Wood Wall Design Ideas

Warm, rich, and timeless, wood has long been a material of choice for floors, trim, and cabinetry. Browse this collection to see how it can also add character and beauty to your walls.

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    Chevron Sensation

    Add vintage appeal to a room by incorporating a motif that recalls years past. Although it has remained popular through the decades, the chevron pattern is especially reminiscent of the 1970s. The simple zigzag provides the perfect opportunity for incorporating an interesting shelf.

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    Trend Spotting: Paneling

    We're seeing paneled walls used in plenty of stylish ways. Here are some of our favorite looks.

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    Reclaimed and Rustic

    Clad one wall of your bedroom in reclaimed boards of various lengths, arranged horizontally. Using boards with a variety of tones and leaving the nail holes visible adds to the rustic appeal. Choosing the wall behind your bed gives the impression of a full-wall headboard.

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    White on Wood

    Put a fun spin on tradition in your kitchen by installing white cabinetry on wood walls. Opting for open shelves over wall cabinets helps showcase the beautiful wood walls and provides a layered look.

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    White Walls

    Give your space a cottage-style look by painting wood paneling white. Running the boards horizontally rather than vertically offers an eye-catching spin on tradition.

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    Dress Up Your Drywall

    Lend rich depth to your living room by applying a wood-panel look to basic drywall. Get creative with the size and shape of the pieces, and choose veneer that complements your furnishings for a light, natural feel.

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    Midcentury Paneling

    Give your room a midcentury feel by covering the walls in vertical wood paneling. With many colors and woods available, you can create a vintage look without having flashbacks to grandma's house.

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    Wood Backsplash

    Consider adding a wood backsplash that complements the color of your cabinetry to one area of your kitchen. If it’s not above a sink, you don’t have to be as concerned about water damage or keeping it clean. Only taking the wood partway up the wall offers a distinctive look. 

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    Whitewash Wood

    Consider paneling a wall in colorful reclaimed barnwood and whitewashing it to add to the rustic appeal. Crisp white trim and furnishings offer stunning contrast while tying back to the white tones in the wood. 

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    Cabin Craze

    Exposed logs add instant cabin charm to any space. Here, the logs are arranged both horizontally and vertically, providing texture and variety. Wood furnishings add another layer of natural beauty.

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    Lighten Up

    Wood paneling is a perfect choice for a finished attic space like this one. Here, vertical boards direct your eye to the angled ceiling, which is clad in the same material. Light woods reflect more natural light and keep a small space feeling open.

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    Wood All Around

    Put a natural spin on cottage style by covering your walls with unpainted beaded board. The narrow boards add tremendous texture to any space. Pairing natural wood walls with exposed wood beams on the ceiling brings the design scheme to every surface.

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    Wood and Leather Combo

    Pair wood walls with leather panels for a rich, natural look. Here, the wood provides a frame for the leather panels, which blend with the wood in both color and texture.

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    Handsome Bathroom

    Give a bathroom a handsome look by adding dark wood wainscoting. You’ll want to make sure the wood is treated with a protective finish to keep it from getting damaged by splashing water

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    Focal Point

    If you opt to paint wood paneling white, consider forgoing the paint on one wall to provide your space with contrast and a focal point. Painting the trim white on the natural wood wall ties everything together.

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