You can become your own carpenter with our woodworking ideas and carpentry skills. Browse through our tips and advice on tools and learn carpentry basics for all your home improvement projects.

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How to Build a Custom Mailbox

Update your mailbox, plus increase its function, with this custom building project.

How to Reinforce Joints in Carpentry Projects

Whether you're building a shelf, door frame, or some other craft, learning how to strengthen joints is a crucial tool of the trade. We'll show you a few basic methods so you can always choose the right reinforcement.

How to Build an Adjustable Bookcase

If you've ever bought a book that was too tall for your bookcase, then this project is for you. Our detailed tutorial teaches you how to build a bookcase with two adjustable shelves.

How to Build Utility Shelves

Amp up storage in a garage, large closet, or basement with utility shelves. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for building a storage-savvy unit.

How to Build a Desk with Hutch Shelves

Sometimes store-bought desks just don't have what you're looking for. Fix your storage problems with a DIY hutch desk.

How to Prepare Wood for Stain or Varnish

You don't want to jump the gun when staining trim or furniture. Make sure you're prepping your surface right with our tips.

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How to Make a Book Bin

This built-from-scratch book bin puts grabbing something to read in reach of even toddlers. Learn how to make your own book storage with a pretty wallpapered interior.

Clint Harp Shares His Favorite Woodworking Tips and Tools

The former Fixer Upper star has been busy since his time on the show. Find out which of his projects helped launch Harp Design Co., plus his carpentry advice for beginners.

How to Use a Coping Saw

Small yet mighty, a coping saw is the perfect tool for shaping molding or cutting holes. Learn how to complete both tasks with our step-by-step tutorial.