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If you have ever experienced a breakdown to one of your essential home systems or appliances, you know the inconvenience and financial burden it creates. A home warranty plan can help alleviate the monetary strain you experience with peace of mind budget protection.

Once a home warranty contract begins, your equipment is protected when it starts showing signs of wear and tear. When considering which company is right to cover your belongings, it's imperative to understand its unique terms and conditions. You must review a group's responsibilities regarding which appliances are covered and to what extent.

Our researchers will discuss the ins and outs of home warranties so you can purchase a policy without surprise. When comparing the best home warranty companies, you should know about service fees, coverage caps, and how to make a claim. In this article, our team will reveal everything you need to know about the group Pivotal Home Solutions. 

After reading this review, you will also learn why we suggest American Home Shield as the best overall provider. Their pre-bundled plans are available at affordable prices. Also, with a 24/7 customer support team on standby, claims are processed swiftly to ensure repairs or replacements are handled efficiently. 

Best Overall
American Home Shield

Background About Pivotal Home Solutions

The warranty company, Pivotal Home Solutions, began its operation in 1992 and is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois. It has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and currently features an A+ rating. 

Unfortunately, the group does not offer warranties in all states or throughout entire regions in the location where they are present. You can find out if your area is covered by entering your zip code in the company's easy-to-use service area finder. Our team uncovered the states where they do provide their services but not all cities are included. 

The available states are: 

Pivotal Home Solutions encourages interested customers to contact them at 855-890-8792 to find out if they qualify for coverage. 

Pivotal Home Solutions Plans

The plans offered by Pivotal Home Solutions present homeowners with numerous options. In addition to bundled packages for comprehensive protection, policyholders can choose to only cover specific systems like plumbing, heating, or cooling.

Our team requested a free quote using a location based in the company's hometown, Naperville, IL. Here is what we found regarding what is covered under its more extensive protection packages.

Complete Line Protection 

The Complete Line Protection plan is not sufficient when you're seeking appliance and system protection. However, the unique coverage is suitable to acquire a warranty for multiple lines that your home relies on for optimal performance. 

  • Exterior sewer lines
  • Outside water lines
  • Repairing sidewalk or driveway after line repair
  • Landscape restoration
  • Interior media lines
  • Natural gas lines
  • Interior and exterior electrical wiring
  • Power surges

Under this plan, Pivotal Home Solutions offers up to $24,500 worth of combined annual coverage. 

Complete Home Protection

Policyholders who choose Complete Home Protection gain a warranty that covers most essential home systems and appliances, including:

  • Exterior sewer lines
  • Outside water lines
  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • Water heater
  • Washing machine
  • Clothes dryer
  • Oven range
  • Refrigerator
  • Built-in microwave
  • Garbage disposal
  • Dishwasher
  • Garage door opener
  • Interior media lines
  • Natural gas lines
  • Electrical wiring
  • Main water supply and drainage lines

With this comprehensive package, up to $44.50 in combined annual coverage is provided. 

Preferred Home Protection Plan

While this coverage includes the same appliances and systems as the Complete Home Protection Plan, the enhanced package includes higher financial contributions for select equipment. 

Heating System

  • Complete Home Protection Coverage Cap: $2,000 per contract or $400 per incident
  • Preferred Home Protection Coverage Cap: $3,000 per contract or $1,500 per incident

Air Conditioning

  • Complete Home Protection Coverage Cap: $2,000 per contract or $400 per incident
  • Preferred Home Protection Coverage Cap: $3,000 per contract or $1,500 per incident

Natural gas line

  • Complete Home Protection Coverage Cap: $2,500 per contract
  • Preferred Home Protection Coverage Cap: $3,500 per incident

The upgrades in the select maximum allowances result in up to $47,750 worth of combined annual coverage under the Preferred Home Protection Plan. 

During our mock quote, we didn't find a way to include optional add-ons to our policy. Most home warranty companies include coverage for systems and appliances like pools, spas, or sump pumps for an additional fee. 

What's Covered Under Pivotal Home Solutions?

When reviewing a sample contract from the company, the terms and conditions are clear about what is not covered by Pivotal Home Solutions. Notable exclusions include factors including cosmetic damage, preventative maintenance, issues caused by abuse, unauthorized modifications, acts of God, and pre-existing conditions. 

