Custom Window Design Ideas

Bring light and style to your home with windows uniquely tailored to your home's look. Discover the difference custom muntins, window shapes, and arrangements can make.

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    Custom Country Style with Windows

    Custom windows are a stunning way to add stylistic flair. This rustic Shingle-style home in New York benefits from a variety of window styles, which support the architectural style's typical eclecticism. Round, demilune, and square windows employ designer muntins, creating an individualistic look.

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    Window with Shapely Curves

    The striking curves of this octagonal kitchen are echoed in this custom window. A simple arch shape is transformed into something altogether singular with a circular muntin. Surrounding windows have similarly styled custom muntins.

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    Arched Picture Window

    With a wink to the classic Palladian window shape, this massive arched picture window is paired with two sidelights. Classic grilles add an extra level of detail. Custom trim, including a keystone atop the arch, ties the three units together.

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    Windows Scaled for Size

    A single large window can overwhelm a space. Instead, consider grouping several smaller windows together. You'll get the same light, but achieve a look that matches the scale of your space.

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    Charming Arched Window

    Arched windows often find a home in ornate architectural styles, such as Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Richardsonian Romanesque. This large, arch-top window is perfectly paired with a curved ceiling in this pretty cottage. A simple, dark grid completes the look.

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    Window with Perfect Placement

    Windows needn't be huge to make a big impression. This small circular window with a neat grid and wide trim is cleverly placed in a built-in, modular bookcase. The shape is stylish enough on its own. With such a surprising location, the diminutive window becomes flat-out distinctive.

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    Framed in Warm Wood

    This Pueblo-style home is filled with earthy elements, from the stone fireplace to the custom built-ins with pictogram cut-outs. Tall, stacked windows, with arched and angled tops, stand up to the style and size of the wall. Wide wood trim glows in the light and matches the built-ins and ceiling beams.

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    Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

    Pairing multiple windows can heighten a stylistic statement. That's certainly apparent in this sunbathed hallway, with an entire ceiling of skylights above. The fir mullions match the trim throughout this Canadian vacation home.

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    Beautiful Heights

    Two nearly floor-to-ceiling windows flank a beautiful hearth in this coastal home. Here, custom windows were necessary to match the level of trim and detail seen elsewhere in the room. Details crucial to creating windows that match the fireplace's style: wide, white-painted trim topped with keystone details, gorgeous grids and muntins, and that impressive height.

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    Shapely Windows Enhance Facade

    Here's a model for how to mix traditional windows with custom ones. Squares, rectangles, and arches create a varied facade. The unique windows help highlight the home's exterior architecture, with its gables, porch columns, and turret. A shapely eyebrow dormer window adds a curvy flourish.

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    Bay Windows for a Magnificent View

    Combining several windows creates a customized look. What could have been a straightforward bay window becomes something spectacular with a series of windows strung together and the addition of transoms layered above. The upper transoms get additional detail from decorative grilles, while the view is unobstructed in the base windows.

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    Windows with a Touch of Tudor

    When choosing custom detail, pay attention to your home's architecture. Some window arrangements and custom touches make specific architectural statements. Casement windows with diagonal panels are beautifully appropriate to a traditional Tudor home, as is a grouping of three windows to magnify light and views. This design is also suited for high-style houses from the Prairie School home.

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    Window with Peaked Interest

    Custom need not be complicated. This quirky window is topped with a subtle peak--a perfect complement to the home's eclectic transitional design. The simple trim is painted to contrast with the room's bright color scheme.

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    Bright and Beautiful Sunroom

    This cheery sunroom uses windows to lighten the mood. The panes on these floor-to-ceiling windows are slightly larger than in other rooms throughout this New England Colonial house. The subtle difference gives the room a more casual feel. Transoms enhance the look.

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    Salvaged Window Style

    This custom window wasn't created for this home--or homeowner. It's a salvaged antique window. But its distinctive style and art-glass design are every bit as customized as a newly made window. Art glass is a great visual tool to add light and individual style, especially if the view isn't ideal or privacy is desired.

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    Window Details Light Up a Dining Room

    A grouping of four windows is topped with square transoms. Grilles are a beautiful means to tying together several disparate windows into a single custom installation. Here, the combination of so many windows creates the effect of a window wall.

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    Oversize Windows Enhance Facade

    In this South Carolina home, an oversize curved window reflects the massive scale of the home's great-room and its 22-foot-high ceiling. Smaller windows are adorned with simple grilles that divide the windows into four panels. Larger windows are left undivided to take in the stunning coastal views. Arched windows on either side of the window wall echo the curve.

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    Lighting a Cozy Corner

    This simple, unassuming square window adds a bit of view to a dark nook. The shape is perfectly suited to the small size of the window seat, and the geometric play of a square within the triangular nook is as clever as it is unassuming.

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    More Distinctive Windows

    Maximize light and views with custom-made windows that create a dramatic focal point.

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