Sunny Removable Wallpaper Patterns for a Fast Summer Room Refresh

Update your home in just a few hours with these cheerful prints and patterns.

After a while of living in your home, chances are you're noticing some changes you want to make. Perhaps you see spaces with untapped potential for color and pattern— or a brand new purpose altogether. Fortunately, an easy transformation is possible thanks to today's wide variety of aesthetics in patterns of wallpapers, many of which are removable and allow consumers to take on a makeover without the long-term commitment and complicated installation process of traditional wallpaper products.

"We're seeing a lot of multi-use spaces now, and a room that's currently acting as an office may be turned into a guest room or vice versa," says Melissa Andersen, director of marketing for wallpaper retailer Hygge & West. "Temporary wallpaper allows you to create a design scheme that can easily be changed in the future."

lemon fresh patterned wallpaper
Lemon Fresh removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper. Courtesy of Chasing Paper

If installing traditional wallpaper feels like an intimidating (and permanent) design decision, don't fret! Today's temporary wallpaper solutions are beautiful and removable. Best of all? The weekend project doesn't require professional assistance.

"Removable wallpaper has the look and feel of traditional wallpaper, but no glue! There's an immediate curing dry time, so there's no smudging or discoloration," says Elizabeth Rees, founder of Chasing Paper. "Essentially, it makes installation simple. There's no need to hire a wallpaper installer. Most people can accomplish the installation process by themselves, which is especially appealing in our current climate."

Fresh Ways to Use Temporary Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper can work for any room, but it's beneficial in spaces that might change in functionality or style soon. Removable paper in kids' bedrooms and play areas, for example, can be easily replaced as their interests shift. "Another perk is that kids' spaces are bound to get dirty, and removable tiles are easy to swap when damaged or soiled," Andersen says.

It's also ideal if you love wallpaper but are looking for a more affordable option. "Removable wallpaper tiles are the perfect way to get a peek of pattern without having to spend a ton of money," Andersen says. "Use them on the backs of cabinets (bonus if they're glass-front!), on the back of a bookshelf, in architectural nooks and cutouts, and inside closets and drawers."

wallpaper on stairs
Lagos installed Hygge & West's 'Raindrops' on her stair risers for a refreshing pop of color. Wing Ta Ho

She also recommends considering stair risers as a creative place to install temporary wallpaper. "They offer a pop of pattern that can easily be swapped when it inevitably gets scuffed," she says. Hygge & West cofounder Aimee Lagos used it on the stair risers of her Minneapolis family home.

And don't overlook installing removable wallpaper in small spaces. "We love using wallpaper in powder rooms and bathrooms," says Rees. "It's a wonderful way to play with print in a small space. Laundry rooms are another surprising and unexpected place to install wallpaper, bringing a bit of color to an otherwise utilitarian space." You can even put those scraps to use in smaller applications, like the top of a nightstand or even a laptop cover.

Temporary Aesthetic Patterns of Wallpaper

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Sweet Botanical Scene

pink floral wallpaper
Courtesy of Chasing Paper

This classic chinoiserie pattern is reimagined with its watercolor aesthetic and range of cheerful colorways. Made from high quality, self-adhesive poly-woven fabric, it's printed with GreenGuard Certified Latex inks (which help reduce indoor air pollution) and comes in an attractive matte finish. Designed by interior designer Ariel Okin in partnership with Chasing Paper, it offers a cheerful, traditional-with-a-twist floral design.

Buy It: Chinoiserie, Pink, $120 for a 2' x 12' panel, Chasing Paper & Ariel Okin

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Summer Rain

blue patterned wallpaper
Courtesy of Hygge & West

Hygge & West captures the refreshing feeling of running through a sprinkler or getting caught in the rain with the aptly named 'Raindrops' removable wallpaper print. It's available in a variety of cooling blues and grays with crisp white backgrounds. This joyful, repetitive pattern creates a sense of movement and whimsy on walls. Sold in a set of two, panels are made-to-order with a matte finish. Hygge & West wallpaper tiles can be easily removed, cleaned with mild soap and water, and reused.

Buy It: Raindrops, Blue Gray, $195 for a roll 27" x 30', Hygge & West

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Hollywood Glamour

tropical wallpaper
Courtesy of Wallshoppe

Grab your sunglasses! Channeling California's iconic Beverly Hills Hotel is a snap with Wallshoppe's peel-and-stick tropical wallpaper designed in partnership with interior designer Nathan Turner. This bold palm print is perfect for habitual redecorators who love making a strong statement. The pattern is digitally printed on non-toxic, eco-friendly paper and is made in the U.S.

Buy It: Wallshoppe Tropical Leaf Print Wallpaper, $58 for one 27" x 38.8" panel, Wallshoppe

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Woven Texture

woven patterned wallpaper
Courtesy of Target

Create a comforting aesthetic with Magnolia Home's eco-friendly peel-and-stick wallpaper. Beautiful and easy to install, this product can be removed in full strips without harming the wall if you need to reposition or remove it down the road. This colorway, called bay blue, emits a woven, timeworn quality reminiscent of hand-loomed blankets.

Buy It: Handloom Magnolia Home, Bay Blue, $47 for one 20.5" x 20' roll, Target

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Fresh Greenery

watercolor leaves wallpaper
Courtesy of Tempaper

Surround yourself with lush foliage using Tempaper's watercolor leaves removable wallpaper. A subtle texture and a variety of soothing green tones make for a refreshing accent wall or nature-inspired backdrop for remote meetings. The 16.5-foot panels are sold individually. Shipping takes one to two business days and installation is easy with a peel-and-stick application.

Buy It: Watercolor Leaves, Jade, $43 for 20.5" x 16.5' panel, Tempaper

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Aloha Hawaii

light blue wallpaper
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Bring Hawaii's famous beaches into your home with this vintage-inspired wallpaper comprised of blue-green tropical leaves on a white background. A peel-away backing makes application, removal, and repositioning easy. We can practically hear the waves already!

Buy It: Hawaiian Flora Wallpaper, Blue Green, $108 for 2' x 8' roll, Anthropologie

How to Hang Temporary Wallpaper

Before installing your summer wallpaper, check the manufacturer's website for how-to guides and videos to ensure a successful result. Most temporary wallpaper brands stress that it should be installed only on smooth surfaces. Ideally, this means a wall painted with a smooth finish such as eggshell, satin, or semigloss paint. Textured walls and walls with matte or flat paint finishes are not suited for the project.

Rees's advice for successfully installing and ordering temporary wallpaper? "Measure and then measure again!" she says. "When ordering, we recommend adding 15% coverage in case of any tricky installation, such as windows, that you may encounter along the way. Prior to applying any wallpaper, wipe down the walls at least a few days ahead of time to allow for the walls to be clean and dry."

After measuring, ordering, and installing, the finished product is always worth the effort. "Wallpaper adds depth to any space, whether it's a more traditional print or a whimsical one," Rees says. "It can really bring a moment of joy to your space."

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