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Marvin Ultimate Picture Windows
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There are many benefits of new windows: They give your home a facelift, boost natural lighting, reduce energy bills, and add value to your home. The drawbacks? New windows cost a lot of money and are difficult to install on your own (unless you're a pro DIYer).

Like all expensive purchases, it's a good idea to weigh your options before making your final decision. When it comes to windows, this means comparing different window brands and getting a quote from a few of your favorites. However, price isn't everything: It's important to learn about the quality, design options, customer service, and values that different brands have to offer. Ahead, we've highlighted everything you need to know about Marvin.

Brand Overview

Marvin was founded in Warroad, Minnesota, in 1912, and now it's one of the largest made-to-order wood window and door manufacturers in the world. Although Marvin has been around for more than a century, it continues to change with the times.

The company takes innovation seriously, providing peak energy performance, sustainable manufacturing processes, climate-friendly products, and beautiful architectural designs.

To get a better understanding of Marvin's latest creations, Skycove and Awaken Skylight, we spoke with Christine Marvin, former vice president of strategy and design at Marvin and current chief marketing and experience officer, a fourth-generation member of the family-owned company.

"We have been a purpose-driven company from the very beginning," she says. In 2017, Marvin's cousin, Paul Marvin, became the fourth CEO of Marvin. "When my cousin took over, he said, 'How can we really solidify our North Star and point in a direction that drives different kinds of impact—what's the larger purpose we want to have?'"

New Products and Innovation

In 2020, Marvin introduced two new windows—Marvin Skycove and Marvin Awaken Skylight—and a new collection, Marvin Signature Coastline. The new styles meet the needs of those who want better views and more access to natural light, and the coastal collection features reinforced impact glass to withstand tropical storms.

With innovation in mind, the company took time to research what's relevant to people today and where the window market is headed. "We embarked on a human-centered design process where you talk to people and understand what's important to architects, builders, and homeowners, and look at what's happening with architecture, technology, and design," Marvin says.

Their research showed clearly that people had a strong desire to incorporate wellness into their homes. Nearly 70 percent of Americans have a greater appreciation of the outdoors since COVID lockdowns ended, according to the Harris Poll.

"We co-created solutions with leading architects across the country, and Skycove and Awaken Skylight were born," Marvin says. She explains the Skycove as a cozy little personal nook where you can immerse in light thanks to its glass ceiling and glass sides.

The Awaken Skylight harnesses light from above and helps with one's circadian rhythm. "What I love about [the Awaken Skylight] is not only is it a design element, but the actual hardware system rises altogether in a parallel projection," Marvin says.

Marvin windows
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Infinity Windows by Marvin

For a streamlined window replacement experience, Infinity from Marvin exceeds expectations. The replacement window company takes pride in its simple yet successful process, offering expert consultation, measurement verification, and professional installation from one local retail partner. Infinity by Marvin ranked second for customer satisfaction in J.D. Power's 2020 Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction Study. The best part? The windows are protected under a limited lifetime warranty.

There are 10 replacement window types available: awning, bay, bow, casement, double-hung, round top, single-hung, single-hung round top, slider, and shape. Infinity uses Ultrex fiberglass because of its long-lasting performance, and Low-E3 glass for higher efficiency. It doesn't have standard sizing, which means Infinity builds custom windows that meet your home's exact measurements. If you're interested in a free consultation (with a quote), you can find a dealer near you. Projects take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.

Marvin Window Types and Sizes

Featuring more than 150,000 made-to-order window and door options in custom sizes, Marvin lets you create a window design that works for your home or business. Plus, most of its window types are Energy-Star certified. Marvin not only nails window performance and design, but it also receives praise for outstanding service, installation, and pricing.

According to Christine Marvin, casement windows are the company's most popular type of window. "A lot of people like the look of a double-hung but the functionality of a casement," Marvin says. "So we actually sell a lot of casements that look double-hung." The manufacturer uses check rails or divided light bars that adhere to the middle of the glass pane to give a casement window the appearance of a double-hung window.

