Jeld-Wen Windows Review (2022)

Learn about Jeld-Wen window types, sizes, prices, materials, and more.

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Jeld-Wen windows
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Windows play an important role in your home. They let in natural light and give your home curb appeal. Most homeowners only associate window installation with new construction. However, replacing windows in an older home is a valuable investment and a big decision. Thankfully, window companies like Jeld-Wen have been in the business for decades and offer a large assortment of styles and sizes that will work with any budget.

Jeld-Wen is one of the world's largest manufacturers of windows and doors. Founded in 1960, the company now consists of 117 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Australia. Currently, Jeld-Wen is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The window and door manufacturer is well known for its energy-efficient products and has been an Energy Star partner since 1998. Jeld-Wen sells thousands of windows per year to customers via licensed window retailers and home improvement stores.

Where to Buy Jeld-Wen Windows

When replacing and installing Jeld-Wen windows, you can buy through Jeld-Wen or a home improvement store like Lowe's, or you can schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation with one of Home Depot's design consultants to walk you through the process.

Although an experienced home DIYer can install Jeld-Wen windows, it does take knowledge in basic carpentry, a considerable amount of time, and help from a partner or two. If you have one window to replace, a DIY option is certainly the most cost-effective choice if you have the skills. However, if you want to replace all the windows in your home, working with one of Home Depot's knowledgeable design consultants almost guarantees that the job will be done efficiently, and you will have warranty coverage on the installation as well as the product. Also, installers often haul your old windows away. This saves you time and the hassle of having to figure out how to get rid of the mess.

Certified window installers should be able to order any window style Jeld-Wen offers in your area. Some of Jeld-Wen's window product lines, such as the Builders Atlantic and Premium Atlantic, are only available in Florida and the Gulf Coast. Additionally, glass options, glazing, and gas fill options may vary by region.

Jeld-Wen Window Types and Sizes

Jeld-Wen offers a variety of trendy and classic window styles. "The main thing that sets us apart from competitors is that we sell the full array of windows and doors," says Jennifer Matson, Jeld-Wen product specialist. "We have a full range of sizes and operating styles that hit practically every price point along the way."

Not sure which window type is right for your home? Here's a brief look at the styles Jeld-Wen offers:

  • Single-Hung: Opens vertically, with the bottom panel (or lower sash) moving up and down and the upper sash remaining stationary.
  • Double-Hung: A window type that's similar to single-hung windows, but both the lower sash and upper sash can move up and down. Both sashes can also typically tilt out for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Awning: A horizontal window with hinges at the top that's typically installed in a basement as well as above, below, or to the side of a picture window.
  • Casement: A hinged vertical window that swings outward to open using a crank.
  • Picture: Also known as a fixed window, this window style cannot be opened and generally consists of an uninterrupted expanse of glass to optimize views.
  • Sliding: Features a stationary pane and one that slides horizontally over top of the other to open or close.
  • Bay: Three windows grouped together that protrude from an exterior wall and create a small shelf (or bay) in the interior.
  • Bow: Similar to a bay window, this window style consists of a group of four or more windows placed at a slight curve to create an illusion of a curved wall.

Overall, Matson says that windows with clean lines and unobstructed views are most popular with homeowners. "People want clear glass and large openings, especially when you get into communities where they have a beautiful view," Matson says.

In addition to multiple window styles, Jeld-Wen offers several window frame colors to choose from beyond the basics, including Desert Sands, Bronzes, and Almond. White is still the most popular color for vinyl windows, but black and bronze exterior colors have been growing in popularity. For wood windows, white, black, and bronze exterior cladding colors are homeowner favorites because they coordinate with all styles of architecture. Jeld-Wen also offers various glass designs, including textured, tinted, and decorative glass.

Jeld-Wen's windows are constructed with various materials and in different sizes to create a custom fit for all styles of homes. While you should always measure before ordering windows to ensure a perfect fit, the window sizes Jeld-Wen offers fall into these categories:

  • Small: 17 inches by 22 inches
  • Medium: 27 inches by 50 inches
  • Large: 38 inches by 78 inches
  • Custom: Jeld-Wen will create just about any size needed

Jeld-Wen Window Materials

Jeld-Wen is dedicated to crafting durable, energy-efficient, and visually appealing windows. The company offers windows made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, and aluminum-clad (wood windows clad in aluminum for extra strength and durability). Jeld-Wen ensures that any wood harvested for its wood windows is sourced from sustainably managed forests, and the company partners with several environmental initiatives, including the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Green Building Council. All windows are made in regional facilities to support that geographic region's window style needs and to help reduce its carbon footprint. Jeld-Wen has 11 window plants that ship across the U.S.

