Bay Window Design Ideas

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See a variety of bay window styles that are used to capture stunning views, create space for window seats, and fill rooms with light.

Bay Window Sitting Area

At one end of this living room, a cozy sitting area set in a bay window offers an intimate space for gathering or relaxing on a lazy afternoon. A built-in window seat makes clever use of the potentially awkward bump-out.

Bay Windows with Transoms

This sunny breakfast area, set in a bay, takes advantage of the home's sweeping backyard views. The windows are topped with transoms that feature the same traditional, paned pattern. The windows climb close to the ceiling line, which helps the room feel large.

Arched Bay Window

A large and dramatic arched bay window allows light to stream into this living room. A second arched window on the neighboring wall also welcomes natural light and views of the outside. Window treatments installed on the lower half of the windows can be closed to reduce the amount of sunlight streaming in throughout the afternoon.

Bay Window Treatment

Unlined sheer draperies soften this bay window. The subtle pattern and bold red color of the window treatments complement the fun patterns featured throughout the living space but don't overshadow the stunning architecture of the window.

Bay Window with Maximum Views

Simplicity was the key to success in this home office. Rather than overwhelming the space with architectural flourishes, the window bay was maximized and its supports were kept to a minimum -- offering wide-open views of the ocean stretching out in the distance.

Cottage-Style Bay Windows

The large bay window in this living room enhances this home's inviting energy. A wide arch framing the window bay directs attention to the area, while the traditional paned windows lend quiet style. Sheer curtains cover the lower half of the windows, lending privacy without gobbling up all of the views beyond.

Window Seat and Draperies

A window seat set into a bay in this casual dining nook serves as an inviting hideaway. Dramatic black-and-white patterned draperies frame the window and draw attention to the bump-out. The window seat offers additional space to enjoy a casual meal or to relax with a book on a lazy afternoon.

Bay Window Trio

A trio of windows bumps out from this living room, forming a bay and welcoming a satisfying helping of sunshine. The windows also add architectural interest to the otherwise boxy space.

Window-Lined Tub Bay

On a sunny day, light streams through the windows that line the tub bay in this master bath. The windows can be thrown open to allow fresh air and glorious garden scents to fill the room. The shapely tub emphasizes the graceful curve of the bay window. Airy draperies installed along the bay lend privacy without compromising all of the natural light potential.

Sink Bay

A small bump-out above this kitchen sink lends additional display space and convenient storage. A trio of windows installed in the bay welcome cheerful sunlight into the hardworking sink area. The ledge offers the perfect place to display sun-loving plants.

Bay Window Alcove

A bay window, shapely cornices, and wispy draperies create a cozy alcove for a crisp white sofa in this living room. The window cornices add architectural interest without obstructing the views beyond the windows.

Bay Window Dining Room

Large windows in this dining room peer out onto a landscaped yard, creating a wide-open and welcoming feel. Transoms near the ceiling echo the look of the paned windows near the floorboards, which makes the space look balanced and symmetrical.

Bay Window Curtains

Overlooking the front yard, this living room is bathed in natural light streaming in through the bay window. Floor-to-ceiling draperies add elegance and lend a splash of bold color to the otherwise neutral space.

Simple Window Treatments

Clean-lined window treatments ensure all eyes remain on the stunning architecture of this bay window. The linen shades can be closed to control heat throughout the day, but their sheer fabric ensures natural light can still drench the space with welcoming energy. Stripe of colored fabric around the perimeter of the shades lends modern appeal.

Bay Window with Seating

In this home office, a bump-out and bay window is fitted with a window seat. Outfitted with a comfy cushion and oodles of throw pillows, the long window seat provides a cozy spot for working or relaxing.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

A plush upholstered sofa, metallic ottoman, and dramatic light fixture match the grandeur of the floor-to-ceiling bay window in this living room. Sheer drapes permit filtered sunlight, while the heavier green silk treatments add drama.

Bay for a Bedroom

A shallow bay window along one end of this bedroom adds another layer of architectural interest. The ceiling line of the bay was left flat rather than pitched, which makes the sitting area feel more intimate and cozy. Heavy drapes provide privacy and add subtle pattern.

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