Marvin also offers nine types of windows, including awning, bay and bow, casement, corner, double-hung, picture, specialty, single-hung, and sliding. However, the fun part is adding your own flair to your window, and Marvin's customization process is every homeowner's dream. You can choose your window's material, exterior and interior finishes, hardware, glass, divided lites, screens, and shades. Want to upgrade your home's security? Marvin's lock status sensor indicates whether or not your window is securely closed and locked.

Marvin Window Trends 2021

People are rethinking their spaces due to the increased amount of time spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having exposure to natural light is essential to your well-being, making windows and doors, in general, one of the biggest trends in 2021. "People just want clutter-free living and more access points to the outdoors," Marvin says. "We are seeing more doors per order than we have historically. Where a window may have gone, people are now putting doors in and thinking about that outside experience—whether it's a new backyard space or nook." To brighten up your space, consider adding large windows and doors, like picture windows or bi-fold doors, to your home.

Marvin Product Lines

Marvin Signature Collection

The Signature Collection includes three product lines, all of which are focused on architectural precision and aesthetics. This series offers the largest variety of design options to meet a wide range of customer needs.

  • Ultimate: Fit for almost every home's style, the Ultimate collection has endless possibilities for customization. There are 27 window types in this product line, including corner, bay, double-hung, and single-hung windows, plus 10 different door styles. Because of the collection's design flexibility, it's a popular choice for those wanting wood-clad windows.
  • Modern: If you love modern design, look no further than this Marvin window collection. There are five window styles to choose from—awning, awning push out, casement, casement push out, and direct glaze—and two door styles: multi-slide door and swinging door. Each product consists of high-density fiberglass material with low-gloss aluminum interiors. The modern architecture of these windows is built on clean lines and connection with nature. Best of all, this collection has an online visualizer tool that lets you play around with colors, sizes, styles, and more to find the perfect fit for your home.
  • Coastline: As the name suggests, the Coastline collection is designed for the good and bad parts of living on the coast—beautiful views and tropical storms. The windows are made with extruded aluminum frames and impact-resistant glass. There are seven windows and six doors in this product line, including storefront, awning, and single-hung windows. Manufactured in a facility in Florida, these windows are only available in Southeast coastal regions.

Marvin Elevate Collection

Made with wood interiors and proprietary fiberglass exteriors, the Marvin Elevate Collection offers windows that are equal parts strong and beautiful. The timeless wood interiors work well with traditional and historical-style homes, and the durable fiberglass stands the test of time. There are 12 windows in this collection, including picture, glider, and round-top windows.

Marvin Essential Collection

Unlike other collections, the Marvin Essential Collection has fewer options to make it easier to choose your design. There are eight window styles available, like picture, awning, and casement, and each one features maintenance-free fiberglass exteriors and interiors. The fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than vinyl and wood composites, according to Marvin's website. This collection is clean, simple, and sleek.

Marvin Awaken Skylight

One of the best ways to bring more natural light into your home is by adding a skylight. Marvin's Awaken Skylight windows feature dimmable LED tunable lights, which allow you to adjust the color temperature. The skylight opens on all four sides to let fresh air inside, and if it rains, it automatically closes thanks to its smart sensors. The coolest part is that it captures calming views and sunlight that typical window designs cannot. It's only available in select markets.

Marvin Skycove

Marvin Skycove is a glass structure that doubles as a large window and cozy nook. Adding up to 20 square feet of additional space to a room, a Skycove window looks beautiful from the inside and outside of your home. There are different exterior, interior, and seat board finishes to choose from, but every Skycove is made with dual pane glazing because of its superior strength. This design is only available in select markets. of design options to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Marvin Window Materials and Glass Options

Marvin offers a handful of window frame materials—wood, extruded aluminum, high-density fiberglass, and Ultrex fiberglass—plus, glass insulating options and surface coatings, including Dual Pane, Triple Pane, Low E1, Low E2, and Low E3. Marvin's most popular glass option is standard Low E2, according to Christine Marvin. "It's the best value and best performance for most environments," she says. To learn more about your options, we've provided details on each type of material and glass Marvin offers.