Vinyl windows are by far Jeld-Wen's most popular products due to their affordability and durability. Popular window styles vary based on the geographic region. "Windows are manufactured regionally for vinyl," Matson says. "That's important because different styles are preferred in different parts of the country." Matson says that single- and double-hung windows are more popular on the East Coast, while sliding windows are preferred out West. Jeld-Wen also offers specialty glass coatings for each region.

Jeld-Wen Window Energy Efficiency

Jeld-Wen produces design-forward windows that are high-performance and energy efficient while also seeking ways to reduce its impact on the environment. Jeld-Wen has been an Energy Star partner since 1998 and makes various products that meet or exceed Energy Star standards. Energy-efficient windows have an insulating glass unit, Low-E (low-emissivity) coatings, gas fill, and other engineering advancements that stop heat transfer. These features can be customized to make your windows as energy efficient as possible in your specific geographic location. A Jeld-Wen dealer in your area can help you decide which options are best for your home and climate.

Jeld-Wen offers five Low-E insulating glass options:

  • SunStable: A great option for climates that experience both cold and hot temperatures, SunStable double-coated glass allows some solar heat inside during winter while preventing 70% of UV rays from entering.
  • SunResist: Designed for all climates but an especially good choice for locations with year-round sun, this glass is triple-coated and blocks 90% of all UV rays.
  • SunFlow: Excelling in cold climates, SunFlow glass helps let light and warmth from the sun into your home. It blocks 55% of UV rays.
  • HeatSave: Another good choice for cold locations at high altitudes, the HeatSave coating is combined with other coatings to reflect solar heat back into the home so you stay cozy no matter the chill in the air.
  • Turtle Glass: This glass is tinted and reduces glare to meet local building codes along coastal areas. It's designed to prevent sea turtle hatchlings, which use moonlight to navigate, from mistakenly moving toward homes with lights on.

Jeld-Wen Windows Product Line

Jeld-Wen carries 12 product lines in vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Each line is designed to add visual beauty to your home as well as energy efficiency. Overall, Premium Vinyl and Siteline Wood windows are the company's top-selling products.


Jeld-Wen's vinyl windows are the company's top-selling lines, offering the widest range of styles, sizes, and options while remaining maintenance-free and energy efficient.

  • Premium Vinyl (V-4500) windows look like wood but also offer the performance and easy maintenance of vinyl, plus thermal-efficient frames and Low-E insulating glass. The Premium line is available in 11 models and with three interior colors and five exterior color options.
  • Builders Vinyl (V-2500) windows are durable, low maintenance, and budget friendly. These windows are constructed from chip- and fade-resistant extruded vinyl. The Builders line features a streamlined appearance and is available in eight models with three interior colors and five exterior color options.
  • Premium Atlantic Vinyl windows are durable, energy efficient, and designed to withstand the tough coastal conditions of Florida and the Gulf Coast. The Premium Atlantic line is available in seven models with two interior colors and three exterior color options. Note: These windows have limited availability outside of Florida.
  • DF Hybrid Vinyl combines the performance of vinyl with the strength of aluminum cladding. These windows are designed for light commercial and new construction. The DF Hybrid line is available in three models with two interior colors and five exterior color options.
  • Brickmould Vinyl gives you the look oftraditional wood with the energy efficiency and the maintenance-free convenience of vinyl. Brickmould is available in five models with two interior colors and four exterior color options.
  • Flat Casing Vinyl windowsmimic the look of American Colonial wood windows but with theenergy efficiency and convenience of vinyl. The Flat Casing line is available in four models with two interior color and two exterior color options.


Jeld-Wen's wood windows offer handcrafted beauty, lasting performance, and a wide range of color and style choices.

  • Custom Wood offers a broad range of custom options with AuraLast pine's superior anti-rot protection. The Custom Wood line is available in 16 models with 27 exterior colors, 63 interior finishes, and five caming finishes (on select models), which is the metal banding that joins panels of glass together on the window. Caming finishes help windows coordinate with hardware, outdoor fixtures, and interior furnishings.
  • Siteline Wood and Clad-Wood windows are designed to protect against termites, wood rot, and water damage. This line is available in 17 models with 27 exterior colors and 28 interior finish options.
  • W-2500 Wood and Clad-Wood offers an excellent combination of durability, style, and energy efficiency. Featuring AuraLast pine, W-2500 windows protect against harsh weather, wood rot, and water damage. This line is available in five models with seven exterior colors and 14 interior finish options.
  • EpicVue Clad-Wood windows are designed with a contemporary look and great performance and are protected with AuraLast pine construction and aluminum cladding. EpicVue windows are available in five models with 27 exterior colors and 63 interior finish options.
  • W-5500 Clad-Wood windows have a classic look and a design that stands up against harsh weather, wood rot, and water damage. It's available in 15 models with 27 exterior colors and 28 interior finish options.