Items that are covered include parts and components that inhibit the performance of a home system or appliance. A warranty from Pivotal Home Solutions will protect against problems from normal wear and tear, electrical or mechanical failure, and defects in workmanship to covered products within the main foundation of a home. 

Pivotal Home Solutions Cost

The annual cost of a warranty should be a significant consideration before you make a decision. We received quotes for a hypothetical home in Naperville, IL, to reveal how much you should expect for the comprehensive packages offered by Pivotal Home Solutions. 

  • Utility Line Protection: $29.99/mo. v. $359.88/yr., $24,000 (amount of coverage)
  • Complete Home Protection: $69.95/mo. v. $839.40/yr., $44,500 (amount of coverage)
  • Preferred Home Protection: $79.95/mo. v. $959.40/yr., $47,750 (amount of coverage)

When researching the average costs of a home warranty throughout the industry, we found prices from Pivotal Home Solutions are much higher. In general, a warranty can be purchased for amounts between $300–$600 to cover about $20,000 worth of home systems and appliances. 

Service Fee

Most home warranty companies require that a service fee is paid to technicians when they arrive to address an issue. Generally, the responsibility is of the policyholder and costs between $75–$125. With a Pivotal Home Solutions policy, customers avoid paying a service fee or trip visits by service contractors. This is very unusual among home warranty providers.

Pivotal Home Solutions Quote Process

To enroll for a Pivotal Home Solutions contract, customers must simply determine if their location is eligible for service here. Once your zip code has been recognized, you can continue with the process of choosing the right protection plan.

If you would rather make your purchase over the phone, customer service experts are available at 877-642-6747.

Pivotal Home Solutions Claims Process

Before purchasing a home warranty plan, it's imperative to understand how to make a claim. With a warranty from Pivotal Home Solutions, policyholders have a few options to request repair service. 

First, during emergency breakdowns, the toll-free service number is available 24/7. You can reach the urgent response line at 877-642-6747. 

For non-emergencies, policyholders should fill out a repair service form and should expect a response within two business days. The easy-to-use form asks general questions like: 

  • Your name and address
  • Account number
  • The type, brand, and model of the broken appliance or system
  • A detailed excerpt about the issue you are experiencing 

Once a claim is processed, an agent from Pivotal Home Solutions will dispatch a service technician from its network of experts to address your problem. 

Pivotal Home Solutions Reviews

Our team found mixed reviews for Pivotal Home Solution during our research. For instance, the company's Google search-engine profile is rated only 2.6 stars out of five. This year, there are already numerous complaints about unresponsive claim times. 

On a one-star rating, a policyholder stated, "I have had no heat since Friday. I paid $300 yearly for at least five years. This is the first service call. No one called all weekend, and they are not sure they can get someone for today—worst service ever." 

Another concerning review is left unresolved on the company's BBB page

"No show, no voice message, just gave me excuses as to why they didn't show up. Tried blaming me for the error."

Amongst the negative feedback, there are hopeful five-star ratings that show some policyholders are satisfied with the service. 

"Did a great job. Service person was professional. BoMar did a wonderful job."

"Great service and my furnace is working beautifully – thank you Jose for a job well done."

Our Verdict On Pivotal Home Solutions

While PIvotal Home Solutions has been in operation for numerous years, we feel the group is lacking in some notable areas compared to other companies. 

First, our mock quote revealed that its most comprehensive package in Naperville, IL, will cost policyholders nearly $1,000 annually. While the coverage caps are generous, the fee is significantly higher than groups that offer similar protection for a portion of the price. 

Another disadvantage is its limited service area. With only 12 states listed as eligible per its website—and only select regions in each one—a large portion of U.S. residents are disqualified from obtaining service. 

The most significant advantage we found when researching Pivotal Home Solutions is its omission of a service fee for its policyholders. However, we feel that the lack of this expense may contribute to the higher contract fees. 

We can also give points to the company for utilizing a 24/7 emergency repair hotline, as appliance or home system breakdowns can occur at any time. Still, our team suggests that American Home Shield is the most well-rounded and best overall company when entrusting your valuable home equipment and budget. 

