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Global Home USA Home Warranty Review

Each business or product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you purchase a product or service using the links included, we may earn commission.
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Buying a home is a major financial investment. Unexpected system failures and unplanned expenses can take you by surprise and put your financial future at risk. Even more alarming is that 66% of new homeowners report two major items requiring repair or replacement within the first year of owning their homes. This is why reliable home warranty coverage is an investment every homeowner should make. 

Choosing the best home warranty company can be daunting, so our research team has done the heavy lifting for you—weighing the pros and cons of a long list of home warranty companies and giving you honest evaluations. In our review of Global Home USA Warranty, we will give you an overview of the company and its plans, coverage areas, monthly fees and customer reviews, vigorously comparing it to our preferred warranty company. We'll give you important comparisons to help you make an informed decision about the home warranty coverage that's right for your home.

After researching several home warranty companies, we concluded that American Home Shield offers the best overall coverage, securing the number one spot on our list of preferred home warranty companies. If you'd like to compare rates and coverage for your home, get a free estimate:

Best Overall
American Home Shield

Global Home USA Home Warranty Overview

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Global Home USA Warranty is owned and operated by a larger, more established company called Global Group, Inc. This parent company has been in business since 1994, so they are backed by a lot of industry experience. They offer coverage in all states except for Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Wyoming, and California. Their coverage is customizable with a long list of added coverage options.   

What to Know About Global Home USA Home Warranty Plans

Global Home USA Home Warranty offers 3 comprehensive plans: the Gold Plan, the Platinum Plan, and the Elite Plan. They also provide optional add-ons allowing you to customize your coverage and protect your specialized items from repairs or replacement costs.

The Gold plan is the cheapest coverage offered by Global Home USA. This plan covers basic systems and home appliances including air, heat, water, and even sump pumps. The Platinum plan offers more protection and coverage, including trash compactors, shower heads, and geothermal HVAC. Home inspections are not required, but they are encouraged. The Elite Home Warranty is the most comprehensive plan offered by Global Home USA. This plan covers everything in the Gold and Platinum package, plus electronic air filters, doorbells, hydro jetting, and even smoke detectors are covered. 

Here are the items covered by each plan. 

  • Covered by Gold, Platinum, and Elite Plans: central air system, central heat system, ductwork, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, oven, range, cooktop, water heaters, sump pump, polybutylene piping, kitchen refrigerator
  • Covered by Platinum and Elite Plans only: trash compactor, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, electronic air filters, shower heads, faucets, fixtures, doorbell, ceiling and attic fans, water softener, sewer ejector pumps, geothermal HVAC, clearing of line stoppages
  • Covered by Elite Plan only: kitchen refrigerator ice maker, hydro jetting, smoke detectors

Cost Breakdowns for Global Home USA Home Warranty 

Global Home USA Home Warranty's plans are priced normally when compared to other providers. Their monthly payments range from $50 - $75 per month and they offer up to $1500 of coverage per item. It's important to note that prices vary depending on the location and size of your house. All coverage and price details are disclosed during your free quote. 

The service fee ranges from $60 to $100, and varies based on the plan. 

  • Gold Plan: $100 service fee
  • Platinum Plan: $75 service fee
  • Elite Plan: $60 service fee

Global Home USA Warranty Reviews

We looked through customer reviews for Global Home USA, and unfortunately many were not positive. Many current customers have had poor experiences after signing up.

Below are a few examples of Global Home USA Warranty reviews from BBB

How to Get a Quote from Pride Home Warranty 

The company offers free price quotes when you call their toll free number at 866-237-4980.  

How to Make a Claim With Global Home USA Home Warranty 

Filing a claim with this company is pretty straightforward because their claims department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. All service requests can be made online here or you can call their claims department at 866-237-4980.

When your claim is accepted, Global Home USA Home Warranty automatically dispatches a pre-technician to service your claim. After you receive service, they don't mention any repair or service guarantee which is not ideal compared to the 90-day guarantee that some companies provide. 

Our Verdict on Global Home USA Home Warranty

Overall, the plans offered by Global Home USA Warranty are extensive, but there are some added fees and higher service fees depending on the plan you select. While they're very specific about what they do and don't cover, they don't offer free online quotes or guarantee their repairs. It's also concerning that they don't offer a resolution program for unhappy customers.  


