25 Easy Weekend Projects That Cost Less Than $20

Shelving display in kitchen with cups and bowls
Photo: Rett Peek

These 20 improvements might not cost a lot, but they'll make a big difference in how your home operates. Try one or more of these projects this weekend to make your home look (and function) its best.

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Replace a Window Treatment

Kitchen with white cupboards and flowers
Edmund Barr

Has the window shade above your kitchen sink been marred by repeated exposure to splashes and cooking liquids? Replace a stained window covering with an inexpensive fabric treatment and see your kitchen in a whole new light. And when you make your own Roman shade, you get a custom look for a fraction of the cost.

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Organize the Entry

Entryway with hanging organizer, boots, and guitar
Robert Brinson

Keep dirt and mud contained with a boot tray near your home's entryway. Buy one that's easy to clean, or create your own from a jelly-roll pan. Then add a shelf with pegs to corral coats, hats, umbrellas, and Fido's leash. If storage space is limited, tuck the tray beneath a slim console table.

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Step Up Storage

Pantry organization with shelves and labels, blue theme
Adam Albright

Plastic bins are a versatile and inexpensive way to restore order in almost every in-home trouble spot. Using clear bins for storage in a pantry or for a closet gift-wrap station, for example, is an easy way to take inventory and identify items at a glance. Use labels to ensure everything stays tidy and easy to access.

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Put Towels and Robes Within Reach

Bathroom with light blue walls and hanging white towels
Laura Moss

Bid floor puddles goodbye by keeping after-bath accessories within reach. Add a towel bar or robe hook near your shower or bathtub, or move the one you already have to make it more accessible. Find bars or hooks that match or complement existing hardware in your bathroom.

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Boost Bedside Storage

Hanging wicker shelf holding books and laptop
Paul Dyer

Repurpose an old storage basket (or buy a new one) and hang it near the head of the bed. Thread a charger cord through the back of the basket so your nightstand can also serve as a charging station. This easy-to-install storage idea is a clever solution for a small bedroom or guest room.

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Paint the Front Door

Kim Cornelison

Boost curb appeal with a can of paint and a free afternoon. Painting the front door refreshes the look of your whole home. It's easiest to paint a door by removing it from the hinges and laying it flat. Be sure to give it a good cleaning and sanding before you prime and paint it.

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Add Open Shelving

Shelving display in kitchen with cups and bowls
Rett Peek

Outfit an empty stretch of wall space in the kitchen with open shelves to display decorative items or hold frequently used items, such as coffee mugs. You can find laminated shelf boards for about $10 each. If you've got the time to peruse a flea market, save cash with vintage wood shelves that you can repaint and install.

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Designate a Drop Spot

White shelving with key hook
Marty Baldwin

Enhance the style and storage of your entryway with a designated place for important drop-zone items. Create a mini hang-up station for house keys and outgoing mail on the back of a cabinet door. Use magnetic strips, a pegboard, or an old ceiling tin and add hooks to store items in one convenient location near the door. If you have space, add storage bins or baskets to hold pet supplies, wallets, or winter accessories.

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Recaulk the Bathroom

Bathroom with gray and white color theme
Anthony Masterson

If the caulk in your bathroom is looking dingy, discolored, or cracked, it's time to remove it and start fresh. Whether it's around your sink, bathtub, or shower, old caulk can grow mildew and cause damage by leaking water—especially between the tub and bathroom floor. Remove the old caulk, clean the space well, and replace it with a new layer. A good caulk seal will last up to 10 years.

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Update House Numbers

house numbers planter
Carson Downing

All it takes is a screwdriver and a few minutes to give your front door a personality-filled facelift. Change out poorly operating door hardware or make house numbers more readable for a pretty, practical update on the cheap. Learn how to build this house numbers planter for easy curb appeal.

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Organize the Garage

Garage organization with columns with shelves
Marty Baldwin

Take advantage of space between the studs of your garage for storage. Use scrap pieces of lumber to fashion shelves to hold spray paint or other small items. Use hooks to hang tools, garden equipment, and project supplies. Bungee cords hold long items like shovels and rakes in place and prevent them from falling on the floor—or your car!

