Gabled Dormer Windows


Lighten up your second story and give your exterior some extra architectural detail with gabled dormer windows.

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Gabled Dormer Windows Add Charm


With a spacious deck opening from the master suite, these homeowners wanted to enjoy the lakeside view from the rest of their vacation home, and double dormers added off the guest rooms offered a perfect solution. Using materials found elsewhere on the exterior makes the new dormers appear original to the structure, and keeping them in proportion with the gable over the deck gives the facade a unified look.

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False Gabled Dormer


If a dormer window sounds endearing but the structural changes break your budget, consider a false dormer, such as this one; it's simply attached to the existing structure. Often used to camouflage an attic fan, this dormer style adds exterior charm at a fraction of the cost of a full dormer.

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Mixed Dormer Styles


A wide gable commands attention on the left side of the house while a shed dormer visually balances the right side of the structure. But what about the bare space in between? A skinny dormer window basks a once-dark hallway with light, while the bump-out it created serves as a cozy reading nook.

As an added benefit, the narrow dormer draws attention to the front door.

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Gabled Dormer Window Dressing


The clever color combination on this home adds a charming element to the exterior, but what really seals the deal is the application on the second story. Plank siding wraps the dormer's sides while scalloped shingles, matching those found on the gable to the left, grace the pediment. A rich burgundy painted beneath the overhang highlights the strong architectural lines.

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Gabled Dormers Add Presence


Two large windows gracing the front of the first floor flood the main level with light, but a windowless roof starved second story rooms facing the front of natural light. Two dormer windows spaced evenly on either side of the front door draw the eye upward and make the home appear larger, while giving the second story the light it craved.

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Triple Dormers


On this house, good things come in threes -- from the doors opening to the patio to the triple gabled dormer windows on the left side. A heavily detailed pediment over the home's entry enhances the traditional feel of the architecture.

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Gabled Dormers with Victorian Charm


Three small and boxy windows all in a row looked dinky over this darling front porch, so two gave way for double dormer windows. Steep gables provide ample room for fanlights above each window.

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Triple Gabled Dormer Windows


Wide siding planks and a simple front porch, complete with tongue-and-groove flooring, give this home farmhouse charm. Charming as the porch may be, the bright point of this facelift is found with the addition of the triple gabled dormer windows. Window grates match those found below, and trim painted to match the siding creates a crisp, fuss-free look.

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Saltbox House with Gabled Dormers


Prior to restoring this saltbox house's exterior, the homeowners studied up on the history and architecture of classic colonial homes to make sure they got their remodel right. Each dormer contributes to the exterior's strong symmetry by placing a window directly above the windows and door.

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Double Gabled Windows Over a Garage


Garages are a necessity, and gone are the days of discretely tucking them on the backside of the home. Putting them front and center means they almost have to be dressed up.

A bedroom located over the garage benefits from the extra light double gabled windows provide, and window boxes constructed from wood matching the shutters connect with the home's existing color scheme.

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Gabled Dormer Windows Enhance Facade


With so many dormer shapes to choose from, it can be hard to select what's best for your house. To make it look original to your home's construction, look at existing architecture for inspiration.

A dramatic gabled roofline on the right and over the garage on the left motivated the selection of gabled dormers for this home's facelift. Sizing them appropriately to line up over the two windows and front door below creates a strong vertical element to highlight the height of this home. That height is essential to balancing the sprawling layout of the house.

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Roof with Unexpected Materials


Small areas are the perfect places to incorporate expensive materials, such as copper. The shallow roof below the pergola's gable draws extra attention with its copper shingles. It's common to cover the roof extending in front of a dormer window in matching material, but this house breaks the mold by extending down into the roof and covering that area with the same copper found on the pergola.

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Transform a Roofline


A major renovation transformed this bare-bones home into a farmhouse darling, but the homeowners knew extending the roofline to cover a new front porch would draw attention to the boring roofline. The solution? Double gabled dormers framing the front door. The bonus: cozy reading nooks and extra light in two once-dark rooms.

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Dormers Complement Existing Architecture


This home created cohesion by echoing original shapes found on the exterior in the new double dormer windows flanking the entry. Arches over the window soften the sharp geometry of the gabled window and complement the portico below.

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Triple Gabled Dormer Windows


An attic renovation provided these homeowners with the perfect opportunity to break up the sea of square windows by adding triple gabled dormer windows to the roofline. Symmetry with colonial homes is key, so the homeowners centered them on the roofline. For additional traditional style, keystones top the arched windows, adding a soft element among the surrounding shapes.

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Dormer with Style Details


From the front door to the top of the roof, this home fully embraces Tudor cottage style. This arched gabled dormer window is decked out in shutters and extra trim painted to contrast with the stucco.

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Gabled Dormer with a Window Box


If you need a new roof and you fear metal creates a cold, commercial appearance, mind the details; adding a gabled dormer window just might be the perfect way to boost the homey appeal, especially when it's spruced up with a window box.

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Inviting Entry with a Dormer Window


With a spacious and airy entry that opens to the second floor, this gabled dormer window lets light pour down the foyer. This once-dark space, now one of the home's brightest spots, serves as a warm and welcoming spot for visitors upon arrival.

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More Dormer Windows


Find more stylish dormers that add character and additional space.

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