  • Wood: Wood windows are available in Marvin's Ultimate and Elevate product lines and the most desirable pick for historic-style buildings. You can choose to have wood on the exterior and interior or just the interior for a stylish-yet-low-maintenance design. With several stain and paint options, wood windows are easy to customize. Marvin has strong relationships with wood suppliers, so you know you're getting a quality product. Plus, the company has advanced degree wood scientists who help design and educate the builders on how to use the wood.
  • Extruded Aluminum: Extruded aluminum is used for the exterior cladding on Marvin's Ultimate and Coastline collections. This type of aluminum is known for its strength, which enables it to withstand strong winds and other severe weather conditions. With flexibility in size and paint finishes, this is a great choice for buildings with wide casing.
  • High-Density Fiberglass: Featuring thermal efficiency with a sleek aesthetic, high-density fiberglass is used in Marvin's Modern product line. This material keeps its shape and retains heat in every climate for all window sizes.
  • Ultrex Fiberglass: Around 1998, Marvin created one of the first high-grade composite materials in the industry: Ultrex pultruded fiberglass. Marvin's Elevate and Essential collections use this material in their all-fiberglass and fiberglass clad-wood windows. Due to its resilience, the pultruded fiberglass is the only composite material to receive AAMA 624 certification. This means it has passed several tests on chalking resistance, corrosion, and more. Ultrex pultruded fiberglass is fit for all climate zones, including the South.

Insulating Glass:

  • Dual Pane: Consists of two panes of glass with Low E surface coatings.
  • Triple Pane: Features three panes of glass with Low E surface coatings. Triple pane is only available on certain windows.

Glass Coatings:

  • Low E1: This surface coating works particularly well in Northern climates. It keeps heat inside your home and also transfers the sun's heat into your space.
  • Low E2: Because of its versatility, Low E2 is the most popular glass coating option. It has less solar heat gain than Low E2, which makes it more suitable for warm climates than Low E1.
  • Low E3: Made with three layers of metallic coating, Low E3 is a great option for Southerners who want their home to stay cool the majority of the time.
  • Low ERS: The outside layer of the glass has a Low E coating and the inside features Low E3. This option is effective in all climates.
Marvin windows
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Marvin Energy Efficiency

A window's Energy Star label is based on the window's U-factor, SHGC (solar-heat gain coefficient), and the amount of visible light that passes through the glass. The U-factor measures how much heat leaves a room, while SHGC measures how much heat enters a room. Each component receives its own rating, which helps you determine what type of glass works best for your climate zone.

Ultimately, the goal is to find energy-efficient windows that lower your energy bill and create a comfortable environment year-round. Luckily, Marvin offers Energy Star-certified glass coatings for every region. The largest climate zone in the U.S. is the Northern region. Those who live in these states have the freedom to choose any of the glass coatings (Low E1, Low E2, Low E3, and Low ERS) because each one is suitable for climates with both warm and cold weather. If you live in the North-Central or South-Central regions, consider Low E2, Low E3, or Low ERS. For Southerners, Low E3 or Low ERS are your best options because they are designed for homes with intense sun exposure.

Partnership with Halio Inc.

In April 2021, Marvin announced its partnership with Halio, Inc. to allow homeowners to experience the sun while still being able to control it. Halio is the technology leader in architectural smart glass, and its smart-tinting glass embodies Marvin's mission to connect people with the outdoors as often as they please. "Not everyone wants to cover their window with big curtains or shades," Marvin says. "Smart glass allows you to see outside but responds to the sun and its angle. It also provides comfort inside your home, increases energy efficiency, and keeps out excessive heat and glare."

Where to Buy Marvin Windows

With thousands of independent dealers across the U.S., Marvin products are most likely available in your area. Whether you need a residential or commercial project done, head to this page to find dealerships close to you.

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Marvin Window Installation

Marvin dealers don't require a certain number of windows to be installed in order to schedule an appointment. "It's so common, especially on the replacement side, for an individual to order one or two windows at a time. And then over the course of three to five years, complete a home," Marvin says. Starting with a small number of windows allows customers to get experience with the process, dealer, and installer. She points out that it's important to find the right partner to work with you to achieve the look, cadence, and experience that's suitable for your needs.

Marvin Window Prices

Every window project is different. Pricing depends on whether you're ordering new construction or replacement windows as well as the number of windows you're buying, material, size, and your geographic region. The average cost (before installation) is between $500 and $1,500 per window, according to Marvin.