Builders Atlantic Aluminum windows are designed for Florida's coastal climate. These windows are an affordable choice that delivers performance and design while protecting your home from challenging weather. Builders Atlantic is available in two models with two interior and exterior color options.

Jeld-Wen Window Installation

Installation costs will vary depending on where you purchase the windows and how you choose to install them. In some circumstances, a homeowner may decide to do a DIY installation to avoid spending money on labor. While hiring an installation company will cost you more, professional installers can complete the work faster and typically offer an installation warranty or guarantee. Some home improvement stores also offer installation services. The Home Depot, for instance, has a licensed team of design consultants who can help you with your installation project.

No matter which installation route you choose, the purchase process usually starts with a visit to a showroom or reviewing window options online. You'll then talk with a product specialist to discuss window selection to find the best product for your needs. The specialist will take into consideration the style of your home and your local climate. Then, the specialist will schedule an in-home visit to obtain measurements of your existing windows for an estimate of the project's cost.

If you are satisfied with the quote, you'll sign an agreement and make a deposit. Before the windows are ordered, a technician will conduct a "tight measure" at your home to ensure proper fit. The installation company will take care of any permit paperwork and place the order for the windows and other materials needed for the installation. This part is the longest part of the process, and the exact timeframe will depend on the availability of the product and shipping time. As with most home-building products in 2021, Jeld-Wen has had some hiccups in the supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "We've been affected very similarly, as everyone in the industry," Matson says. "We have pockets of factories that have been affected harder than others."

Once the windows arrive at the installation company's warehouse, a production coordinator will contact you to schedule the installation. Depending on how many windows you are replacing, installation typically takes just a day. Final payment is taken after installation is complete. After the job is done, the installation company sets up a time to send another specialist to inspect the work.

Jeld-Wen Window Prices

Matson says there is a window for every price point at Jeld-Wen. Although vinyl is less expensive in general, there are options in wood that are affordable as well. The company has three price categories for windows, and they are represented by dollar signs on each type of window on the site. Pricing will vary depending on finish, type of glazing on the glass, and other selected options. "You should be able to easily get into a vinyl window in the $200-per-window range," Matson says. "Wood windows start between $400 to $500 per window."

One of the most convenient things about Jeld-Wen windows is that there is no minimum purchase requirement. You can buy one window or 10 windows—Jeld-Wen will customize any size order to your specifications. The company offers a range of customization, including size, shape, trim, glass, grilles, wood type, color, and texture. Keep in mind that any customization will likely increase the price of each window. Most installation companies offer financing.

Jeld-Wen Windows Warranty and Customer Service

All Jeld-Wen windows that are installed in a single-family home come with a limited warranty that can be transferred in most instances if you sell your house. If your Jeld-Wen window shows a defect in material or workmanship within the warranty period, the company will repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of the product or part. Jeld-Wen will also handle any needed labor to repair or replace defective components.

Each window series has its own warranty term:

  • Wood and Clad Wood: 20-year warranty term with two years of skilled labor coverage and 10 years of transferability coverage.
  • Vinyl Windows: Warranty coverage for as long as you own and occupy your residence with two years of skilled labor coverage and 10 years of transferability coverage.
  • Aluminum: 10-year warranty term with two years of skilled labor coverage and no transferability coverage.
  • Summit Aluminum: One-year warranty term with one year of skilled labor coverage and no transferability coverage.

"After the window is installed, it switches from customer service with the dealer to dealing straight with Jeld-Wen," Matson says. Customers can contact Jeld-Wen by phone at 1-800-535-3936 or online. The customer service team will help you order replacement parts, make service requests, answer questions about your warranties, and direct you to the nearest Jeld-Wen dealer.

Jeld-Wen Windows Reviews

The window company is highly reputable among builders and installers. Although Jeld-Wen isn't officially accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the organization has given Jeld-Wen an A+ rating. Customers who purchase Jeld-Wen windows from retail home centers tend to rate the company lower than those who buy through a licensed installer. The company's overall customer ratings on Google, Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot are one star. There are not many reviews, and the product at the heart of the complaints varies and often includes the company's door products. However, the reviews on retailer sites present a clearer picture of how customers truly feel about Jeld-Wen windows.

Customer Reviews for the V-2500 Series Vinyl Single-Hung Window

"Overall a good value. Some imperfections in the sealant bead around the glass that are mostly unnoticeable," Markus writes on "Also there were sticker labels on the sealing surface that are difficult to remove in one piece. Now only time will tell if they lose the airtight seal between the panes, so 4 stars for now."

"Two units arrived with no problems or damage. One week after installation, one of the glass panes developed a stress crack," Mgarage writes on "We called Jeld-Wen and after emailing them photos, they promptly sent out a repairman to replace the window section at no charge. A year later the windows are trouble-free. Yes, I would recommend Jeld-Wen windows."

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