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Create an Office Space

Corner desk with artwork and wall organizer
Werner Straube

Fashion a small office area for bill paying—and Pinterest searching—with flea market finds. Repaint a table or desk to serve as a work surface. Frame a print-it-yourself design with a secondhand frame for a quick DIY art project.

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Update Furniture with Paint

Breathe new life into an old piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint. For wood pieces, remove dirt or wax buildup with a household cleaner and rinse. Sand rough areas and wipe away dust. Apply two coats of stain-blocking primer and allow it to dry between coats. Roll or brush on two coats of latex paint in the direction of the wood grain, and use a brush to finish the surface with smooth strokes.

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Tackle Trimwork

built-in shelves surrounding black fireplace and mantel

You might not be able to install new trimwork in your home for $20, but you can make improvements to what you already have. Replace mismatched, missing, or damaged moldings, end caps, quarter rounds, or baseboard. Curved areas might require a special piece or trim made of an alternate material.

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Mend Your Walkway

modern home exterior with gray color scheme
Kim Cornelison Photography Inc.

Cracks and gaps in sidewalks and walkways can quickly expand throughout the year. Not only will a patch job make your pathway look nice, but it'll also make it safer for visitors and passersby. Fix your sidewalk or driveway with a patching compound specifically made for cement.

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Add Hanging Storage

Hanging bike calendar
Michael Garland

Free up valuable floor space in your basement, garage, or entryway with hanging storage. Seasonal items, such as bikes and sleds, are difficult to store and take up lots of space. Add hooks to an unused wall or ceiling area and discover space you didn't know you had.

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Label Laundry Supplies

Shelves with bucket organization
Brie Williams

The laundry room often becomes home to a wide variety of miscellaneous items. Group products by use, such as ironing supplies, mending kits, or cleaning items. Place each group of items in a storage bin or backet. Add labels so it's easy to find what you need—and remember where it goes when you're done.

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Brighten a Bookcase

play room

Give a bookcase an exciting backdrop by applying adhesive paper, scrapbook paper, or fabric to its back. If you don't want to commit to a particular design or color scheme, measure the piece's back panel and mount the background material on poster board, cut to the size of each shelf.

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Add a Divider

Baking sheet organization

Drawer and cabinet dividers are a must when it comes to keeping kitchen tools in their respective places. Secure a wire rack inside a cabinet to provide sturdy storage for cookie sheets, muffin tins, and cooling racks. Some units match your kitchen cabinetry design for a completely integrated and customized look.

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Get Stylish Underfoot


Try your hand at a fun paint technique and update tired flooring with a custom rug. Using a vinyl floor remnant and paint, you can create a fun, personalized focal point. Varying the stripe widths creates a cool, casual look. Get the step-by-step painting instructions here.

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Add a Cheap Backsplash

kitchen with city map wallpaper backsplash

Turn a large vintage map into a distinctive backdrop that makes a statement. This map of Paris is a fun addition to an otherwise-neutral kitchen. If you're a renter or have boring ceramic tiles in your kitchen, use peel-and-stick decals to add less permanent flair in a flash.

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Make a Message Center

Innovation Kitchen

An inexpensive glass panel can be pressed into service as a message center wherever it's needed. To make a design like this, paint the back of a glass panel to complement your kitchen and frame it. Use dry-erase markers to write notes and reminders.

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Replace Switchplates


Replace a plastic switchplate with a wood, metal, or ceramic cover to make a visual statement. Some switchplates are even textured to blend in with marble, tile, or stone surfaces. Do this for light switches, electrical outlets, and phone and cable jacks.

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Elevate a Closet

closet organization

Coax function from a messy closet with thoughtful accessories designed to elevate organization. Categorize hanging garments by type, day of the week, or family member with colorful tags. Slim, slip-free hangers look uniform and maximize space.

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Streamline Under the Sink

Clean & Organized

Ease cleanup and eliminate the clutter of freestanding bottles in your kitchen or bathroom with an over-the-door wire organizer. This slim solution maximizes under-sink space while keeping kitchen essentials within easy reach.

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