"We don't build an order until it comes through," Marvin says. "The homeowner is looking for something specific. We'll work with them, their architect, their dealer, and their builder to find the right solution."

Marvin Windows Warranty and Customer Service

Like other window companies, Marvin provides a fully transferable warranty. This comes in handy if or when you sell your home. Below are the details on the different parts covered in the warranty for each of Marvin's window lines. Note: Your local dealer will confirm how their installation services are covered; however, Marvin's warranty is valid regardless.


  • Exterior Finish: 20 years
  • Interior Finish: 5 years
  • Glass: 10–20 years
  • Hardware and Other Non-Glass Parts: 10 years


  • Exterior Finish: 20 years
  • Interior Finish: 5 years
  • Glass: 10–20 years
  • Hardware and Other Non-Glass Parts: 10 years


  • Exterior Finish: 20 years
  • Glass: 10–20 years
  • Hardware and Other Non-Glass Parts: 10 years


  • Frame: 20 years
  • Exterior Finish: 1–20 years
  • Glass: 10 years
  • Hardware and Screens: 1–5 years

Awaken Skylight:

  • Composite Cladding Finish: 5 years
  • Glass: 5–10 years
  • Shades: 5 years
  • Hardware: 10 years
  • Sensors, Switches, and LEDs: 2 years


  • Glass: 5–10 years
  • Frame and Other Non-Glass Parts: 10 years

Marvin Reviews

Although Marvin isn't accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it still has its own page for customers to speak about their experience. The window manufacturer has an A+ rating (the highest rating possible) because of its quick responses and solutions to customer complaints. Marvin's BBB page has received 27 customer complaints within the last three years, all of which have been acknowledged by the company. Four complaints have been completely resolved, and the remainder were answered.

"We just had 26 Marvin Infinity Windows installed in our 55-year-old home," Alysseum says. "I researched all of the top brands of windows. I knew that the Marvin window was a quality window, but once I actually saw the window in the showroom, I was sold. They are beautiful. The installation was done with great care. I am completely pleased. Marvin windows are of excellent quality and the company stands behind its product."

"Although a bit pricey, the products are well-built and can last a long time," Michael says. "I like their solid wood frames collection. You can customize different aspects of your windows with this company but then again the price is slightly higher than competitors. However, the quality will probably offset that matter in the long run."

To read more Marvin reviews from dealers near you, search your zip code here and look at their websites. Many dealers display testimonials, which can help you make your decision.

Final Verdict

We recommend Marvin windows for the brand's quality products, longstanding reputation, and high customer satisfaction overall. This company offers energy-efficient and durable windows engineered to withstand all types of weather while minimizing the loss of heating or cooling from inside the home.

In addition to common window styles, Marvin also offers innovative products designed to blend indoor and outdoor living seamlessly. For replacement windows and made-to-order solutions, Marvin features more than 150,000 options to help homeowners tailor the products to their exact design needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Should Marvin Windows Last?

    Like other high-quality window brands, Marvin windows can last for 30 years or more when cared for properly. The company offers warranties up to 20 years for window frames, 10 to 20 years for glass, and 1 to 5 years for hardware and other non-glass parts.

  • Which Line of Marvin Windows Is the Best?

    Marvin's Signature collection includes its highest-quality windows with a variety of products, sizes, and customizable designs. This collection includes their Ultimate, Modern, and Coastline product lines.

  • What Is the Average Cost of a Marvin Window?

    According to the company, the average cost of Marvin windows is between $500 and $1,500 before installation. Prices vary depending on whether the windows are for new construction or a replacement, design options, customization, and size.

  • Are Marvin Windows Double or Triple Pane?

    Marvin windows can be either dual-pane (double-pane) or triple-pane. Triple-pane windows offer the best energy efficiency, while dual-pane windows are more affordable in most cases.


To review Marvin windows, we considered the brand's catalog of products and customer reviews. Our reviewers researched the variety of product lines, types and sizes of windows, materials, and glass options to suit various homes and customer needs. We took energy efficiency into careful consideration to determine whether Marvin windows are desirable for long-lasting performance. We also considered Marvin's availability and locations, prices, installation options, warranties, and the quality of their customer service.

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