Learn how to repair, install, and purchase windows with our helpful tips. Windows are an important part of your home. They let in natural light and fresh air but also need to keep the elements, such as extreme cold or heat, rain, and snow, out of your home.

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How to Install and Insulate a Bay Window

The beautiful drama and architectural interest bay windows add to an average room makes their time-intensive installation process well worth it. This how-to explains every step and will help you properly install and insulate bay windows.

How to Trim a Bay Window

Once you've installed a bay window, dress it up with trim. We'll show you how.

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This repair is easier than you think. It's time to fix that pesky window once and for all!

How to Install Porch Screens for Breezy Outdoor Living

Let in the breeze and keep bugs out with our step-by-step instructions for building a screened-in porch.

How to Fix a Window's Spiral Balance

If your window isn't moving properly, the spiral balance might be broken. Here's how to fix it.