How to Install Built-Ins for a Gorgeous Custom Look on a Budget

Get custom storage units in your home at a fraction of the cost when you build them yourself. We have everything you need to know right here.

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Small spaces are no excuse for clutter and unorganized rooms. If you're seeking extra storage space, the solution is right in your home! Built-in storage units are a savior for any home, including small city apartments and grand homes out in the country. Custom-built pieces sit flush with your existing walls and furniture, so they're sure to fit any style.

With our help, you can learn how to customize shelves and bookcases, build a window seat, create a recessed shelf, and make a genius custom closet organizer.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Built-In Project

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Once you're settled on what built-in project you're going to build, it's time to get to work. Before you pick up any lumber, you'll need to know what tools to use and how. Each project is unique and may require a certain skill set. You should be trained in basic woodworking tools necessary for built-ins. This includes power tools, stationary power tools, and accessories you may find helpful.

Choosing Shelving Materials and Hardware

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If you want to build shelves, you need to consider the type of materials you wish to use. Plywood may be right for some projects, but you should consider walnut, maple, or oak for more load-bearing projects. Molding, fasteners, and other hardware options are also important choices when working on a built-in unit. It's options like these that make projects so easy and fun to personalize.

How to Master Basic Carpentry Skills

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Every homeowner should have a basic knowledge of carpentry skills, especially if they want to dabble in custom storage units. Mastering these skills means doing it the right way, every time, and we are dedicated to teaching you how. It all starts with careful measuring and marking wood products, followed by making angled and precise cuts. As you build, we will show you how to perfect your drilling and chiseling techniques so you can be confident in your handiwork.

How to Assemble Wooden Parts and Subassemblies

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The process of assembling a project's wooden parts and subassemblies is called joinery. It's among the most complex aspects of woodworking and demands a thorough understanding of the properties of wood and precision craftsmanship. The wide variety of joints includes edge joints, butt joints, rabbet joints, and groove joints. We will show you how to do all of these and more with our easy-to-follow steps. We will also go over the importance of clamping and how to make reinforced joints.

How to Finish Wood

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Finishing wood is just that—giving your project its finishing touches. It's most often done after assembly, though you can do it before if necessary. To give your project a perfectly polished look, you want this step to be done right—and with our help, it's easy! We show you everything you need to know including preparing the wood, choosing the paint or stain, and applying the finish to the wood.

Easy Shelf Projects That Look Great

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If you look around, you'll notice that shelves are everywhere and in every form. Open floating shelves look great in the kitchen, while modular boxes are ideal for bedrooms. With so many options, shelves are a great way to utilize custom storage units and built-ins. Start with learning how to build simple display shelves and work your way up to building desk hutch shelves.

How to Build a Bookcase

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Bookcases are commonly built custom storage units, and for good reason. There are so many ways to personalize them to fit your space and your needs. Bookcases with adjustable shelves are genius solutions for ever-changing spaces, and a DIY bookrack is a safe, smart addition to any kid's room. We can show you how to do all this plus more with our tried-and-true advice. Start planning your next weekend project now!

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