22 Tile Ideas That Add a Wow Factor to Your Home

With backsplashes, floors, walls, tabletops, and more, there are countless ways to use tile to add a welcome wow factor to your home.

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Tile Wall and Ceiling

orange and white kitchen

Two contrasting tiles—tin and ceramic—create an eclectic yet modern mood in this energetic kitchen. Used as an accent, the orange tile offers a colorful contrast to what would otherwise be an overpoweringly white space. Tin tiles on the recessed ceiling lend the space a shimmering effect, offering a balance to the warm wood island and floor.

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Tabletop Tile

Cork table makeover

Tiles are a great way to add color and visual texture to the top of a dining, console, or coffee table. Bonus: They're typically super easy to adhere. A variety of cork tiles dress up this dining space, adding a fun interplay of hues and patterns.

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Organic Tile Backsplash


The shape and finish of tile can offer its own design aesthetic—one that might contrast with the color or enhance its overall effect. Here, a shimmering array of neutrals, greens, and blues receives an organic feel thanks to the hand-finished look of the tile edges.

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Mosaic Tile Shower

bathroom tile

A full-wall tile mosaic can create a cohesive and impactful design solution, especially in a small space. The give-and-take between black and white in this beautiful shower space adds interest without overpowering the room. Mosaics work well in small spaces with a few balancing materials, such as the stunning black tile floor.

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Stove Mosaic


Although the area above a cooking surface is a popular place for a tile pattern, there are ways to riff on that standby. This eclectic mix of the always-beloved subway tile, paired with a miniature version of itself, offers forward-thinking inspiration. Longer tiles, the same slim width as the mosaic, provide a border for the piece.

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Tile Your Own Backsplash

Use tile to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen with this guide to creating a DIY backsplash.

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Dimensional Tile Backsplash

white and blue kitchen

Although typically used as a flat surface, tile can add a raised facet to a space, boosting visual interest. in this pastel kitchen, the backsplash tile—a miniature mosaic bordered by a raised tile—picks up on the cabinet details and offers a focal point behind the range.

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A Trio of Tile


Even with more muted or monochromatic color schemes, tile is a great way to add visual variety and interest. This shower mixes pattern without creating a distracting visual display. Gray oversize tiles offer a base color, while a small niche in the shower adds a restrained dose of horizontal neutrals. Pebble tile on the floor grounds the otherwise geometric collection.

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Exuberant Tile Floor

1492 Family Circle Bennett

When used in small doses, a spirited tile can add stylish impact to a space. Here, the homeowner's twist on tradition gets a color infusion thanks to patterned floor tile. When using bold tile, tone down the rest of the accents and finishes, and repeat at least one of the tile's colors—here, a seafoam green—elsewhere.

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Tile Backsplash

Wood Cabinets

Avoid allowing beautiful small-tile mosaic patterns from becoming visually distracting. One trick to tame them: Use the tile in a constrained area and balance it with a less elaborate material or finish, such as the contemporary-minded cabinets used here.

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Tile Shower and Tub

beach bath decor

Tile is often used to provide visual direction to a space, but it can also be used to delineate different areas. A warm white color scheme gets a boost with lovely mini subway and pebble tiles—one in the bathing area, and one in the shower. The subtle switch helps the spaces stand out without overpowering each other.

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Focal Point Tile

kitchen backsplash

Tile can be a great way to add an individual touch to an otherwise classic collection of materials. Here, the Country French cabinets and range hood get punchy, thanks to the jaunty colors and pattern of this organic-inspired tile.

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Directional Tile

modern vanity

Although tile offers a striking visual, it can also have a more practical purpose, as demonstrated in this breathtaking bathroom. Pebble serves as a pathway on the floor, while mirrored tile bounces light around the space. The horizontal wall mosaic and shimmering grooming-station backsplashes lend the wood an edgy, contemporary feel.

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Tile Wall Accent


Although typically used for floors, counters, and backsplashes, tile can be employed outside of its traditional narrative to tie in the rest of the space's materials and colors. Here, a classic blue-and-white scheme comes together in the tile wainscoting on the stairwell. An additional tile pattern at the top adds a definitive border to the accent.

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Repeating Tile Border


Provide visual consistency to a space by repeating patterns or colors. Here, hexagon-flower tiles are popped into the wainscoting border, keeping the floor from overpowering the space. Horizontal subway tile repeats the material without adding fussiness.

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Tile as Design Accent


Tile offers adaptability in color, pattern, and assembly. The direction and placement of tile on a surface can accomplish a specific design goal, too. Here, diamond-shape tiles provide interest and direct the eye toward the circular, attention-worthy window.

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Tile Window Frame

kitchen sink

Although employed in a traditional backsplash setup, the homeowners used this delicately patterned tile in another interesting way—inside the deep frame of the window. The result is a subtle interplay of warm neutrals and unique tile patterns.

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Stone Tile Wall

white and orange kitchen

One of the great things about the range of tile options is the accessibility of materials: Tile makes some finishes, such as stone, more affordable in a wider range of applications. Here, a focal-point wall gets dressed up with an edgy design selection of stone tile. The finish is easier and, typically, more cost effective, to install than stone.

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An Energetic Tile Floor

white bathroom vanity

Different widths and shades of white and gray provide an inspiring pattern on this bathroom floor. The key is to create a geometric intersection that both calms and energizes. This floor works without being distracting due to the solid blocks of gray that balance out the otherwise animated tile floor.

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Colorful Tile Wall

blue tile

Tile can add the wow factor to a room that's otherwise neutral. Here, a selection of ocean-blue hues offers a welcome color boost to the contemporary materials and clean lines. Larger tiles in a cool beige color repeat the shape on the floor.

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Tile Border

white bathroom

Tile can outline and delineate in both small and big spaces. Here, a pretty inset of shimmering tiles sets off the updated silhouette of a classic white tub. Tones in the tile also pick up on the warm hue of the wood floor.

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Tile Wall


One way to tweak the design focus of smaller-scale tiles is to turn them on edge for a directional twist. The beautiful wall mosaics in this space get an added design pop from vertical installation. Larger rectangular tiles on the floor keep the design choices from becoming too jarring.

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