Tile is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Get inspired by these gorgeous patterns and tips for putting together the perfect bathroom tile design.

Wall-Mount Vanity

Tile-covered walls make a greater style statement than paint can on its own, and tile provides visual interest throughout a bathroom. It is easy to clean, can stand up to plenty of moisture, and looks great doing it. Unique tile patterns will add personality to your bathroom. Because tiles come in such a wide range of sizes and colors, finding a design -- or two -- that suits your bathroom is easy.

Use the bathroom's other built-in design elements, such as cabinets, fixtures, and flooring, to enhance your chosen tile pattern. These beautiful glass tiles, which include a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, are arranged in a linear pattern that complements the clean lines of the richly stained wall-mount vanity.

Stack a Shower Pattern


Tile is perfect for cladding the walls of a shower because it stands up well to moisture. The walls of this shower are covered in a pattern of stacked large rectangular ceramic tiles, while the shower floor features tiny circular tiles. Reserve large-scale tiles for walls. The grout lines within patterns of smaller tiles add necessary traction on the floor; large floor tiles can become a slip hazard.

Halve the Tiling Effort

Bathroom and tub

To create a style statement and keep costs low, consider tiling only the bottom half of the walls. Just make sure you choose a sturdy border tile to ensure the transition between tile and paint doesn't look too abrupt. Match the paint color to a favorite tone within the natural striations and color variations in the tile. For an architectural approach, stack the tiles in a brick pattern.

Contrast with an Accent

Calming Colors

Take a hint from the kitchen backsplash and add pattern with a band of contrasting accent tiles. Here, tiny ceramic tiles stand out against larger white subway tiles. To draw attention to this detail, paint the wall above the tile in a color that coordinates with the accent tile but doesn't match it exactly. In this bathroom, the wall color is a slightly more bluish tone of the seaside hues in the decorative tiles.

Mix & Match Patterns


Who says you can't mix tile patterns in a bathroom? Similar tiles in coordinating colors allow you to play with a variety of designs and patterns in a single bathroom space. The vertically placed tiles in this bathroom lure the eye upward, making the space appear larger. The wall of smaller ceramic square tiles breaks up the strong lines of the vertical tiles.

Go to the Floor

small bathroom vanity

Engaging tile patterns aren't reserved for walls. Look to the floor as another place to add tile designs. Here, a square of tiny circular tiles creates a faux rug. The circular tiles are reminiscent of a cozy bath rug but won't hold on to water for long periods of time like a bath mat does.

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