Give your home an instant and impactful makeover with tile. Tile is a durable and affordable material that offers virtually limitless design possibilities. Browse our standout collection of featured projects and inspirational ideas to find designs that suit your style and your budget. Choose from a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes to decorate your space.

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How to Tile a Tabletop

Practice your tiling skills while making a fabulous, functional table! After you master this, you'll be able to tackle any tiling task.

How to Tile a Window Recess

Kind of Hard
Add style to your kitchen or bathroom while protecting your windowsill from splatters and spills with a tiled window recess.

How to Install and Tile a Heat Shield

Kind of Hard
Wood-burning stoves generate a lot of heat. This could be dangerous if you don't have a tiled heat shield. See how to add one yourself.

How to Tile a Fireplace Hearth

Kind of Hard
Freshen up the centerpiece of your living room. A tiled fireplace hearth will stand strong for years to come.

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How to Tile a Fireplace

Kind of Hard
Add drama and interest to your hearth with our how-to instructions for installing tile on a fireplace.

How to Install a Mortared Shower Pan

Follow our step-by-step instructions to custom-fit a shower enclosure with a mortared shower pan.

How to Cut Tile

Learn how to cut tile like a pro, plus the techniques and tools you need to get the job done.