Best Home Warranty Companies

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Our Recommended Provider: American Home Shield

American Home Shield has been in business for 49 years, which is over two decades more than Pivotal Home Solutions. It has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau. The group has more than 11,000 trusted service contractors it works with to ensure repairs or replacements are completed swiftly and professionally. 

Best Overall
American Home Shield

American Home Shield Package Costs

Our recommended provider offers three packages for customers to choose between and protects home systems and appliance.

  • The ShieldSilver™ Plan covers: heating, air conditioning, water heaters, electrical, plumbing, garbage disposal, doorbells, smoke detectors, ceiling fans.
  • The ShieldGold™ Plan covers: 23 systems and appliances plus, including clothes washers, clothes dryers, ranges/ovens/cooktops, dishwashers, built-in microwave ovens, trash compactors, garage door openers, water dispensers
  • The ShieldPlatinum™ Plan covers: everything in both the other two plans in addition to a free HVAC tune-up, roof leak repairs, and increased coverage limits for electrical, ductwork, plumbing equipment, and appliances.

Since factors like your location and the size of your home may cause the cost of these packages to fluctuate, you should fill out this form to receive a free, accurate quote. 

It's also essential to note that American Home Shield pricing can be altered by the service fee you select. Policyholders can agree to expenses of $75, $100, or $125 that impacts the final contract price. For instance, the higher service fee will result in a lower premium. 

American Home Shield Is More Available

While Pivotal Home Solutions only lists 12 states as eligible for warranty in the country, American Home Shield is much more available. The company offers protection plans throughout the nation, everywhere except for Alaska. 

Higher Coverage Caps for Appliances

When researching Pivotal Home Solutions' customer agreement, we found that the group limits its contract allowance to $2,000 for most appliances. American Home Shield protects the same equipment but does it for a more inexpensive fee while covering most appliances up to $3,000 per contract. 

American Home Shield

  • 49 years in business,
  • $3,000 appliance coverage cap
  • $59.95/mo. Premium Package cost
  • 48 states covered

Pivotal Home Solutions

  • 28 years in business
  • $2,000 appliance coverage cap
  • $79.95/mo. Premium Package cost
  • 12 states covered

Create Your Own Plan With American Home Shield

The level of protection each home requires can vary dramatically. In some cases, you may own numerous new appliances which are still backed by a manufacturer's warranty, ultimately disqualifying it from home warranty coverage. 

Rather than purchasing individual policies for your desired appliances or systems with Pivotal Home Warranty, American Home Shield makes the process quick and easy. When purchasing, you must only click the boxes next to the equipment you wish to cover before receiving a free quote for coverage. 

Once you're ready to add peace of mind warranty to your home and its belongings, fill out this online form to get a quote from American Home Shield. Or, you can call a customer service agent at 888-878-4576.

Home Warranty Rating Methodology

The Home Service Research Team at Better Homes & Gardens strives to provide unbiased and objective reviews to readers by compiling relevant information on home warranty companies and rating the providers on a variety of factors.

Here's what our review process looks like:

  • We examine each provider's website to determine plan details, coverage, customer service offerings, and other benefits. We also speak with company representatives to get more insight on plan details.
  • We read sample contracts from each home warranty company to analyze and compare coverage details, limits, and exclusions.
  • We read at least 100 third-party customer reviews for each home warranty company to determine the real-life benefits and drawbacks of each provider.
  • We gather cost information for a variety of home warranty plans in different states by completing online quote forms and speaking with sales representatives to simulate the quote process.
  • We revisit each company's offerings on a seasonal basis, ensuring that we include the most up-to-date information in our reviews.

We also created a 100-point rating system to score companies based on objective factors, such as plan options, coverage, and customer service:


What we consider

Plan Options

The number and type of plan options offered to customers


The types of items included in a policy


How much each plan costs and the service fee options

Company Reputation

How the company is perceived through Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and a company's years in business

Customer Service

The customer service team's availability, what guarantees are offered, and what customer communication channels are provided (online customer portals, quote forms, etc.)

Unique Benefits

Factors that make the customer experience more seamless, such as allowing customers to choose their own contractor

Overall, the Home Service Research Team has reviewed over 70 home warranty companies to select the top-rated providers in the industry.