  • Coverage starts immediately 
  • Provides coverage information online
  • Recognized parent company


  • Doesn't provide pricing information online
  • Negative customer reviews
  • Low customer service rating
  • No complaint resolution program

When compared to our list of the top home warranty companies, Global Home USA just can't compete with the quality and service of our recommended provider, American Home Shield.

Our Preferred Provider: American Home Shield

For quality home warranty coverage on your home, you can't go wrong with American Home Shield. With coverage for 49 states and 48 years in business, they are an excellent choice for all homeowners. They have built a reputation over nearly half a century for customer service and high value plans.

Best Overall
American Home Shield

American Home Shield offers three plans: the ShieldSilver for just major systems, the ShieldGold for a combination of 23 systems and appliances, and the ShieldPlatinum, which includes everything in the other two plans in addition to higher coverage limits, roof leak repairs, and a free HVAC tune-up. We like their simple, quick online quote process. 


  • Three plan options
  • In business for almost 50 years
  • Easy quote process
  • You can request service online 24/7

Runner Up: Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty has been in business for 11 years and is the runner up on our list of the best home warranty companies. Recognized for speed and quality of service, it also offers two easy-to-understand plans that cover almost anything that can break down or need repairs in your home. 

Best Basic Plan
Choice Home Warranty

With plans that range from $42-$50 per month, Choice Home Warranty is more affordable than Global Home USA Warranty. Choice's Basic Plan covers both appliances and systems, which is a rarity. Discounts may be available for the service fee; ask when you get your quote. 


  • More affordable than Global Home USA
  • Positive customer service reviews
  • Trusted brand that's been in business for over a decade
  • Quick turnaround on service calls

Home Warranty Provider Comparison

We also contrasted the three companies in some other important areas and recorded our findings below.  

Global Home USA Warranty

  • $50-$75 monthly cost
  • 20 years in business
  • $60 service fee (Elite), $75 service fee (Platinum), $100 service fee (Gold)
  • No labor guarantee
  • customer service available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • 3 plan options + add-ons
  • Immediate dispatch for repairs

Choice Home Warranty

  • $42-$50 monthly cost
  • 11 years in business
  • $85 service fee
  • 90 day labor guarantee
  • Customer service available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • 2 plan options + add-ons
  • Cancellation free for 30 days
  • Repairs within 48 hours (except holidays)

American Home Shield

  • $40-$58 monthly cost
  • 48 years in business
  • $75, $100, or $125 service fee
  • 30-day labor guarantee
  • Customer service available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • 3 plan options + add-ons
  • Cancellation free for 30 days
  • Repairs within 48 hours (except holidays)

Best Home Warranty Companies

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Choosing the right home warranty coverage protects your home and finances from the strain of unexpected home repairs. Our research gives you the confidence to make a choice you can feel good about.

Home Warranty Rating Methodology

The Home Service Research Team at Better Homes & Gardens strives to provide unbiased and objective reviews to readers by compiling relevant information on home warranty companies and rating the providers on a variety of factors.

Here's what our review process looks like:

  • We examine each provider's website to determine plan details, coverage, customer service offerings, and other benefits. We also speak with company representatives to get more insight on plan details.
  • We read sample contracts from each home warranty company to analyze and compare coverage details, limits, and exclusions.
  • We read at least 100 third-party customer reviews for each home warranty company to determine the real-life benefits and drawbacks of each provider.
  • We gather cost information for a variety of home warranty plans in different states by completing online quote forms and speaking with sales representatives to simulate the quote process.
  • We revisit each company's offerings on a seasonal basis, ensuring that we include the most up-to-date information in our reviews.

We also created a 100-point rating system to score companies based on objective factors, such as plan options, coverage, and customer service:


What we consider

Plan Options

The number and type of plan options offered to customers


The types of items included in a policy


How much each plan costs and the service fee options

Company Reputation

How the company is perceived through Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and a company's years in business

Customer Service

The customer service team's availability, what guarantees are offered, and what customer communication channels are provided (online customer portals, quote forms, etc.)

Unique Benefits

Factors that make the customer experience more seamless, such as allowing customers to choose their own contractor

Overall, the Home Service Research Team has reviewed over 70 home warranty companies to select the top-rated providers in the industry.