under-the-eaves rooms like this bathroom call for creative window solutions. A large, narrow skylight placed along one wall in the bathroom brightens the space and provides plenty of natural light. Its location just above the tub gives bathers stunning views of the sky and stars.

Hallway Skylight

Here, a skylight keeps a hallway from feeling claustrophobic. The iridescent patterned wallpaper adds visual interest without overwhelming the small space. The skylight illuminates the area at the top of the stairs, which features a comfy sofa and a large built-in bookshelf.

Windows for a Bright Kitchen

You wouldn't want a window right above your stove -- imagine trying to keep that glass clean -- but this kitchen gets loads of light from a ribbon of windows placed high above the range. The windows bounce light off of the kitchen's white-painted walls and crisp marble countertops. Placing the windows high up on the wall helps the room feel taller.

High Windows with High Style

Unique architectural details add visual interest to this quiet master bedroom. Here, charming shuttered windows placed high up in the rafters welcome natural light and embrace stunning views of the sky. The homeowners can even pick and choose which areas of the room to illuminate by closing the shutters as they desire.

Bathing in Light

Windows keep the light up and the humidity down in this luxurious bathroom. The above-vanity skylight sheds light on both sides of the mirror, perfect for early-morning prepping. The wall of floor-to-ceiling windows offers views of the outside while also lending privacy with a tinted, frosted-glass treatment.

Dramatic Kitchen Skylight

A large pyramid-shape skylight bathes this kitchen in natural light. Placed above the spacious island, the skylight illuminates the work zone and directs attention toward the center of the room. A trio of pendants are suspended from the skylight, which adds another layer of visual interest.

Stellar Ceiling

This large, inviting kitchen welcomes the sunlight through an expanse of steel-framed windows. The windows stretch from countertop to ceiling, which also welcomes views of the sky and stars. Limiting the windows to one wall of the kitchen creates a striking focal point.

Bathroom Light with High Windows

This stunning bathroom/dressing room gains light without giving up privacy through the use of skylights. Mirrored surfaces throughout the space reflect natural light streaming in through the windows, which also helps to visually expand the space.

Windows as a Focal Point

Square and triangular windows mingle to create a stunning centerpiece in this kitchen. The dramatic vaulted ceiling is paneled in beaded board, with a central beam in place to hold a pair of pendant lights. Windows installed near the ceiling line highlight its steeply-pitched angle and add an appealing architectural element to the kitchen.

Symmetrical Skylights

Three skylights fill this modern kitchen with natural light. The symmetrical arrangement of windows echoes the clean-lined look of the cabinetry and open shelving. Light streaming in through the skylights illuminates the various kitchen work zones and helps the space feel open.

Bringing the Outdoors In

This sunny room is a graceful transition between indoors and out. Transom-topped windows welcome views of the outside. The paned design of the windows reflects the home's traditional style. The French doors can be left open or closed depending on the weather conditions, offering another indoor-outdoor connection.

Sunlit Work Zone

No task lighting is needed here during daylight hours. This stylish home office is full of light, thanks to a large skylight above the desk. Skylights can be covered with blinds or shades to control sunlight and block extra heat on warm days.

Modern Skylights

Two long, narrow skylights shine brightly over this dining room. A high vaulted ceiling and neutral walls offer an open, modern feel. Recessed lighting and two sculptural chandeliers keep the room bright at night and spotlight the ceiling's beautiful lines. Sliding glass doors along one wall of the dining room welcome even more natural light and create a direct link to the outdoors.

Windows Galore

An array of windows welcomes oodles of natural light in this spacious entryway. Transom windows atop the door and windows placed high near the ceiling line emphasize the soaring vaulted ceiling and lend architectural interest to the space. Wainscoting and grass-cloth wallpaper work together to incorporate additional layers of texture and visual interest.

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